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Pogo.com Complaints & Reviews - I won the jackpot, but they wont pay!

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Posted:    Dee

I won the jackpot, but they wont pay!

Complaint Rating:  76 % with 102 votes
I won a jackpot which was doubled since i have been a member for 4-5 years now. Finally after doing all the links and giving them all the info needed the page said to wait 60 days well 60 days went bye and i emailed them which took at least 6 different times because all they had was some crazy automated email reply then then send me email saying i wont get the money that at some time during my member ship i have cheated, and that it may not have been me but maybe someone using my acct. thats a dang lie and they don't have to prove it they said. I like to play games on the site and never played for the jackpot. If they aren't gonna pay people when they win then don't have it.
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 8th of Jul, 2007 by   Jessie Cohen 0 Votes
I'm afraid the same thing may be happening to me. I won a Jackpot on 6/12/07. A few days ago my JP badge disappeared and I'm no longer on the recent winners list. I've never cheated or used any type of program to increase tokens. I wouldn't know where to find one or how to use it. I used the Pogo help and sent a message asking where my badge/winning posting went. Haven't heard anything back from them yet. If this is true we need to see if we can find other people who have experienced the same problem and see if we can get Pogo investigated for fraud. Maybe the FTC would look into this.
 9th of Jul, 2007 by   rhonda himmelman 0 Votes
I have a huge complaint.. My screen name on pogo is prettybaby222ply... Well, i was playing pogo yesterday. I have a membership... I stopped playing for a while, then after that i went back into pogo, and it told me my account was disabled... I am hysterical, about this. Was was my pogo account disabled??? I did nothing wrong at all, when i play in the games rooms, i have respect for all people, i'm very nice to everyone... HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME??? I'm so furious... i'm still waiting to hear from pogo, in which i haven't heard back from them yet... This is totally NUTS... And i'm not impressed at all... Actually i'm so pissed off... There are so many people complaining about how pogo works... How do they expect people to pay money? When people like me get disabled form a very not happy.

rhonda himmelman
 11th of Jul, 2007 by   Barbara Townsend 0 Votes
I was playing super Lottso and it said my password was invalid to enter a new password of which I did. I continued to play. The next morning when I went in to play regular pogo games my membership account was GONE> I was ask if I wanted the free trial t ime again. I am so upset my friends have no idea what happened to me, and I have no way of contacting them. I have tried by the hours t o send e-mail in every shape and form and no answer. I love the games. What is this all about?

Someone told me to contact the AOL rep but I can't seem to find out how to do that.
 13th of Jul, 2007 by   Sally 0 Votes
For everyone who needs help with POGO. It is run by EA Games . Here is their phone number (650) 628-1500 It is a call center . Feel free to pass it along to anyone and everyone in Pogo. They will give you their standard reply that they are looking into it. Do NOT fall for it. Ask for an administrator or supervisor. I have also supposedly won a jackpot in april of 2007 and have not received my money promised to me either, I am a pogo club member. I do not use Pogo cheats or automated play either. They have told me that I have not received my cash prize because they had not processed a batch of paperwork yet. Which after 4 months is unacceptable.I have called them and emailed them consistently with no result. They have promised to overnight my check to me by tomorrow July 14, 2007 but have refused to give me a tracking number. Then proceeded to tell me the check was in the mail. This is definitely an example of FRAUD in every sense of the word!
 17th of Jul, 2007 by   Kathy McDonald 0 Votes
Count me in as another jackpot winner who was ripped off! I won on 4/18/07, one month later (after filling out all their initial paperwork), my jackpot badge disappears, I email them... guess what?? YEP, they say I cheated (used an automated playing device) and I will not get my $4999 win! I asked for the date/time I cheated and they said they can't prove it. I also asked if they had a 3rd party auditor and they said no, their word was it and if they say I cheated I loose my jackpot. I find it interesting that as of today they still show the win under my wins section (KathyMcD68 is my pogo id) so they still look like they've paid me! I know of several people this has happened too, personally I think it's a very cheesy way to not pay the big winners, what a savings to pogo (EAGames)... I will not be renewing my membership to them.
 3rd of Aug, 2007 by   Richard E Bail 0 Votes
I had the same thing happen. I was an instant winner of a whole $10.00 and they said I lost it because I supposedly used a cheat program. I don't even know what that is. It isn't the fact of the $10.00, it is being called a cheater and just on their say so. However, we have seen several winners but when added to friends list to find them there is no such person or screen name.
 12th of Aug, 2007 by   Jeremy Duenk 0 Votes
I read these concerns and emailed EA to see if my own account was eligible to receive cash prizes or not. I asked: How do you determine if an account has ever used an auto software program or a cheat utility? Also, does using an auto software program or cheat utility cause the person's account to permanently become ineligible to receive cash prizes?

The response from EA: Unfortunately that information is not for the public and I will be unable to divulge any such information. If everyone knew how we did check they new ways of cheating could be formed.

Should you have any further questions please take a moment to review our FAQ site http://support.ea.com

Take care,

EA Rep Joseph B. / GM Messy
Player Relations
Tech Support
Electronic Arts

I followed that up with: I would like to know if my account is eligible to receive cash prizes.

They responded: Unfortunately I cannot tell you such information. Should you win a jackpot then you will know if your account is eligible or not.

Should you have any further questions please take a moment to review our FAQ site http://support.ea.com

Take care,

EA Rep Joseph B. / GM Messy
Player Relations
Tech Support
Electronic Arts
 15th of Aug, 2007 by   George Primmer 0 Votes
Came looking for help, but really depressed. My wife won around $900. Today she got the your a cheater email. Would love to hear if anyone ever got any money from winning.

I see what other have tried, so I'll try something different and let you know.
 28th of Sep, 2007 by   Lovi 0 Votes
Seems to me that the one that is cheating is Pogo and their company practices to do whatever they please and not be held accountable for their business ethics.
 9th of Oct, 2007 by   Joey Alexis 0 Votes
I supposedly "won" $10 in a spin and also got ripped off for the prize. I was accused of either using macros, code manipulation, “double-browsing”, or certain external websites, are a few forms of cheating. But in many cases, an account being found ineligible, is do to the result of sharing the account or through the use of so called “badge helper” websites or services. Such an event could have been at any time and in any game unrelated to the game or time in which the prize was won. Due to the internal and confidential nature of the information reviewed during the audit, we are unable to share any specific details of the audit with you. Other questions regarding this matter will only be discussed via e-mail. We will not discuss the details of any audited players account over the phone.

I've been a member of good standing for 8 years and this is what I got when I was lucky enough to win. I get insulted and told I can't win a prize for 6 months. Want to bet that I win the big jackpot in those six months? I now know that Pogo's prizes are fake.
 26th of Oct, 2007 by   George Primmer 0 Votes
Believe it or not my wife got her money. $850. Took almost an extra 6 weeks from what they said. Cheater emails (she called and emailed them until they said "oops we are wrong"). Check will be there in 8 weeks. Then nothing. Emailed again (everything seems to have be done twice) and they said you never faxed the tax form (we never got it). Faxed it in, weeks later nothing. Emailed several times, and they answered "you didn't fax in the tax form". I was ready for them. When I faxed it I printed out the fax log and was able to tell them that THEIR fax sent back a "OK" status that the fax went through and gave them the time and date. Faxed it again, a week later we had the check. Who would have believed it? PS Hope the check clears.
 27th of Oct, 2007 by   just me me 0 Votes
I have been on pogo for about 5 years, but these situations are terrible on pogos part. As much money as EA make, they shouldn't be scamming people. Here's the number for them 1-866 -543-5435.

For the one who won the jackpot, I wouldn't let that slide by without raising hell. I would get me a lawyer A.S.A.P!
 12th of Nov, 2007 by   Gloria Erickson 0 Votes
I do not have all facts to decide.

The purpose of this note is: When one plays against the computer, whatever the game, one should be able to play a rated game! What would be the difference? Why don't you allow this?

I shall be looking for your reply. Thank you!
 23rd of Nov, 2007 by   Michelle 0 Votes
I think you all should figure out how to file a class action lawsuit. I don't know the first step to doing it, but I"m sure there will be some lawyers out there who would be interested.

Good luck, I hope to see you in the news.
 6th of Dec, 2007 by   Arthur Mayhew 0 Votes
 7th of Dec, 2007 by   Auschanie Pieper 0 Votes
I just got my cheaters email... What is with this? I've been with pogo from the beginning and this is how they treat me. When I asked how did I cheat they wouldn't tell me, but did say get a lawyer. Of course they know we won't do that because we would have to pay a lawyer more than what the prize is... SCAM I feel like a sucker... gee!
 11th of Dec, 2007 by   Kim Richardson 0 Votes
My mother just got her cheaters e-mail too. I had no idea this was going on till I did a search. WOW! It is definitley a scam.

Electronic Arts headquarters are just a few miles from me. If Pogo doesn't resolve this soon- I will pay them a visit! ha!

My mother doesn't care about the $10, it's being accused of cheating that is upsetting her and me!

Here's the address and phone number if anyone wants it:

209 Redwood Shores Pkwy
Redwood City, CA 94065
(650) 628-1500
 13th of Dec, 2007 by   Shannon C 0 Votes
I too was cheated out of my winnings. I won $250 in October and was going to use it for my kids Christmas presents... well, guess what I got... The cheater email... which is ridiculous!! We need to file a class action suit against them.
 3rd of Jan, 2008 by   G LeBlanc 0 Votes
I too have been a member for 7 years --I got terminated & sent an E-mail as to why & got the cheat e-mail !! what a joke !!! Because I like to play on pogo I took a new name & paid the $39.00 only to be terminated agasin 3 monts later.. Hello!! I think they know who they can milk many $39.00 out of, and I think its those of us who have been paying for years they terminate us over some made up reason, banking on the Idea that we will just rejoin. YES !!! I feel like a sucker & yes I think a class action law suit should be filed this company is a fraud !!! When i asked for an explanation for termination I got the standard policy e-mail!! Then was told to go to EA support for further information when I tried to access this I was blocked & could'nt get in. A tag came up that said I did'nt have access because of being teminated. PLEASE someone needs to bust this "ripoff "company !! you can also read more of these fraud reports on rip off .com. So its happening to alot of us .. they will milk our money then when it gets too hot they will belly up & probably confess.
 10th of Jan, 2008 by   Casey Stone 0 Votes
Why don't you just sue them then. If they say you won a jackpot, or won something, and you take screenshots and keep the conf emails, you CAN sue them for fraud. They have to give you info on this "cheating" . They can't just say "yes you cheated and you wont get your money". They have to show VALID proof of this "cheating" and if you ask they HAVE to by LAW show you. And if they don't just get a laywer and sue them. If enough people want to they can get a huge LAWSUIT going and by the time everyone is done they'll be bankrupt.
I know if i was told i won 4,999$ and then 60 days later they told me i cheated, oh i would DEF. be sueing someone.

very quick.

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