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Page Plus Cellular Complaints & Reviews - Horrible customer service

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Page Plus Cellular

Posted:    EdwL95

Horrible customer service

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 12 votes
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Page Plus Cellular
United States
I had an issue with porting my number over to page plus. I didn't have a working phone for two days which had been pre paid. I spoke to a supervisor to let him know the situation and he had the nerve to hang up on me while I was speaking. I could not believe it. Sometimes you're better off paying extra for good service. If you want horrible service, page plus is the way to go. You will hold forever if you call customer service only to be served by rude individuals who have no clue what they are doing.

Comments United States Telecommunications
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 29th of Jan, 2010 by   OmniStaff 0 Votes
They are morons.. But they are not the only ones who offer Verizon Towers and service without a contract or credit check..$39.95/mo for unlimted talk text + Data pak..call 772.209.1113 for answers.. We also now except I-Phones as well as other AT&T & T-Molbile phones..

 5th of Mar, 2010 by   afastherosmom 0 Votes
I have experienced the same thing. Requested my number to be ported on 02/08//10. It is 03/05/10 and this morning when I called I was told that the port will be completed on 03/20/10. Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from customer service telling me that my port request has been rejected again because address doesn't match. I have been on hold literally hours since this process started. One night this week after finally getting to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold and then disconnected. I don't think the different departments within the company even communicate and their system must not be very user friendly because their reps never have the correct information right away. I don't know what to do anymore. I used to think the problem was with the company I am porting from but now I think it's with Page Plus. I hope it's worth it if I ever get my number ported.
 8th of Mar, 2010 by   grwgarrett +1 Votes
At least what I'm reading you have all reached an operator or customer service rep. I have been trying for two days and always receive a "all circuits are busy" recording... I'm starting to think this is not the deal as advertised. If this is customer service, I'd hate to think what lies ahead with my srevice.
Couple more tries and and I'm calling it quits and searching another service.
 14th of Apr, 2010 by   hmongxiong +1 Votes
Pages plus is the worst cellular provider I have ever come across in my life! They do what they want and no explanation for anything. They put me on standard plan and told me I committed an UNLIMITED PLAN ABUSE? What the heck is that? I mean how can you abuse an Unlimited Plan? Tell me. Stupid customer service Jacada is her name told me over and over that decision has been made to every question I had. No solution just decision has been made! Stupid people.
 21st of Apr, 2010 by   sinkorswim123 +2 Votes
I read something about this on a class action website. Check it out: http://www.classaction.org/page-plus-cellular-unlimited-talk-and-text-plan.html
 3rd of May, 2010 by   btiger +2 Votes
Page plus should have been out of business, but they keep changing the name. Well i now have more expensive service, but no more monthly interruption and hrly wait to talk to rude and sloppy customer service reps. report them to the federal trade commission.
 21st of Sep, 2010 by   sherfield10 +1 Votes
Today I try to use my pageplus cell phone, it would not work.So, I call them, they tell me that a retailer in pennsylvania change my number yesterday. I told them I don't know who the retailer was butif I am calling you I obviously didn't not change my number. The VERY worse customer service I have ever seen in my life.Pageplus said it is not their fault, and that my phone is a prepaid phone anyway.Exactly it is prepaid which means I have already paid them for my service, the supervisor was just as rude as the tech I talked to if not worse.I am reporting them to the better business bureau.
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   UnhappywithPagePlus +1 Votes
I'm in San Diego and looking for people who want to bring a class action suit against Page Plus. This would NOT be for the unlimited plan issues, but for their refusals to explain why they continue to charge accounts for supposed infractions, and all their BS about "my supervisor made the decision and it's final" and "I'm sorry but my manager refuses to talk to you" and such...from what I've read online, almost everyone runs into it eventually.
They charged my credit card for more minutes, then did not apply the minutes. And then of course, a few days later at the 4 month mark, my phone stopped working
When I realized what happened, I called and fixed it, or so I thought...the Rep said she fixed it, but instead, I was docked 50% of my minutes.
So then today, I called to try to fix it AGAIN...I was told all the crap about decisions and refusals to speak to me, and I kept asking the INCREASINGLY RUDE 'woman' why I was being treated like I did something to them, when they in fact have stolen from me.

When I asked about canceling my account, I was given a BS line about a $30 early cancellation fee...ok right, it's a goddamn pre-paid phone morons!

So...anyone want to go class action postal all over them? Contact me at ClassActionPagePlus@gmail.com.
 27th of Jun, 2011 by   sunshine17 +1 Votes
I had a page plus phone crash and when I contacted customer service they said I need to buy a better phone from their site or I would lose my phone number and my $85 in phone minutes. Then they said phone minutes are non-refundable and they feel this is OK to keep customer's phone minutes even though they cannot be used when their phones crash. 4 different customer service reps told me 4 different stories. As it stands right now, I have NO phone and they are stealing the $85 in phone minutes. And I see a lot more of this in the notes written in this site among many other issues. When are American companies going to learn to stand behind their company and their product?
 6th of Jul, 2011 by   CAR3B3AR 0 Votes

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