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Omni Financial

Posted:    Valerie

Stay away!

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 82 votes
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Omni Financial
United States
Stay as far away from Omni as you can, after four long years and $20, 000.00 I was no better after letting Omni handle the IRS as i was when they started. My original Tax lien was only $27, 000. and after fours years, i paid as much to Omni as i am now paying the IRS. After this experience, I have learned the IRS is not as hard and scary to deal with as most people think.

Omni will make lots of calls and send lots of letters, but in the end, it is all about the money that they can get from you, your tax debt is a distant second concern of theirs. I'm sure not all tax services operate this way, but as someone who learned the hard way, stay as far away as you can.

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 15th of Jul, 2009 by   Sandy M 0 Votes
I was told by Omni Financial that the fee for their services was $3500. for tax help. I live on a budgeted income, and I paid Omni in 6 installments. after each payment I would receive 2 to 3 calls from the tax attorney telling me he was waiting for IRS to make a make an offer on their paper work. Most of the calls would last approx. 45 minutes to an hour with questions and answers. After Omni received the final payment, I received a phone call telling me the money has been used up and for them to continue, they would need another $3000. That's when I thought something is wrong. I asked for a pay out how the money was spent, and it was spent by talking to me over the phonem (I have written proof ). I cancelled my services with Omni, I wish there was a way that I could get my money back.
 26th of Sep, 2009 by   employee xxx 0 Votes
You could contact Larry fischer at 800-707-8065. get him on the phone and tell him that you understand that his own paycheck sucks when he doesnt get his sales team to steal enough money but that you want out. This is where your problem started. He is the first real part of the process. He informs his sales team that unless we steal enough money for his paycheck that we can take a mcdonalds application that he stacked up on our way out the door. despite the double shifts, sat and sun that we are forced to work. sometimes from 7:45 am until 10:00 at night.maybe if someone pressured exectutives to cut this man loose thier will be reputable honest management that will only allow you to get involved if they can help which is what the company is really all about.
 7th of Oct, 2009 by   Sat an Antiques 0 Votes
I was riped off by Omni Financial. I was told that the amount of money that it would take to clear up my charges from the IRS would be $1500.00. When receiving the paper work from Omni to sign I notice where they had the charges broke down. I called before signing an told them that I did not want to sign the doc because of how it was worded. The gentlemen that I spoke to said that it was just a fermalaty that it would not cost no more than $1500.00. I was told that everything would be alright an not to worry about any type of levys from the IRS. Guess what the IRS levied my account to different times. They took the $1500.00 an told me that they would have to have more money to finish my getting my tax set up on a monthly payment plan. They did NOTHING I got the arrangements set up with the IRS. This company is a total rip off. DO NOT HAVE ANY TYPE OF DEALINGS with this company. I was told there was a class action suit against them can anyone tell me where or what I need to do to be a part of this? HELP
 20th of Oct, 2009 by   omni sucks 0 Votes
I am an attorney in Texas. I was recently defrauded out of $3000 by a company that promised to fix some tax problems I was having, but instead did very little other than to continue requesting that I send more money. When a few red flags made me suspicious enough to attempt to verify the accuracy of representations that were being made to me by an attorney at Omni, I decided to contact the IRS. In a nutshell, the people at Omni had been feeding me a bunch of hogwash about issues that had supposedly arisen due to my lack of diligence and stating that these unforeseen issues had made my case more difficult than initially expected...oh, and by the way, send more money. As it turns out, I was able to address these nonexistent issues (that Omni told me would cost $2, 000 more dollars to resolve) with an IRS agent and get a repayment plan in place in less than 30 minutes.

I plan to file a deceptive trade practices act (DTPA) lawsuit against Omni Financial before the end of 2009. Shoot me an email if you are among the many individuals that put your trust in Omni Financial at a time when you, your business and/or your family were in a most vulnerable state and in desperate need of assistance (only to be defrauded out of large sums of your hard earned money). If enough individuals are interested in seeking legal recourse against Omni, I will consider coordinating and filing a class action lawsuit, at which time this company would be forced to pay back all individuals everything that is owed them, along with a sum of money to compensate them for the inconvenience, harrassment and frustration they were made to endure at the hands of a company interested only in its bottom line.
 21st of Oct, 2009 by   JR9 0 Votes
Everyone needs to REPORT Omni Financial- call the IRS, call your state AG, call the FTC- Anyone and everyone!

They will continue and continue to do this until they are stopped! Omni realizes that a number of the people they "help" do not have the money or means to go after them. Further, although the chunk of money you have paid them is a lot to you, in realistically looking at a legal battle and even getting above and out of small claims, it is a small amount. Omni knows this and they bank on this.

They are deceptive, they misrepresent and fraudulent induce people/businesses to sign up with them.

It will take a number of people, but I cannot urge you enough to do everything possible- file all the legitimate complaints you can, and I am sure there are many.
 5th of Feb, 2010 by   STOPOMNI 0 Votes
Omni Financial is beyond a rip off people!!! Believe me-there is nothing more of a fact than this and I can tell you first hand. I'm not too sure how they are still in business as they are crooked-100%. It starts downstairs in the sales department...from that point if you agree or even show interest-YOU ARE HOOK AND BAIT! They transfer you upstairs where you are put in a pile of hundreds in some teeny bopper's office who has no true training or knowledge of anything, especially NOT tax situations. Then while you are upstairs, you shifted between different "associates" who play BOSS. Yes, they will make some calls, send letters and even call the IRS on your behalf...but they will make the same calls over & over again and the same letters will go out. Each time they touch your file, YES, I mean touch-you will be charged and your "retainer" will diminish. They have their "attorneys" who are the lowest possible attorney like persons you will ever know. PEOPLE, these attorneys cannot get jobs in a reputible lawyer's office but you want them working on your tax problems?! THINK ABOUT IT. The biggest scam comes when they've used all of your money and harass you and threaten to "close your case". PRAY THEY DO CALL AND SAY THAT BECAUSE YOU SHOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO LET THEM. Then there's a little fact of "PDF Shop". Oh, this little tool allows them to take your original document that you've signed and manipulate it to their benefit. That's right...FORGERY!!! They are liars, cheats and will suck you dry for all you have-I PROMISE YOU. The owner is no better PEOPLE--this is what he thrives off of. The more broke you go, the better off he is!! They win trips and bonuses off your hard earned money when...HELLO...WAKE UP-just call the IRS yourself. This is 2010, they will work with you. Don't be scared of them...yes, their big but this is a big world. You are better off chancing the IRS then you are chancing OMNI FINANCIAL. Don't be a victim ... be an advocate and help SHUT THEM DOWN!
 2nd of Apr, 2010 by   offended prospective client 0 Votes
Omni Financial is definitely not a company you want representing you with the IRS. After Omni approach me, I did not know enough about the company and did not sign right away. So the representative started e-mailing me harassing letters, stating "I did not have my priorities in order and that he was wasting his time with me". I then wrote back how I had concerns and that he was offending me. He then stated, " That they did not want to help "PEOPLE LIKE ME" and that I was not a good fit for HIS company". So thank you to this site I was able to avoid accuring big fee's with Omni Financial.
 2nd of Apr, 2010 by   Glad to be let go 0 Votes
I completely agree with every single one of you. I recently was let go from Omni after working there only a month. Let me tell you I fell bad for anyone that has to be their client. First, you get a phone call asking you about every little thing you own, rent, and anything in between and you are charged for it. The money you gave them is never enough and every 30 - 60 days they call and ask for more. Let me tell you where that money goes, that money is spent on long long phone calls to you, and letters, $50 a page, to you. They told me I had to charge retainers for the time I WAS ON HOLD to the IRS. The training class is a mear week. Basicly all these people do is take your signiture on forms and fill in the blanks, it requires no real thought. They have a training class to be a "para" almost every week. Their own employees realize it's a scam and get out, they cannot keep anyone. My advice, if you are a client of theirs, have them close your case, which you get billed for also, and deal with the IRS yourself, every thing you need is at WWW.IRS.GOV The "products" they offer, you can do yourself, all the forms are right on the web site. Please do not be their next victim. If an associate and a para "gets their bonuses" they send them on an all paid, 2 week vacation, with $500 spending money, guess who's money that really is, ...YOURS! I was let go, after I told them I thought the company was a scam, the man told me that "if we were a scam we wouldn't be going on our 20th year of business and we wouldn't be dealing with the IRS." Yeah right, there are scams that have been going on for decades, talking to the IRS does not mean your right.
 7th of Apr, 2010 by   omni sucks 0 Votes
omni is a complete ripoff and scam. check out www.omnifinancialclassaction.com to look into a class action lawsuit against omni financial.
 12th of Apr, 2010 by   shanerachel 0 Votes
My husband and I were taken for 20, 000 by Omni when we only owed about $20, 000 (it turned into $130, 000 with interest). We hired them because they said they could solve our tax debt for $3, 500 and relieve the interest. They charge $500 per hour which was never disclosed to us and when they call you which is a lot they charge you even when they leave a message or if you call with a simple question they keep you on the phone for 45mins.

They kept calling for more money and you think this is you only way out. It was the most stressful years of our life! I knew something was wrong and my husband kept giving them money because he thought he was in too far to back out.

We almost lost our home and had to claim bankruptcy. It ruined us financially! We ended up working with decent lady from the IRS and finally put us on a payment plan. We are now paying back family members for lending us money to Omni and all they did was incur more debt to us. If we would have given to the IRS we would have been all paid off by now. Instead we owe the IRS $20, 000 still.

I came on the internet to find out if there is anything I can do to get our money back. If there is a class action law suit against them I would be happy to join in. Please email me at shanertassoul@gmail.com
 25th of May, 2010 by   Michael Ellis 0 Votes
Anyone who continues to work at Omni or any of these splinter cell tax resolution companies are losers. Get a real job.
 28th of May, 2010 by   tax help 0 Votes
I have worked for several of these companies over the past ten years and have the inside scoop on all the major tax resolution companies in Colorado. I am currently working with several state AG's and have shared my stories with a Federal Marshall.

For the 411 on these companies: http://taxresolutionincolorado.blogspot.com/2010/05/blowing-whistle-on-colorado-tax.html

If you need any additional information on these companies I'd be more than happy to tell you the truth. My email is tax.truth@yahoo.com
 10th of Mar, 2011 by   Amarieh 0 Votes
Thank Goodness for this complaint board!, I got disconnected from OMNI and could not get back through from caller ID, so I got online to find there number and Im so glad I did seeing all these complaints just stopped me from sending them $7, 000 .While reading these complaints he called me back and I told him my concern and what I had just read and he said noooo... mam We have been running over 20 years and I had to hang up because if I had a dollar for every time he gave me the 20 year spill, I could afford to waste money on this company, That seems to be his saving line, I have talked to him ALOT and was getting to the point of sending him money which seems to me might have put a dent in the bill for all of our conversations. As I am typing this comment, He has tried calling me 5 times so far. I just feel so dumb for not researching this sooner
 12th of Mar, 2011 by   milma 0 Votes
Yes, thanks for all the negative comments, as I also was almost sucked in to there scam!!! I had sent them the first $3500.00 and after reading all of these comments I got online and stopped payment on the check. I had to laugh when they found out that they couldnt steel my money and kept trying to call me. Ha, the laugh is on you omni! Now go suck some palm water!!! Get a local tax attorney to represent you with the IRS and you will have no problem getting things worked out with your tax issues.
 16th of Mar, 2011 by   RH45 0 Votes
My story is much the same. The bottom line is that after two years of work with Omni all I got was a payment plan from the IRS. This, people, is something that anyone can do on your own. Unfortunately it cost me $ 17, 000 to find that out. That was equivalent of one-third of what I owed the IRS. But, to boot, they almost really screwed me. When you have a payment plan with the IRS it is essential that you file all your taxes on time and not be late with a payment. Last August (2010) nearly two years after my relationship with Omni ended, I was notifed that my payment plan was terminated. I had absolutley no clue as to why that was the case. Finally, after hours of telephone calls to the IRS I got to the bottom of it. Apparently I had a small (really small) adjustment to my 2009 taxes (about
$ 900.). All I had to do was pay it. The problem was that because of some paperwork the IRS sent the bill to Omni and not to my home. They sent their typical three letters, and then terminated my agreement. When I called Omni they told me that once a contract is over they destroy any subsequent contacts with them from the IRS. Can you imagine, a company I spent $ 17K with couldn't forward a letter. Fortunately with the help of a very nice person at the IRS I was able to straighten it out, but had I not I would have had to renegotiate my payment plan and who knows, it could have been a whole lot worse than the liveable one I have. Stay clear of all these services. If you can't deal with the IRS get a CPA or a Tax attorney.
 29th of Apr, 2011 by   bluecolor31 0 Votes
I am surprised to hear all these negative comments after hiring them two months ago and having my tax debt reduced by nearly 15000! If I would have seen this before I wouldn't have hired them! I'm glad I did!
 24th of Feb, 2012 by   Omni Employee 0 Votes
If you are all real clients that have hired Omni Financial, why not file a complaint with the BBB and get your money back? This is all competitor based and it's funny how all of these people are anonymous. If you really got ripped off I don't think you would have a problem telling people your real name? So many of you work for spin off companies after stealing Omni's blue print. So you can't sell a client on your own merit what else can you do to sucker a client for money? You point them to this stupid shit you authored and wrote pretending to be a disgruntled client. Give me a break
 16th of Sep, 2012 by   HomeHall 0 Votes
I am a "real" client" that gave OMNI over $16, 000 dollars and after more than a year of dealing with them, the dropped us and said they couldn'd help. That money could have been given to the IRS and we would probably have pretty much paid them off by now. OMNI is a total scam. Stay as far away from them as possible!
 17th of Sep, 2012 by   Stacey White 0 Votes
My wife and I owned a security company in Oklahoma, due to trust in the manager we hired, we ended up shutting down the company and we ended up owing taxes. We hired Omni Financial, after paying over $15, 000.00 to them, numerous claims that they would resolve the problems we were having resulted in nothing more than lip service and a nearly doubling tax debt, which we later discovered could have been easily resolved by dealing with the tax agency themselves.
Omni also lead us to believe that they could represent us in court, oops, they forgot to tell us they weren't licensed in the State of Oklahoma and couldn't represent us in Oklahoma Courts.
Response to Ombi Employee, we have filed a complaint with the BBB, hoping to see a resolution through them.
 16th of Feb, 2013 by   shanerachel 0 Votes
Hey bitter Omni employee...I am a real person and was scammed by omni. I left my email above. If they are so great why so many complaints all over the internet? I did file a complaint with the BBB and THEY NEVER RESPONDED GO FIGURED! They also just called out of the blue and offered us a settlement. No such luck. We intend on getting all of our money back and now have an attorney we working with. You have no idea what it was like to go through this mess. It nearly cost my my home and my marriage. Sorry you like working there but your working with crooks!

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