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Complaint Rating:  100 % with 19 votes
Comments South Africa Astrology Readers
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 14th of Sep, 2010 by   CorneliaJ +1 Votes
Oh no! This scammer has been on the internet for at least 10 years. I'm so sorry about your terrible experience.
 15th of Sep, 2010 by   CLAUDE MORGAN +1 Votes
There must be a way to get this scammer banned from the internet for good, does anyone know if sanctus spiritus is also a part of a scam?
 28th of Sep, 2010 by   ping_pong +1 Votes
This Pasqualina has been sending me e-mails for the last 10 months and yesterday I finally ordered one report for $29. I haven't received any confirmation that she has received my payment after yesterday.
 11th of Apr, 2011 by   imdurmac1 +1 Votes
i have been getting emails from pasqualina for almost a month now. i havn't sent her $$ yet because i felt it was probably a scam. santuc spiritus is probably a scam too as nothing that was promised as come true, namely a big wind fall of money, true love, etc. make your own destiny by working hard and being open to people. the old way still works. money doesn't buy happiness, it just pays the bills and brings forth fake people who will only be in your life as long as you have money to give them/spend on them. :)
 12th of May, 2011 by   Kathleen 0 Votes
I want her to pay my money back and never do this to other people who cannot afford this.
 19th of Sep, 2011 by   vesi 0 Votes
i paid pasquilina for $100 nz, in every month i will receive a letter from her, and than she want a $100 nz dollars to do a spritual ceremony for me, that was on the first week of august 2011, and she told i will win the good some of money on 17 september, , i was waiting for her magic number, just anothe letter on september and asking for another $100, i was sending the first $100 ...but not the second one from there i know something is wrong...she just using us to get and have money...i can tell she the daughters of satan.
 5th of Feb, 2012 by   FedupSA +1 Votes
this happened when I really wanted to check out thus scam . I registered to different people with different names, and date of births. For emails I used two different emails of mine. Wow I received the same emails for two people with different astrological profiles. Surely a Big SCAM and the same with Norah another psychic, , they surely look alike though.
 17th of Mar, 2012 by   mnstone 0 Votes
I guess its too late to discover it now...I have just paid her us29.95...soooo stupid of me...BUT I believe whatever it is...God is watching...she is playing with people emotional state, i believe people like me that turn to her coz we're really desperate and believe in her...i hope God will give her back for what she have done on us...let the negative turn into positive instead..GOD BLESS.
 23rd of May, 2012 by   Reshma Prem 0 Votes
I am unemployed and would like my money back
 10th of Sep, 2012 by   Donal O 0 Votes
I have terminal cancer with a prognosis for death in mid- December of the current year, 2012. Following is some of today's prediction for me from 'Pasqualina' I have not paid over any money; just as well given how 'off the wall' the predictions are !
Abstract... ' Understand, Donal, that what the Tarot cards and magical oracles predict is what the spirits are intent on carrying out for your happiness. This is why the advice of the oracle and the dates it will reveal will guide you towards the success and fulfillment of your desires. This is certitude!

Yes, for you, Donal, all the frustrations and disappointments from which you have suffered for years will evaporate on the night of Saturday, September 29, 2012.'

This 'Pasquelia' site has little or no merit so be warned !
Donal O'
 6th of Jan, 2013 by   ambriellemonei 0 Votes
I have been gypped a few times from people like her(Tara, Sara Freder), never again, .It is so funny how everyone is coming into all this money, I bet everyones letters state basically the same thing.Your troubles started as a child and all of that baloney.People listen DO NOT SEND THESE SCAM ARTIST YOUR MONEY!!!
 24th of Feb, 2013 by   teresa407 0 Votes
I am getting sick of all these scammers. I have been getting e mails from her saying 'I have to act fast" as i have a huge win fall coming. So glad I checked this out first. i did find a legitimate Angel Psychic reader if anyone is interested. I called the number on her website and talked to her first. I knew after only a few minutes into the convo that she was the real thing. I then payed for a 30 min reading and she booked a time to call me back. It was FANTASTIC. She hit the nail on the head. And knew things about me tat only a real psychic would know. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but the website was theperfectrose.ca. What an awesome experience. Don't fall for these scammers do some research before paying any money.GOOD LUCK ALL
 13th of Mar, 2013 by   crystalthenoble1 0 Votes
I have been receiving letters for about 10 months going strong. Lately I've been reading the letterers and I hate to admit but I really need a blessing in my life and her letter's seem so sincere and direct when she uses my name but I also wondered how could someone on another side of the world care so much about helping me when some money? I am so happy I just GOOGLE'd her information before I proceeded to use my credit card. I've met a real psychic once and the experience was heaven sent!! Sad to findout but damn I love her marketing skills...
 11th of May, 2013 by   Tc 1 0 Votes
(She can see these amazing fortunes heading my way, so many tickets she can't count, it must be a huge lottery win. Hurry must act fast now to not mis the opportunities. That are already in yr future, what!!!)

It's a shame that people can play on someone wen life has it's lows and one is desperately looking for answers.
I suppose we end up on those sites coz lifes hard at times, and someone is willing to take $34 of you to say golden words and give you hope.
We don't go looking for these answers on those sites when we're happy.
George Tupak is great for this too- i found her on a scam complaint site about George, coz she said she's genuine.
Great Marketing hay, give you a (yr Special) free reading then dang out the credit card to keep it going!
 16th of Jul, 2013 by   seramas 0 Votes
i am so thankful i checked u peoples coments before i did any thing...shes been emailing me for the last 2 years but i have never sent her any money, she just sent me an e mail last mnth saying i have some very important dates comming up in july which i will be receiving a huge sum of money, well the first date that she promised came which was the 16th of july and nothing extrodinary out of the blue happend, what a fake!!! she should know that she should definatly stop before something bad happens to her that she didnt see it while doing her "special ceremonies"...well o am so glad i didnt fall for her jokes
 26th of Nov, 2013 by   gemini-- 0 Votes
I've recently received emails.from pasqualina after having the free astrology deal. She/he is a scam artist .I haven't sent any money and I don't intend to. She/he has said some really unrealistic stuff. I can't believe these people are.getting away with it. Shame on them
 26th of May, 2014 by   maniceagle 0 Votes
yeah she gave me false lucky numbers and the reason i know is i played lottery with her numbers on those lucky days as well nothing! so save all your money dont! give here the time of day! thx
 19th of Aug, 2014 by   MALLAIKA 0 Votes
Hey guys, I sent her my details just for fun. I didn;t know if somebody will really reply to me. I sent my details to issabelle jenna pasqualina as well. All three of them said the same thing but in different style if i can say they got talent to fool people. As they all said the same thing i was happy that things are really going to change for me. They gave me differnt lucky days. I have noted them but nothing great extraordinary happened. I was thinking if somebody really wants to help you, then why do they ask for money just do it help the person, You already know the person have financial problem as you have I foresee then why are they asking for money. Thank god i have not sent any payment. checked the comments first of all and they are not really goooood. please people don't fall in their sweet talks. Trust yourself, goodluck.

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