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Posted:    aroon


Complaint Rating:  94 % with 50 votes
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fortune telling
Please please help me get my refund, i have been totally sucked into this scam, that money that i put in though its not such a big sum of money US 29 in singapore currency is $42 and that moeny was suppose to foot part of my dads medicine bill, i really thought she would help my financial crisis but she has taken my money. i do not want anything to happen to my father. Please please help me.
my email address is bardshah_87@hotmail.com
please prosecute her and get her to return the moeny that she has robbed us of.please please do.
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 8th of Aug, 2009 by   vamps666 0 Votes
i also went thru sara freder/pasqualine BUT i didn't send my money to her coz i was kinda trying to figure out whether or not she was real/honest about the horoscopes etc.

i bookmarked a page that outs her as a fake & here it is: http://www.firststop-astrology.com/Astrofacts/Exposed3.htm - i still get letters from her asking me to send my money but i'm not budging.
 21st of Jul, 2010 by   Gurpreet Kaur 0 Votes
she also get money from me but i will not sent after their scam reading that she is fraud
 26th of Jul, 2010 by   Samora 0 Votes
Im second year student and i fall to a trap i trusted Pasqualina now that i have read comments on complaints board im more carefull
 15th of Oct, 2010 by   natashamathe 0 Votes
Thanx a lot for waking me up. She is bugging me now with the emails and stuff telling me about a lot of money that is comming my way but i havent sent it although i was kinda tempted. I didnt know it was a scam.
 25th of Feb, 2011 by   joeybe 0 Votes
pasqualina is a good fake physics..to those who stupid enough give her/him money tough luck..who ask u to believe in the first place?..in this real world (reality check), u have to go n earn em` not rely on prediction fools..huhu x_x..to me, religion always save people..tats y we believe god..we always pray to ask forgiveness, to guide to the right path and etc..bottomline believe in yourself and family always comes first..god help us all.amin.
 15th of Aug, 2011 by   raymond park 0 Votes
she got 200 u..s. from me for physic contact i even didnt know whats that? when she drive me crazy i found her something goes wrong but it was too late she still keep offer and try to drain the money whom has hard moment and need help i even email her not to make victem of thouse poor but she avoid all my questions and just focus to get money
 1st of Feb, 2012 by   sabaKARIM 0 Votes
she is totally fake, hr email are just a template where our names is replaced, and we supposed she has written letter personally for us. anyone wanna confirm so make an account with having numerical Name, and u will see that in her emails that Numerical name will be used. which confirm that her emails are just auto generated templates.
 24th of May, 2012 by   jazzy one 0 Votes
She is a fake, she constantly e-mail me about dangers that is going to happen, to be aware of certain days, and even offered me $380.00 for some type of bonus, really do she think I would be so stupid to accept her offer.Always telling me about large amount of winnings, I told her no one can predit my future but God, and I didn't trust her, she avoided everything I had to say, and contantly sending for my approval to perform mystical sermons, do not fall victims to these Scams, I will never send these people any money, If it sounds to good to be true, its' to good to be true, Put your trust in God and he can perform any Miracle for you that you need. Just Pray and ask God to save you, put your Trust in him and he will work out anything that you need. I am a true believer and a witness to that Jesus is the Answer to anything that you may be going through . He is all the psychic that you need, Just Trust him and Pray daily, he will hear your prayer. Call on him, He is waiting ...
 6th of Jun, 2012 by   Valentina1900 0 Votes
She has been sending me e-mails for the past one year and I just read them sometimes and trash them. End of every page you will see another link which goes to pay some money. So far I have not spent one Dollar on her and decided to google and check about her. Then I came across to this website and glad I did not send any. Be careful people!!! Without wasting time on reading these stupid mails do some productive work to earn some money...Good Luck!
 23rd of Aug, 2012 by   shubodhu 0 Votes
I strongly believe that Pasquilina, Sara Freder, Tara, Jenna, Julia, Gabriella, Norah all are the birds of same flock. They are very talented and master in tempting and motivating you to their trap. Once trapped then no way to get easily out. I have been examining them for the last one year now and had been told about many auspicious days coming in the months ahead which never came???. I think all these ladies looking types psychics/clairvoyants seems to be impersonated by a shrewed and cunning man who have been making fool of troubled people all over the world and is a big FRAUD/SCAMMER/CHEAT of the highest order. Please be careful and do not fall prey to this beast.
 3rd of Sep, 2012 by   messengerkurt 0 Votes
I to belive that we should all belive God is our sourse for all things, and not to be tricked into beliving in false prophesy, most of us have similar problems and these people know that! so it is easy for them to make these templates and ad your names, I to have gotten e-mails from Pasqulina that atre very similar to the ones you got, but the thing we all need to relize is that she to has fallin victom to llying spirits that have pulled her belife in God from her? ?The devil has givin her a false outlook on life and we as belivers should stand in agreement with God that he will save her!!! she is also his creation and is our sister in him!! she is as decieved as we might have been with her, the devil is the father of lies and is the master of lies!! and if we dont know the word of God we are gona fall for his deceptions, so read Gods word ! it is the truth and it actually tells us to not follow phycics or familiar spirits! if someone has the Gift OF PROPHESEY from God, it is a FREE and real devine word from our creator for a REAL guidance and blessings from him! God says, (freely I have givin you, so freely give to others) amen?? SO DONT BE DECIVED!! READ GODS WORD AND YOU WILL BE PROTECTED!!
 16th of Dec, 2012 by   lanzz 0 Votes
cruel bitch or wanka fake as a mutha fuka
 8th of May, 2013 by   lynette nelson 0 Votes
I went through Pasqualina and sent around £160 before i done my research but sent her an email yesterday to give her what for and my money was in back day after . so is she a fake?????????????
 10th of Mar, 2014 by   Chiseung 0 Votes
She took my mopeoplefrom start and continue even 100 us total less 200us she email me to pay 100us right after I paid she email me 50 percent discount I found it some things wrong she took money the person who need help god pls punish these people
 22nd of Apr, 2014 by   Bcsfow +1 Votes
I am a victim of her scam as well. I sent her US$100, but after that she didn't give me any instruction no matter how many times I asked the bitch liar. I only can do this which I write here and tell everybody, please don't believe the Devil.

Just wondering...why there is no department to stop the bitch's website and this kind of fraud? Remove your scales off your eyes!!!

This kind of bitch won't be good end. Let's curse the devil together!!!
 17th of Jul, 2014 by   Nichu +1 Votes
Today she sent me a mail regarding to luck which gonna come to my life soon, and she asked me to send abt 100$, but my family is not dat rich nd i texted her dat i dont hve enough money, but i can sent it you later .. But when i read those comments, guys you saved from this big trap .. Thanks a lot...

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