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Ohio Lottery, Ohio Complaints & Reviews - Fixed Rigged

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Ohio Lottery

Posted:    lopopholes

Fixed Rigged

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 24 votes
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Ohio Lottery
United States
Ask any Ohio Lottery retailer how many claims forms they have filled out for a PICK 4 winner. I only know of one of the many I have asked. It's obvious that they rig the balls/machine so that a combination with a low payout comes up. There is a 5 minute gap between the time you can play the numbers and the balls are drawn. That is plenty of time for their computer operators to analyze and sort all combinations played and adjust the balls/machine accordingly. For example, if a lot of people played 1234, all they have to do is rig it so that 4 does not appear in the last position and they save a whole lot of money in payouts. The computer can tell which combinations were not played and have the lowest box payout, then the machine/balls can be rigged to that number. I would guess that all games are done like this as I know many people who play the lottery and no one knows anyone who has won a PICK 4 straight.
I seriously doubt that there is a midday drawing since it is not televised anymore.
Don't play Ohio Lottery games!
Comments United States Lottery Scams
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 12th of Oct, 2011 by   disappointedinscustomer 0 Votes
I wonder if the lottery is rigged, I have been playing the same numbers plus a quick pick twice a week for over five years, I have won twice, a free ticket and seven dollars. So if I do the math, I have played four tickets a week for five years and two months. That is is 1076 times I have played. The Ohio Lottery boasts that they payout 60% of the earnings to winners. My overal average of winning is .0018587361%. Is it rigged who knows, but think of it this way. Why is there a four hour time period between the drawing and the time you cannot purchase a ticket? The lottery is a money maker that was supposed to be for helping education. The education system in Ohio has plummeted financially, the lottery was supposed to prevent that from happening. Money from lottery goes into a general fund and is used for many other things other than education. It is a voluntary tax, that every one with a dream of hitting it big pays to include myself that is nothing more than a dream. It also a dream that Lottery money was going to keep our schools functioning, try to find a school that still has free sports or a band.
 12th of Oct, 2011 by   disappointedinscustomer 0 Votes
Add a kicker to increase your winnings! Please Play Responsibly
 21st of Dec, 2013 by   Whys 0 Votes
The Ohio Lpttery Classic Lpttery id fixed for sure . Had a certain person tell me that from the lottery ! Show us the live show not a video and lets have a live audience there to watch all the drawings also ! It is our money that we are using to make them rich !!
 10th of Feb, 2014 by   Kyle Kraning 0 Votes
I buy a few lottery tickets every couple of weeks at a particular gas station in Columbus, Ohio. For a few years I have noticed they don't always tear away or scan that particular ticket I just purchased. I have told friends that I feel they are pre-scanning tickets & handing losers out to customers. Is this possible? Tonight I received a 000 ticket off a $10 real & it felt funny again. It was a loser of course & have never won a dime at this particular store. I purchased this ticket way late & tomorrow morning I'm going back for the same ticket & buying the same one. There is no way they sold another of this kind so close to closeing. If it is ever a few numbers away from 000 what should I do?
 15th of Mar, 2014 by   jCSN 0 Votes
I just bought $50.00 in instant lottery tickets Again!! Won $4.00!! This is totally rigged!! I cant tell you how many times I have done this! If you win an instant - you Are lucky!! Maybe a dollar or two. It is bullshit! It didnt always use to be this way. Now it is all a sham. What really pisses me off is the fact that Ohio has closed all the little internet cafes down - why - because you could actually win something!!

You may not always win but you do WIN sometimes - more so in these places and Ohio officials cant stand it! They tell you that these little cafes are rip offs, but they are not as bad as the lottery or the so called casinos that they have put in place. People - go - see the difference!! The Ohio Lottery and these casinos pay you nothing. The internet cafes pay you something and they do not want that...The instant lottery tickets are so lame its pathetic.

Ohio people wake up!! Fight these idiots and let us gamble where we want. Atleast we can win something once in awhile! Not at their casinos or racinos or their lottery!
 8th of May, 2014 by   Mike Reno 0 Votes
For the last 4 months I have played 10 lines($10) on each drawing of classic lotto. This is well over $400 dollars with no winners. Not even a $2 winner. How can this be? Is the lottery fixed? Who polices the lottery, the Ohio attorney generals office? Odds of winning any prize is 1 in 54. I enjoy playing but come on!
 4th of Jun, 2014 by   LPW +1 Votes
The last winner of the Ohio Classic Lotto was December 7, 2011(that's right, YEARS ago). I've been playing it for weeks now, choosing my own numbers using the law of probabilities. Sure enough, I didn't match a single digit at all with the 5 dollars I spent. I honestly didn't realize that the classic lotto drawings weren't aired until tonight...(How convenient for them to avoid showing a live broadcast!!) I'm done with this b.s... it's a damn same when you have a greater chance of winning a multi-state jackpot, verses a statewide drawing...
 18th of Jun, 2014 by   ohiolotteryisascam 0 Votes
I think they are on to something and I definitely think the Ohio Lpttery has been compromised by a very powerful organization that is using it to bleed the people out of the little money they have. They are trying to eliminate disposable income and they are doing it through the lottery and many other things as well. (Gas)
 22nd of Sep, 2014 by   RUBBERCITYFED 0 Votes
 9th of Dec, 2014 by   OhioLotteryRigged 0 Votes
How many Classic Lotto winners since they stopped the live drawing on TV in 2010?????
Only 3 and two of them were in 2011 within a couple months of each other. (Oct & Dec)
The latest winner was in July 2014 after not having a winner since December 2011.
That's over 2 1/2 years between wins, with three drawings per week, in a largely populated state. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT? I posted this on the Ohio lottery YouTube video:
" Are the numbers rigged" and after about a week my post was deleted.
Very easy to have " pre draws" until no winning combinations show up.
Why would they delete my you tube comment?
 23rd of Dec, 2014 by   scrollsaw 0 Votes
I have played the cash explosion game for over twenty years and never been on the show, and then they have players that say that they one had one ticket and first time playing and they are on..What gets me is when you submit your ticket on line how do you know that your ticket is in that drawing or how does it actually pick the ticket. I have emailed them three times and never got a answer back from them. It's not right cause you have no proof that your ticket is even on the computer or where ever for that drawing.. And really what and how is it done, ,
 18th of Feb, 2015 by   Ginnyorchid 0 Votes
i have a problem with a store that refuses to allow me to purchase lottery tickets because I refuse to be yelled at and disrespected in the store..I told him he should treat people with respect and decency...This man seems to have a problem with PR. When I told him that, he took it personal. He wouldn't take my betting slips and play them. I guess he was showing me he had the power to not play my tickets. He barred me out of his store because I was speaking up for my rights...If he cant treat his customers (women) with respect; maybe he shouldnt have a lottery machine there; he's losing a lot of lottery money deciding who can or cant buy a ticket! Heres the address of the store.. Toledo 24 LLT, 5424 Telegraph Rd, Toledo, Ohio 43612 phone 419-478-6316
 18th of Feb, 2015 by   Ruth and Kevin 0 Votes
Are you even old enough to play these games? The fact that you accuse them of rigging the game because you are a sore loser shows that you are seven years old and not even old enough to be playing games like this.
 27th of Mar, 2015 by   honest clevland 0 Votes
Ok people, i just want to say a certain person that deals with securities information told me lottery banks are gauranteed a return on investment. You would think think the only way to do this is by rigging the system. Time to wake up OHIO!!!

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