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Badtreatment of employees

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I am an emplyee of pep boys for over 8 years. During the course of these years. I have been denied promtions that i rightfully earned by obtaining ase cetifications. Our health plan was taken away and replaced with a "heath fund". Under this plan i cannot afford to go to the dr. Last year the company decided that they would not be giving raises. This year they decide that they will change the vaction plan. The new plan is fine but they are stealing our days that we have already earned. I have 10 vaction days left until the middle of next year. They are telling me that any unused vaction days by december 28, 2008 will be paid out at a rate of 75%. This rate depends on your anniversary date. Some will only be paid 25%. They act as if the vaction has not yet been earned, but it was earned last year. On top of this the months that i have worked this year up until now those vaction days that i would have got next year are now gone. Thoses days are worth about 2000 to me. Every turn pep boys shafts their employees. People complain that they do not get good service at pep boys. There is a reason for that and it is the way the employees are treated by the company in turn is the way they treat customers. Pep boys fails to realize that when you screw your employees, it makes them not care about their jobs, which shows when you enter a pep boys. Pep boys needs to realize you must spend money to make money. Give the employees a good reason to want to keep their jobs and you will see dedicated employees, which will result in higher sales and customer satsfaction. On top of this offering the best pay rate around will get the best people around. Happy holdys pep boys : (

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 30th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

Definity Tires - Tires
Pep Boys
New Hampshire
United States

When you buy tires from Pep Boys, they'll tell you that their Definity tires are made by Cooper. Most people associate the Cooper name with good tires made in the USA. Actually, these Definity tires are made in China. The tires may or may not be good, but employees shouldn't say that they're made by Cooper.
 13th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
Definity can be owned and operated by Cooper and still be made in China. I don't think it's misleading at all for the employees to say that the brand Definity is made by Cooper.
 14th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
My mother just bought a set today (11-13-08) in size 185/70-14. All say "Made in USA" on the sidewall. I've never checked, but have been told the DOT labels contain info on who makes the house brands.
 11th of Dec, 2008 by    -2 Votes
Its not that the company doesn't treat its employees good, it is because pep boys lets any old jackass and inexperienced morons to do work which they have no skill or talent or knowledge in. The employees are as bad as the asshole that employ them. Pep boys is a rip off, from its founders to employees. All of their biggest concerns are monetary.
 22nd of Jan, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I totally agree! pepboys doesn't care about there employees one bit. I recently sent my manager a very long and detailed e-mail about my concerns in the work place, some of my co-workers performance and his assistant managers actions toward me and in front of customers. I ended up being counseled about my poor work performance, also they let me know if i miss another day in the next 90days I would be fired. problem with that is that i dont get any sick days being part time. but i work 40+hrs a week. so that i dont get any benefits. they are very unprofessional and are only worried about making a dollar any way they can. I worked at jiffy lube before going to pepboys and as horrible of a reputation as they have, There employees and customers were always there focus. because they knew with out eather there would be no business. Just to show there dedication they would go over everything with you and open your door when you go to leave
 11th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree with the comments. I work as an installer and have been 6 days a week only 40 hrs for 7 months. In that time i have been making 8.40 an hr doing not only installer work but mechanical work and now they want me to help out at the service desk. After being told i am not getting any raise as no one is (yeah i bet exec got raises) what is my incentive for doing all of this work. I am told to get the employees breakfast in the morning in my own car on company time. Have not ahad any breaks during the 6 to 7 hr shifts i work. The store manager has his buddies he goes out and rinks with and treats special from the rest of us. And i am told i should be thankful i have a job. Well i am thankful just not that i am treated like a slave
 17th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
my husband works for pep boys and I agree with what alot of you are saying - the medical plan has taken such a terrrible turn for the worse - I try to avoid taking my kids to the doctors because I know we will be stuck with a huge bill since this new system pays so little or is used up so quickly for a family of 5 what they offer is close to nothing. And now the vaction time has been taken away and no sick days either. I know in this economy so many people are happy to just have jobs but on the other side - you feel like you are an underappreciated shmuck. Pep Boys does not take care of there own so I dont think they really would give a second thought about there customers. But I do have to say there are some really good mechanics out there not all of them are incapable morons.
 17th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
oh I almost forgot - we havent received our W2 forms yet and it is 2/17 - where the HELL Are they??
 10th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have worked for Pepboys for 4 years now when i came onboard it was good. Now im on 2 years with no raise lost vacation time they took away our paid holidays. But we are told the new plan is better not even close. I have been sick for almost a year and i have to spread out what tests i can get done because i cant afford to go to the doctor we just got our new "fund" and mine is almost gone already what am i suppose to do to complete these tests?????????? Better yet what happens if one of my 4 kids gets sick i cant even take them to the Doctor as it is because i owe the office 400.00 in unpaid by insurance bills... But Pepboys cares about its employees????? I spend more time at work than i do at home with my family. I am a salaried manager and now im expected to work 55 hours a week rotating Sundays Im not allowed to have a Saturday off and if i need one i am expected to take one of my personal days to cover that day WHY THE HELL SHOULD I HAVE TO USE A PTO DAY. I was told when i started Pepboys was a family friendly company but yet i never see my family i leave before they get up and see them for an hour before they go to bed because im expected to work 11 hours a day because lunch is an hour but last time i checked NY was exempt from punching out for lunch not that i ever get a chance to take one anyway due to the shortage of hours we are allowed to spend to have coverage so i can leave for lunch. Then we were told we are not allowed to have this day off or close this day but i need to in order to get my kids to and from school. I sometimes wish they would just fire me!!! atleast then i can see my family. They keep adding more rules and more tasks to do during the day but layoff people so who has to do the work "salary manager" this company sucks they lay off 50 people in store support which we dont have enough of But they added new "trainer positions" to teach employees how to sell things how bout we hire people for more than BURGER KING and get people with a clue rather than someone who wasnt good enough to work at burger king because they couldnt flip burgers fast enough i could go on for hours and hours but truthfully what good will it do besides none i wish i could find a different job i would be gone tomorrow but with this economy i cant so guess im stuck for now maybe i will win the lottery
 20th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I got hired in 2007 .. never give me my 6 month rise and ..after working in the service desk I was move because I wanna be a mechanic to the shop which we all know is hard work but the lady that control like 6 pepboys in long island new york told my boss to lower my salary ...she said that's the price to be in the shop?? I know i m young Ithey know I wanna be a mechanic but that's a really abusing of my dignity ..working with car is hard not easy is not the same thing lifting a tire and lifting paper this people are sucking our blood for money...so now I really hope pepboys go to fucking hell
 21st of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
i was an installer for 2 years everything was great but i had to get parts with my own car i bought it at 101000 miles its now at 160 000 in 1 year then gas went up they took away mile payouts i could give a shit less about a raise after dealing with bullshit and doing everything from mechanic werk installer work from desk work retail work and keeping a beautiful clean shop plus showing new mechanics how to werk on cars i got moved to mechanic then the front desk screwed me by not giving me werk so i go back to installer only to find out they changed the pay from 9 and hour to 7.50 and hour and we have to book 15 hours a week to get a decent check problme is its causing problems with me and the mechanics and nobody on the desk cares pretty much im screwed they told me take your 7.50 and deal with it i learned dont ever give a company 110% (chicago land area)
 21st of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
pepboys claims there so broke but forgot to mention their buying closed down dealerships and turning them into pepboys express shops more of our money wasted drive up wow what a fucking joke that was the day the big boys came 8 customers literally took thier cars and left i looked like an idiot asking all these dumbs questions some ppl dont know they just want thier car fixed and then be on thier jolly way i would love for mike odell or scott ross or dm to werk in the shop for a week and get paid like we do installers get screwed service managers get screwed its only going to get worse from here
 2nd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have spent nearly 30 years in the retail business and almost 10 wwith the "Boys" and if you want to know why the company continues to struggle you have to look no further than the complete lack of employee and management training program. As a retail manager in the electronics field for 20 years we had a bullpen of potential trainees to replace the inevitable turnover in the business, but at PepBoys there is no such program. There is absolutely NO management training and no measurement of potential success as a manager in any position- parts, service, or retail- no operational or sales training as well. In fact, the training money has been spent on upgrading a worthless on line "Learning Central" where the only goal is to complete tests without understanding anything about the subjects. And now the parts computers are being switched to a "shopX" system that is 5 times slower than the outdated systems presently in use. It's like going from the most current Windows version to Windows 95 with dial up service. That's why the stock continues to flounder and there are few smiles and empty service bays. If executives ever listened instead of implementing doomed programs over and over this company may someday come back since they hold a unique position in the auto parts industry with service bays and tires sold through service and commercial delivery. Time to wake up before the funeral.
 9th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Indeed, more for less at Pep Boys means that we will give away more value to our customers and free services as well, while we pay our employees less. THAT is the truth. The only stores being paid more are the ones that were already busy and profitable...they set productivity goals for master technicians of 130% and then cut many flat rate labor times so that we are paid less and the 130% productivity goal is UNREACHABLE, especially if you are not in a busy store where they insist on overstocking the place with technicians. Employee turnover is astoundingly high...even with the economy what it is. Eventually, Pep Boys and Mike Odell might realise the error of their ways, but until then...profits will soar!
 17th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I literally made more money in 1997 as an entry level oil change guy at a dealership.when i was in college..
fast forward to 2009.. I am now a college graduate with 8 years of engineering work behind me, and as a result of the downturn of manufacturing, my compnay closed due to importing goods/general down turn. So, instead of being a drain on society, I pulle d up my bootstraps and went back to what i knew, automotive. pep Boys flat out LIED about the base salary and comission I would be getting. I am now, and i swear may god strike me dead as i type this if i am lying, I am making LESS money working 40+ hours a week at the Boyzzz than i would have brought home on unemployment.

The first chance i can get i will be out of there. the few long term emplyees that are there are also very disgruntled and the techs we have in the shop, much to my initial expectations, are actually very talented. And trust me, they are looking for a way out too.

I will NEVER give that blood sucking company another dime out of my pocket.

way to go pep Boys. May you go down in flames in all your glory.
and Mike Odell, go fuck your smug self.
Rememebr the demise of circuit city, because you are about to repeat it.
 19th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Ironic that Mr. Rooskie brought up failed big box retailer Circuit City, as Pep Boys recently, (in spite of all their financial crisis which prevent wage increases to employees), has begun hiring former Circuit City executives! Supposedly this spearheads an attempt to break into the remote starter and car alarm market, but isn't it common sense, when a company is attempting to streamline expenses and increase sales, to avoid paying high level executive salaries to people who not even a year ago guided a company into bankruptcy? Pep Boy's track record shows a history of attempting to plunge headlong into new ventures and directions without necessary planning, foresight, and store level support because someone, be it a CEO or Board of Directors, sees some exciting new toy and needs it NOW, without considering feasibility, logistics, or possible consequences. As examples, I offer their Baja line of scooters, mini-bikes and go-carts (which have all been recalled for failing to meet EPA regulations, an issue which should have been investigated before attempting to mass market them), the previously mentioned charge into an area of the market which is gimmicky, unproven, and risky, and the current attempt to guarantee 29 minute oil changes in stores that are so understaffed due to payroll restrictions that half the time there is no lube tech present to do the job!

Pep Boys does have many good employees; people who are competent in automotive parts sales, service sales, and repair work, but in order to be a successful company, Pep Boys must return to the basics of the automotive industry. Forget about novelties, remote starters, hats with ponytails, car alarms, etc. Forget about micromanaging and controlling every aspect of store level management, from what days your management staff takes off during the week to what mechanics are allowed to have on top of their toolboxes. Take care of your employees, from decent insurance to a good pay structure, and concentrate your efforts on supporting them in doing what they do best: selling automotive parts and automotive repair services. If you can build and retain a strong core of well paid, talented people, who take pride in their job and in their store, and focus on the foundation of automotive parts and service, the opportunities for expansion into other aspects of the retail and service industries will follow, but in the correct order of time. To quote the old proverb, "Do what you do best, and do it well, and new opportunities will present themselves in the fullness of time."

The greatest asset of any business is its people, and with appreciation, development, and retention of qualified, skilled, and satisfied employees, your business will grow. If your employees are bodies that you can plug into tightly controlled system to fill a space, yes, you will save a great deal on payroll expenses by staffing your stores with minimum wage button pushers. But you will get what you pay for, and your performance and growth as a company will reflect that. If you have a company staffed with underpaid, unhappy, under-qualified people, all the new products, business plans, and diversified strategies will not stop your potential customers from walking out the door and across the road to deal with a parts or service expert instead of a McCashier. If you want the best, you will have to pay for the best, and treat them like the best. If your business plan is satisfied with trading skilled, motivated people for register drones, please carry on as you are, and I look forward to some great deals at the going out of business sale. Your new Circuit City executives should be able to offer some pointers on that.
 6th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree to some extent. I have been with the company for a year. I am an Fully equipt ASE certified Master Mechanic. In the short time I have been with the company I have seen a high turnover rate in the Service Department in Service managers, service writers. Seems that the DM is more interested in how polished the shop is and that all the paint is clean and the concrete floors are waxed and polished than he is replacing the stone age equipment that never works properly or at all. (Who the hell cares if a mechanic bay is polished. If I were a customer I would be more concerned with the quality and the time frame of work being done on my car not, on the appearance of a bay that a customer should never be able to see.) MR. Mike Odell hear me loud and clear one last time. You want a good profitable company????? Pay your employees better stop hiring from craigslist, screen your employees fully, treat them well, get the cry babies HR/ LP stitches you have working in your shops out. Build a brotherhood between mechanics and you will have a force to be reckoned with even against a dealership.
Upgrade your stone age equipment, upgrade your shitty insurance plan with affordable rates, stop under staffing your stores, spend less on waxing the shop and more on on site training for your mechanics/Techs. And you yourself might stay CEO of this company, because your stock holders have had all they want of your 2000.00 golf tickets and 3000.00 suits to last us a long time. Hmmm. I kinda remember this with another CEO
( Was it Bernie Ebbers) Of yeah Prison Bitch Bernie that's what we call him... To CEO or Not CEO that definitely is the question at hand. Long live The Pep Boys team short live the screwed up management of this company. MANNY MOE & CRACKHEAD. I sure miss Manny and Moe though...
Pissed off
 13th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been an employee of Pep Boys almost 30 years, I work in one of the toughest states for employment (California). All of you need to be thankful that Pep Boys hired folks like Mike Odell, Bill Shull, Bill McCall etc.. Pep Boys was going in a very bad direction and these guys worked countless hours designing and implementing a plan to turn the company around and gain customer confidence. I am of the oppinion that if you don't like it at Pep Boys then move on to something that you like, don't complain about a company that did not fold like Mervyns, Gottchalks, Circuit City etc... Your senior team at Pep Boys had to make some very tough decisions and I like you did not want the cuts to happen to some of the programs the Pep Boys offered as a "Benefit" but it was necessary, If you are not a contributor you are holding us back from being a GREAT company.
 1st of Aug, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I worked for Pep Boys for about 15 years. The first ten years or so were great. The employees were happy, the customers were happy, and Pep Boys made an honest profit. Then something happened. I am not sure what. Perhaps the company was sold to new investors. Maybe it was when Pep Boys went public and sold stock. The change seems to have occurred in the last 5 years or so. After the change all management decisions turned to making a profit at the expense of everything else. They became very creative at it.
For the customers they found sneaky ways to get their money. All the way from little things like exorbitant prices on valve stems to marking parts up when they were moved from the parts department to the service department. They also found they could make even more money by not stocking many parts. They could mark up the outside purchases even more. They even purposely use that disappearing paper for receipts, so you cant bring things back. They even try to keep the receipt when they can. Unlike Auto Zone, at Pep Boys you will need your receipt. They try to maintain the highest labor rate possible. Sometimes even higher than the dealers. They found they could sell 4 tires for the price of 3. They actually charged the same for the 3 tires as they used to charge for the 4. You could get a refund for 1 tire by mailing in a form. They made their money on just the 3 tires and made much more because a lot of people didn’t mail in the form. They found they could add a "shop charge" to every ticket, supposedly to cover the cost of things like brake cleaner, silicone, etc. What I found them doing however was to add say a $25.00 dollar fee to the ticket; but then they would also charge an additional charge for every shop item that was actually used. They were uninterested in providing an honest fair service. They would never machine brake rotors; because they made money by selling new ones. They would over charge on certain jobs if they felt they could get away with it. They charged a oriental lady (who had trouble with English) about $2000.00 to install a used motor in her car. Keep in mind this was a warranty job; we had already installed a motor once before. They gave her the part and just charged the labor. The labor to install this motor should have been about $1000.00. (Something similar to a 1995 Lumina, 3.1 liter.)
The employees used to be treated well. We were sent for training regularly. They would pay for an employee to drive to the training place and also their room. Our pay was competitive with other repair shops. We had a good health plan. We had a 401 plan, vacations, and holidays. Most of that is gone. We used to be able to keep a microwave, refrigerator, and a radio out in the shop. Wasn’t bothering anyone. They took them anyway. It was nice to be able to use your cell phone while on test drives-in case the car broke down. Now they want you to go on test drives with no phone. They fill the shop up with double the mechanics it used to have. Now everyone fights for cars to work on and bays to work on them in. The mechanics are forced (Because they may only get 1 car to work on that day.) to find things to fix and exaggerate whenever they can. Management has found creative ways to destroy any reason for a "good" employee to work for them. They still have a few left; but most are gone. When the economy improves; the rest will be gone.
For those of you who are glad because you always felt mechanics made too much. I say you will get what you ask for. Mechanics will make less, but you pay the same to management. In return you will receive all the service you can expect from minimum wage employees, most who know very little about cars. And like most minimum wage employees they really won’t care if you are happy.
Anyone who takes their car to pep boys for service or who invests in their stock; is a fool.
 11th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
While reading through these posts I couldn't believe how much the issues that other Pep Boys employees are exsperiencing sound just like the ones we experience. I work at a Pep Boys in the state of Washington and we (my co-workers and myself) always thought that since we were in a remote location (there are only 2 Pepboys stores left in Washington, all other stores have closed down) that we were just getting neglected and forgotten about. But after reading the other posts it sounds like it doesn't matter where you work within the company's confines, your getting shafted one way or another. Just what has happened to me personal has appearently happened to so many others. I started out as a mechanic, later earning 2 ASE certifications and then was moved back to an installer in hopes for better pay. As an installer was exspected to still perform the work desired from a mechanic plus squeezing in 29 min oil changes and tires. I also was to help out with the drive up and work at the desk when the service advisors got behind. Some nights when I really got to have some fun, everyone from the service department would go home and I was expected to run the desk and do all repairs for the vechicles getting serviced by myself...isn't this a safety issue? I guess if I got injured in the shop one of the customers would have eventually found me (this was before the eyes in the sky were installed). One night in particular stands out in my mind...2 vehicles came in and I was doing my one woman show again and both cars were dead in the water. I asked if someone from retail could help me push the 2 cars into the shop (I'm not that big of a person and don't possess the brute strength of my male co-workers) but the manager on duty would not let any of the retail employees leave their areas, I ended up getting both cars into the shop (a customer saw me and offered to help), repairing them and sending the customers on their merry way. I'm used to picking up parts in my own vechicle, never getting rembursed for gas, while on my lunch breaks; as a mechanic would often work (while clocked out) on lunch to try and get jobs done, and since we are not allowed overtime would often clock out do finish up jobs and clean up before going home. I have recently moved to the desk and experienced the tactic of lets put you as part time but work you 40+ hours so we don't have to pay you benifits and you loose all the PTO that you earned when you were a full time employee. Good times, good times...

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