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1. Ordered the non-stick cookware. They advised me to allow 6-8 wks for shipping. I called today and spoke with John tech#17. I told him its two days past the eight week mark and i still have no product. This order was placed and confirmed on 3/24/10. He told me to allow it another few days. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me he was a supervisor. I didnt believe it but let it go.

2. They processed my payment a week before the order even shipped. It is the law that i should not be charged until my product has shipped or left their facility. My card was charged on 5/11/10 but order did not ship until 5/18/10.

As of now i am still waiting on product i have not received, yet ive been charged and they are past their shipping time advertised. At this point i dont even want the product but what can i do??
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 21st of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I bought a 10" Orgreenic frying pan through Publisher's Clearing House online. I was advised to allow 3-6 weeks for delivery, I got the pan in less than two weeks. Had no problems with overcharges to my card. And the pan works great so far. You just have to follow directions properly for seasoning it before use, but that is pretty standard for just about any kind of frying pan. I notice a lot of people are claiming it does not work as advertised. I don't understand why that should be. So far, the best pan I have ever used. The directions that come with the pan advise you should repeat the seasoning process at least twice a year, so if in the future it seems like it's beginning to stick, I will just re-season it.
 21st of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I recently bought a 10" Orgreenic frying pan, but from the Orgreenic web page. I ordered through Publishers Clearing House online. Had no problems at all, I got the pan in just over a week, even though I was advised to allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. No undue charges to my bank. And the pan works great. If you want your eggs to slide around easily, best use a little oil or butter (not much is needed). If you don't use oil or butter, it will seem as though the eggs are sticking, but they away quite easily and cleanly with spatula. I wouldn't use metal utensils with and non-stick coating though, use plastic or silicone. And read directions before use. Just about any frying pan other than Teflon needs to be seasoned before use. So far, this is the best pan I have ever used.
 11th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have never been so disappointed in a skillet product as I am in this one it is a bunch of junk. They fail to mention on the stupid advertisements that you have to keep in oiled so things won't stick to it. If I could find my receipt I would return it and get my $30.00 back. I do not recommend this product to anyone that is thinking of purchasing one.
 23rd of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
My dad wanted a set of these pots and pans, so we went to Alco and he paid $159.00 for the set. I went to his house and made sure they were seasoned as instructed. I got a call from him today he tried to fry 3 eggs they stuck and ended up scrambled, he was pissed, he called me yelling and complaining to me about them. So they are going back to the store this weekend. NOT a satisfied customer He believed in the commercials he saw on TV and I told him T-Fal is the only way to go. He's old and lives by himself and he will be getting the T-Fal from Wal-Mart. I have to keep an eye on him and this was a shitty deal these orgreenic pots and pans.
 28th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
Before ordering ANYTHING advertised on TV do an Internet search for the product name and "complaints". Without exaggeration, about 90% of the products advertised for order on TV is junk/scam.
 14th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Bought one of the orgreenic pans at Kmart. The very first time I used it, it stuck my food and had to be soaked over night and still didn't want to come free.went by the directions and its a scam. June.stephens2@gmail.com.
 16th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I was given an Orgreenic pan by my mom, who purchased it in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was happy with it at first (although wondering if someday THIS kind of coating will be found to be as much of a health risk as Teflon) -- but then some zucchini I cooked WITH oil stuck -- and I can't get the pan clean! Notice, too, that on their Web site and infomercial they state that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but on the Web site under "contact us" they state that you can get your money back WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE, and they give no information about how to take them up on their "100% satisfaction guarantee"; it's apparently in word only. I'd rather stick with my old, reliable cast-iron pan!
 17th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was thrilled when I recieved my new cookware. Then it happened I started to us it after I seasoned them and something just wasn't right, they started to stick, Ithought well I just needed to season them more, so after seasoning them again, I started using them again same thing happened started sticking again, soon I had used all of the pots and pans in the set and all of them had problems sticking they had even started peeling off. I had saved money for several months just to get these pots and pans and now they were trash and it was past the 30 days for returning them, I still think something should be done aboit it but I'm not gonna hold my breath, but I do have alot of friends and family and I have told each and everyone of them about the cookware and it's problems and the fact that there was no address to write or phone # to call now I know why cause they are junk no good, trash so I know all my family and friends will pass on the story to their friends and other familys and so on and so forth, so yes I wasted money on the Orgreenic cookware but none of my family or friends will, and I hope your company has to be held accountable...
 28th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Just wanted to add my .02 worth... most of the informercial deals are somewhat scammish in they over charge for shipping after promoting the product at a great price. That is why I will try them if they are offered through a different source, and that is what I did with Orgreenic, I bought one of their pans from Wal-Greens, and it works as advertised, and for $19.99 it is a good deal, but for the shipping and handling amount the hassles it would have not been a good value. Season it like you would a cast iron skillet and it is as slippery as they show on TV with no oil. The instructions that come with it explains that... so somewhat not understanding why so many talk about it sticking. I would recommend buying them if you see in a store.
 30th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Complaint Summary
Complaint Type: Consumer to Business Complaint
Nature of complaint: The company has processed an unauthorized credit card charges
Problem description:
The company name is Orgreenic operating under Telebrands in NJ. I did call based on a TV commercial. I was interested in listening to the pans and the promotion. When I called the call system was totally automated. The first request was to input the credit card number, which I did. However I placed no items in my "cart" at that time so I felt comfortable that I would experience a normal check out process. I did not. I proceeded with listening I did select a pan but then I was met with a significant series of questions that were automated about extending warranties, special coatings, other offers it went on and on. I knew at this point this was not a business I wished to do business with and I hanged the phone up. I never received a confirmation response to say "Yes" or confirm anything, or checkout. When I terminated the call - that terminated my involvement and relationship with no monies due. I was outraged to see a charge of $39.97 for 2 pans on my Visa card. I called the business and spoke with Mack. Mack stated that there is nothing that they could do and that I can refuse the shipment and send back for a refund. I will refuse the shipment however I am astonished that any business practices and is allowed to practice in this manner. The Manner being that I and other customers terminate relationship, terminate wanting to buy product after hearing the offer but Orgreenic charges and sends product. While my experience was on a phone automated system here is a customer's quote from the online process which allows the same charge even when a customer does not check out. "I went to their website and put this pan in my cart. It had me enter my credit card information, and then I clicked next, expecting it to go to a page where I could confirm my order. It went to offer after offer, trying to make me upgrade to more pans. Finally, I got sick of it and exited the page." This customer above experienced the same series of never ending offer prior to checking out.
Desired Settlement: Change the Store Policy
Desired Outcome:
The business must allow a confirmation and checkout process to complete the order that confirms the customer's purchase. I also want a written response from the business and I would like a report from the BBB on how many complaints this business has generated due to their process.
 1st of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thanks guys for all of your comments. I just saw the commercial and checked out the website. It certainly looked suspicious and wanted billing info before you could see the order. Thanks to complaintsboard for giving us someplace to check it out. And yes, I believe that myates looks to be a little bias.
 8th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
WOW - So glad I decided to check reviews on this product before purchasing. I saw the commercial and thought, 'what a great gift this frying pan would make for my wife'. Went to the Orgreenic website and was about to place an order (Thank GOD I did not enter my name or credit card info). However, as good as the product sounded, I wanted to get a little more information. Very fortunate that I did, as I will not order anything from this company based on everyone's input here. So sorry many of you have been ripped-off, but just remember - Karma's a B*tch. This company will receive their just dues in the end! Finally, thanks to all for your stories - they have prevented me and others from being scammed!!!
 17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow, a lot of bad reviews. If you season the pan properly, as in the directions, the pan works exactly as on tv. I bought mine at CVS for 19.99, took it home, seasoned it, and I have been using it for 8 months without a single stuck anything. Use an oil with a high smoking point, thinly coat the whole green surface and heat until the oil starts to smoke. Let the pan cool, wipe it out and Shazzam, a pretty damn good pan that nothing will stick to. Now if you want to heat something up to a rediculously high temperature, you can probably get it to stick and stain. But if you know how to cook, this pan is as good as any I have ever used, and I have used a lot. As with any cookware you have, treat it properly, use plastic or wooden utensils and you should have no problems with Orgreenic cookware. Can't speak to the billing problems, but if these complaints are all valid it is a damn shame that what is probably decent cookware is being sold by scammers and crooks, not cooks, LOL.
 18th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
THANK GOD for this site. Got ready to order Orgreenic from amazon and thought I might check out reviews when I couldn't understand the ad and call about free shipping. Thank God they didn't answer phone when I called. After reading this I removed Orgreenic from my wish list.
 25th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
thankfully I only bought 1 skillet sticks worse then any skillet i`ve ever owned!
 28th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have not tried the pan yet, but am thinking about doing so because my favorite teflon skillet is wearing out. But the trick for even the worn out teflon pan is I season it like you would a cast iron one. Cast Iron just heat with a quality oil and salt to get a blackened coating, and then over time the layer will thicken even more. Ceramic seems to be an even better material if it won't scratch because it won't rust like a cast iron if you don't dry it immediately and it will have the same non stick coating. I also have a steel wok, that I seasoned properly and has the same non stick coating, but iron and steel are time consuming and hard to maintain. And always spread a little oil on the cooking surface after drying, and they have given me many years of use.

Also high heat causes more foods to stick than low to medium heat. Remember the saying, "that is hot enough to fry an egg"? The infomercial probably used very low heat for the egg demonstration.

Bad customer service is not from Orgreenic, but from the seller for them...Telbrands. AsSeenOnTv is another marketer with bad reputation with customer service and refunds. I may purchase locally or order online from reputable reseller for that reason alone.

Well after reading all the pros and cons, I though I would add my $.02 if it might help out someone, and I think I am going to go for broke and purchase the 16 piece set, but at Sears.com the photo shows 17 pieces, which got me wondering...roflmao!
 30th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
i wish i had found this website before i was scammed! I saw the infomercial and went to the website to find out more. I intended to order just the one frying pan when i saw the discount offer on the whole 16 pc set. It didn't say anywhere how much they were so i clicked on the pop up to get a price. When it showed me that it was 4 installments of $109 i immediately closed the web page and never completed the order. unfortunately i had put in my credit card number already and they charged me $168 when i never even hit the order button and never did recieve a confirmation email! I think the minute you enter your payment info they charge automatically without even finishing the purchase.
I called Orgreenics the minute i noticed the charge and told them i had not completed my order and absolutely didn't want the set or even the one pan at this point and although they said it hadn't been shipped yet, they had no way of stopping the order or refunding me the money, which came out of my bank account causing me to go into overdraft! Even after talking to a "manager" they say they can not do anything until i refuse the shipment and they get their pans back.
If any of these reviews have taught me anything, its that it will be weeks or months before i get the pans to refuse and that i will probably never see that money again. i am definately worried that i will have no recourse. not to mention that i work full time and will be at work when they arrive so i won't even be able to refuse the shipment.
Furthermore, i got the frying pan as a gift for Christmas after this whole fiasco and loved it at first but after the 3rd use, there is a sticky brown film that i cannot scrub off and the eggs i scrambled this morning, DID STICK! Does anyone else have this film on their pan and have any suggestion as to how to get it off?
 2nd of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Everything sticks even after season it
 4th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
In regards to Larrz comments, the scam site grammar was grammar "quoted" comments from users and I agree it was awful but that is the world we live in. Every message board can be dissected for grammatical inconsistencies and the like. We are a melting pot where people don't always learn from Catholic schools etc... Whilst on the subject of Melting pot, I want to tell you that this cookware is awesome and can be purchased in Boscovs as well as some other fine retailers. You won't find them in Walmart because Walmart only deals in junk... they are nice and heavy, they can go into the oven with there metal handles, I seasoned mine and it works spectacularly after several months, no issues. The reason I ended up here is because I was shopping for a second 12" . HINT: never shop from the man. site... same stuff with Sobukawa pillow, amazing garden hose, etc etc...for some reason unknown to me they choose to do business they way they do. It's a shame because it just tarnishes their reputation.. buy em on e-bay, try a 10", if you like buy a whole set. OR keep using your target, walamrt flake off carcinogen laden junk you use
 10th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
I purchased one of the 10" pans at my local grocery store. After using the pan for about 4 months I have found it to work as advertised and have no complaints about the product. After the initial seasoning treatment, I treat it much like a cast iron pan and never wash it with soap. I just wipe it out with a paper towel to clean it. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I reasoned that soap cuts fats and may tend to diminish the effectiveness of the seasoning treatment. As for the practices of the online or phone sales I cannot comment. I try to avoid them and buy the television products from actual brick and mortar retailers.

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