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Posted: 2011-03-05 by    charliesdad


Complaint Rating:  64 % with 28 votes
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United States
Nuvet plus did absolutely nothing for my dogs, the fatty tumors kept growing until one needed surgery. They second one had to be euthanized for a cancerous tumor. When I requested my money back they refused. The guarantee means NOTHING!
Comments United States Pets & Animals
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 4th of Apr, 2011 by   helpinghands 0 Votes
Sorry to hear about your loss. My dogs fatty tumors have been shrinking sense about a month after useing the NuVet Product. I swear by the product and so does my dog. Nothing can work every time for every animal... As for the guarantee I used it myself before when my old dog passed away, once I got my new dog I started him on it and it has been helping tons with his tumors...
 13th of Mar, 2013 by   Annie T Hunt 0 Votes
I have had my dog on NuVet for about 60 days and her tumor looks smaller each day. Now I wonder how long will with take for the turmor to completely go away? it is definitely smaller, I am sorry for your loss but sometimes you will never know about some products even with humans.
 24th of Oct, 2013 by   ILoveWeims 0 Votes
My dog had cancer in her stomach and all thru her mid section. The vet told me to take her home and that she would probably die within 3 months. I have a friend that told me to try NuVet Plus, so I did. Not only did the tumors start to shrink within a month, she is still alive, 1 yr later! She has the energy of a puppy and is in perfect health. My vet is amazed and I am thankful. I am sorry NuVet Plus did not work for your dogs.
 21st of Nov, 2013 by   Bradley J Trabosh 0 Votes
I've been givimg my dog Nuvet 4 tablets a day for 3 months, so far it seems like Nuvet made his tumors grow faster he had a small tumor at his hind leg witch is now grown about 3times the size and hangs down about 6inches, and he started scrathing to the point it bleeds. I need my dog, he's a service dog for me
can you please help me
 11th of Oct, 2014 by   ChandlerSeattle 0 Votes
Wow...Wow...bow...wow! Tumors you say. Now that's interesting due to the fact that my dog is only 4yrs and had no tumors until above aforementioned product was given to him. He has never wanted to eat the product and most went into the bin. Although I forced him to eat them telling him it was a vitamin "treat", yes that magic word to the pets we love. "Minipopuppy", haha...funny isn't it. But the darn tumors are not a joke. I'm shocked to read these posts involving tumors as I have never encountered this condition in any animal I have shared life with. Until...those (?) wafers and boom! Like out of nowhere he developed a cyst. I never made the correlation until now. He still refuses to eat them unless I make him out of "yes Daddy I love you, I'll eat this damn thing if you will love me back". No more, no way! I don't know what's up with this product but something is going on and someone knows and is not telling.

This could be an autoimmune, over-cleansing or allergic reaction...? I don't agree with any animal testing, even mice, much less MY dog.

I have never given advice on a blog before so I'm not doing so now. What I am saying is; I'm not going to force anything on my pet. I should have known his instinct to not eat them, those, that biscuit thing was spot on.

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