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perfect pigment, Canal Fulton, Ohio Complaints & Reviews - did not information about order

perfect pigment Contacts & Informations

perfect pigment

Posted:    lisa sullzbach

did not information about order

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 78 votes
Contact information:
christina cosmetics
746 sandlewood dr.
Canal Fulton, Ohio
United States
Phone: 330844-1298
ordered this product online this mourning, have since read several complaints. tried to contact the company to insure that i would receive my order and what the exact charges would be. they say that you can cancel at any time, but when you go to there website, there is no link to do any of that and when you call the company you can not speak to any one, there is no link to cancel this product, and that scares me because they now have access to my account and withdraw any amount of monies they wish even if it overdraws my account
Comments United States Health & Beauty
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perfect pigment - Customer Service


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 1st of Feb, 2010 by   g deherr 0 Votes
You can always cancel your credit card and get a new account number. Then they won't be able to charge any more to your card.
 14th of May, 2010 by   madeline sigel 0 Votes
I ordered the product. After realizing that I would not receive it for at least 10 days, I decided to cancel. The company refunded the money minus $5.00 !!! Michele, the customer service representative, (the ONLY customer service representative!), said that charge was because it was very difficult to find my package and not send it. I said I thought that was unfair and that I wanted to speak to someone else. She said she was told that this is the rule and that was that. I am very disappointed in this poor demonstation of customer service!!! QVC was never handle things this way!!! I guess this is what you get with a Mickey Mouse company!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!
 23rd of May, 2010 by   makeupartistmoni 0 Votes
It is very unfortunate that you decided to cancel your order. Perfect Pigment foundation is the best Mineral Makeup on the market hands down. Getting your order in 10 days would have been well worth the wait. As a working makeup artist here in Los Angeles I have tried many brands, but fell in love with Perfect Pigment and use it on my clients regularly...Best of luck Madeline!
 3rd of Jun, 2010 by   pastyies 0 Votes
You can find good mineral makeup on ebay. I received mine in the mail today and I only paid $21.95 for a full kit including brushes, and free shipping. Will last a few months with regular use. Mineral makeup contains no fillers, and it looks like you don't get much for your money, but you really do. Check the ingredients before you buy - the best mineral makeups will have very few ingredients, and the top three ingredients will be zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Avoid fillers and rice powders, ultramarine, and talc. I am not shilling for any mineral makeup sellers or companies, but I researched mineral makeup (and everything else I buy) thoroughly before setting money down..the internet is a vast information source, check it out before you buy it.
 24th of Oct, 2010 by   Samsaulavi -1 Votes
I thought I might order, though I had questions. It was impossible to get to a live person concerning those questions. They lost me as a prospective customer. I somehow knew if I used the automated system, I'd end up receiving "refill" orders without a choice. Bad choice on their part.
 3rd of Mar, 2011 by   mandm728 0 Votes
I did order this product a few weeks ago and didn't receive it. I did not get charged either tho. I called today and someone answered immediately. I agree that mineral make-up is an extremely good product. I am looking forward to receiving my compact. The one thing I don't see on here is actual complaints about the product just the customer service. Seems that maybe the product speaks for itself
 10th of May, 2011 by   snowidow 0 Votes
I ordered this product on a wednesday and got it right away the next monday, pretty good considering i am in a very remote rural area and only get mail three times a week.
 10th of Sep, 2011 by   bluegreeneyes 0 Votes
It is now 9/10/11 and I ordered Perfect Pigment on 8/08/11. They have never sent the product but they also have never charged my credit card. Maybe that's a good thing. I agree that they have very poor service.
 9th of Jan, 2012 by   Holly74 0 Votes
Horrible company, they refuse to give me a refund, I ask to speak to a manager or supervisor and they refuse, threating me and telling me that if I return the product they will keep sending it back to me at MY exspense, I call back and am immediatley hung up on, I call back again and am on hold for 12 minutes and then hung up on again, I call back a third time and am on hold for another 10 minutes, a women answers telling me she will be right back and hangs up on me, what kind of a company does this? All I want to do is cancel my order and get my money back, I did not agree to this horriable HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SO CALLED THIEVING POLICY, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT THAT GOOD, AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIABLE! BARE MINARLS IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS AND I SHOULD HAVE NEVER STRAYED ON THEM TO THIS REDICULES CHRISTINA WANNA BE MINERALS MAKEUP, DON'T BUY, DON'T WAIST YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!
 18th of Jan, 2012 by   mato2boyz 0 Votes
I have been using perfect pigment for years now and love it!! I know alot of people who swear by the bare minerals and won't use anything else but that is how I feel about perfect pigment! Plus I love the compact (no loose powder) Yes it is possible to get acne but not from the mineral but from NOT WASHING your retactable BRUSH! I Your brush may be harboring bacteria. I have aquired at least 3 brushes through the years so I rotate and wash them with a little shampoo then air dry. Once I got into the habit of cleaning my brushes the acne was few & far between! I started using perfect pigment way back when they only had a choice of 2 shade types and now they have more! I just might try another shade considering I tan easily. I have not dealt with customer service in a while due to I have it sent to me automatically every few months or so but have not had any problems. Everyone has their own taste so if this is not working for you I hope you get your money back!
 19th of Apr, 2012 by   YvonneJ10 0 Votes
I'm contemplating purchasing perfect pigment but am unsure about infomercials in general. I'm also unsure about which compact color to choose. I hope I have good luck when I call - - I'll need some advice!
 11th of May, 2012 by   Rosewriter 0 Votes
My suggestion, not that any of you need to take it. I use PayPal for just about every single purchase I do online. They are VERY good at getting refunds, cancelling automatic payments, etc... If I don't get a product, I get refunded, this has happened to me on Ebay. I'm interested in purchasing this make-up, but I definitely do not want to do "recurring payments". I'm thinking of just doing the "One time order", yeah, it's more expensive, but I don't wear make-up that often and if I like it a lot, I can then decide to do the recurring payment. I did try to find this make-up on Ebay, but no such luck. On a side note, if you are getting a person that isn't helping you and you ask to speak to their manager, they are supposed to do that, not that you can make them, but also remember you can report them to the Better Business Bureau. Trust me, no company wants to be on the bad side of the BBB. Good luck to all! I still have not decided if I'll get it or not, but I admit, I am really interested after seeing the infomercial.
 17th of Jul, 2012 by   adgirl555 -1 Votes
I would never order from a company who isn't service oriented.. beyond, have enough confidence in their product to not strong-arm you into locking into an auto delivery plan with no way out. I don't see a cancellation area on their website. That speaks very poorly for them and their confidence in the product as well as customer satisfaction. In this day and age any company should take care of their customers with NO hassles period! Look around you. Every other company allows returns and cancellations if a customer no longer desires to receive a product. Any reputable company would not force a customer to keep ordering their product with no cancellation. No.. I would never order from this outfit. If you read the ratings on the product, it's not very good. I think they're scam artists, not makeup artists. Steer clear folks.
 14th of Dec, 2012 by   nee-c 0 Votes
I ordered the product and actually liked it but did not need the recurring product every 2 months. I tried to cancel and could never get anyone on the phone. They kept charging my account. I finally had to cancel my credit card and they sent me a bill in the mail saying I owed more money. Very poor customer service. I would have been a loyal customer but they lost my business. Buyers beware!!!
 9th of Mar, 2013 by   ecd222 0 Votes
I just saw the infomercial and was going to order; then I did a search for reviews. After reading these reviews, I'll stick with QVC where I know I'll get good service.
 21st of Jun, 2013 by   Nikki20 +1 Votes
I'm sorry that some of you seem to have had trouble with customer service, I have never had trouble. There have been times when I've called and they have been busy, but I leave a message and they get back to me by the end of the day. I've submitted online customizations to change the frequency of my shipments as I do not go through the product every 2 months, I'm more of a 3-4 month use kind of girl. I know many of you may be leery, and I understand that not all products are right for every one. What I always recommend to anyone planning on making an online purchase or TV purchase is that they read the terms and conditions before placing the order. Christina Cosmetics spells out their terms very well and does give an option for the one time only orders (although, it is a higher price) they do offer a 60 day return policy for the first kit. note, that not all people who are complaining have a valid reason for complaining, plenty of companies do not allow online cancellations.
 3rd of Feb, 2014 by   nsg47 0 Votes
I disagree with most of the comments...the negative comments. I haven't had any trouble with the product, customer service, shipping, etc. I had the product in my hands on Christmas Eve day after ordering only 4 days prior, I spoke to 2 customer service reps (for reasons that didn't have anything to do with the product, but my errors), both were very nice & helpful & I love the product!

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