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Posted:    Scooby Dooby


Complaint Rating:  54 % with 13 votes
Contact information:
United States
I am a current member of pigbusters. The following message was sent to me by Pigbusters which supposedly is an anti scam site, however, I believe that this message indicates to me that they also are hunting other groups calling them "scamweenies" and harassing them by the use of foul language. I am resigning from Pigbusters.


"The following is an e-mail sent to you by an administrator of "Pig

Many new warning graphics have been added and we are currently working on a
new sound warning.

Scamweenie update: The scamweenies are up to their old tricks as usual.
Tagging non scammer profiles, trying to cause problems for others, posting
inaccurate information, vulgar & offensive comments and now they are even
tagging their own members as scammers. Just when you think they can't get
any more unorganized & childish, they do. What idiots & morons!

Thank You from Pig Busters"
Comments United States Internet Services
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 12th of May, 2010 by   Pig Busters +1 Votes
Anyone who received that email from Pig Busters is in a group called "No Access". That group is for spammers and trouble makers that constantly try to sign up in the Pig Busters Forum. The comment "they also are hunting other groups calling them "scamweenies" and harassing them by the use of foul language." is totally false. Pig Busters has a ZERO tolerance for vulgar and offensive comments posted on scammer profiles and those who do not agree should not be trying to sign up on the web site.

Pig Busters is a web site and forum dedicated to warning those on social networking and dating sites about scammers. We do it in a very professional and respectful manner and will continue to do so.
 12th of May, 2010 by   Patti@PigBusters 0 Votes
I am a member of Pig Busters and know that fowl language or inappropriate comment posts are not tolerated. I don't believe you received that message from the administration at Pig Busters and need to check in to it further.
 12th of May, 2010 by   Pig Busters 0 Votes
Dictionary.com defines "weenie" three different ways. I refer you to definition number 3:

Slang . an insignificant, disliked person.

To Pig Busters, scammers, spammers & trouble makers are "insignificant, disliked people".

It's very easy to falsely accuse someone of "hunting other groups" and "harassing them by the use of foul language" without providing any proof whatsoever.

There have been those who have set up fake profiles on one particular social networking site claiming to be Pig Busters members and posting very vulgar and offensive comments to try and discredit Pig Busters. We have set up a profile on that site so others can verify who is a member of Pig Busters. If you see someone claiming to be a Pig Busters member posting offensive content but they are not on the "Pig Busters Members" profile friends list, they are not Pig Busters members.
 13th of May, 2010 by   TheOneAndOnly 0 Votes
Scamweenies - Toooooooo funny!!!

Nice one Pig Busters!
 20th of Aug, 2010 by   pig busters are PIGS 0 Votes
the ONLY pigs online ARE THE PIG BUSTERS
the last time I checked GOD WAS NOT DEAD
but they are scamming with Tseng of tagged. they go around and harass innocent people as they seem to think they have the right to tell people who are being harassed by them to shut up and go to hell.
the idiots of pigbusters need to be permanantly shut down. DONT PUT UP WITH THE PIGS
 20th of Aug, 2010 by   pig busters are PIGS 0 Votes
I am a scam buster and the pigs of pigbusters KNEW WHO I WAS and they set me up because I called out their idiots who scam tagged me a "fucking nigerian scammer"
want to see the documents? I have them. pigs busters is NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF PIGS AND THEY NEED TO GET OFF LINE AND STOP HARASSING PEOPLE
ever notice that the ONLY scammers they find are on tagged?
I wonder what it feels like to be number one on a site that is being sued for child porn and run by the third biggest spammer of porn in the world
see the story at www.aktruthfinder.freewebspace.com and feel free to contact me if you have stories about the pigs on pigbusters and I will post that info online
 14th of Apr, 2013 by   Adeleye Adediran 0 Votes
DISCLAIMER: I ADELEYE ADEDIRAN whose pictures and names appear on pigbusters website hereby dissociate myself from emails 'leyous2001@yahoo.com and 'lexydiran@yahoo.com'. Also, i bear no such names as Lexy Lexy, Lexy Diran, Brad Leye, Annie nor does the posted profile and bio-data about me on the site true and legitimate. it should therefore be noted by the public that this is an identity theft/ impersonation and they should stop harassing me

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