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Northstyle Complaints & Reviews - Abysmal customer service

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Posted:    InnA55

Abysmal customer service

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 14 votes
Contact information:
United States
NorthStyle is a national company with a catalog and Web site. They offer clothing for women. Their stuff is really cute, but I've given them chance after chance and I don't believe I have ever ordered anything from them without running into some sort of problem. Their customer service is AWFUL. Most recently, I ordered a pair of pants and shoes from their site. The order was canceled unexpectedly. I called their customer service department and the guy told me that the pants weren't available but the shoes still were. I told him I still wanted them and asked why I hadn't been notified (the company has both my e-mail address and, I believe, my phone number). He said they send those notifications by snail mail, which is patently ridiculous.

Anyway, the shoes order was ALSO canceled. I called customer service again and the 15-year-old who answered the phone says, "Like, all I can figure is that like, those shoes were showing up as available at the time, but like they were really out and like it hadn't shown up yet."

Please save yourself the heartache and trouble and stay far away from this company.
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 8th of Mar, 2010 by   saynotonorthstyle 0 Votes
Totally agree! They have morons working in the customer service department
 19th of Jan, 2012 by   Starbaby 0 Votes
I too have given them one more chance, and they never fail to disappoint, I think winter will be over before I get the seasonal items that I ordered, this will definitely be my last order from them (if I ever get it) it has already been over two weeks now. From now on when i get their catalog in the mail to tempt me, I won't even open it, into the trash or recycling bin it will go! I have sent packages to a friend in Australia that took less time for them to receive than this and I am in the US!
 11th of May, 2012 by   coey12 0 Votes
I completely agree and believe they have outsourced their customer service (at least theE-mail customer service) to a third world country. I gave them three chances but they excel at incompetence and do that VERY WELL. Although their shipping policy stated within their policy guidelines, as well as on their orders, states 5-9 business days, it doesn't mean anything and they don't care. For one thing, most shipments are not trackable. Each of my shipment has taken 4 to 5 weeks to reach me - EVEN THE 2 DAY EXPRESS - well, I have only received one - the other two are not trackable and no one knows where they are.. The most annoying thing is when I send a complete E-mail asking specific questions I always get the one line E-mail in return. "You will be seeing your shipment soon." What the heck does that mean? While other companies can track anything to a mile of its being, NorthStyle has absolutely no clue where shipments are and they DON''T CARE. I am never ordering from them again I get that customer service is busy as there has to be thousands of angry customers and probably 2 customer service reps that work customer service part-time in another country. What I don't get is the attitude. Why would any CEO and/or board members risk destroying a company by employing morons? Why would any CEO not care about customer satisfaction? I'm sure the company will be out of business soon and the CEO won't have to make decisions about how much more to cut the customer service budget to increase his or her salary, but really, this service is despicable.
 20th of Jul, 2013 by   seaheather 0 Votes
I will never order from Northstyle again! I place an order on July 6 for a sale item. I received a confirmation of the order, but didn't receive a shipping confirmation. I checked online, only to find my order as canceled. No explanation by email or snail mail. I have written several emails to customer service, only to receive a canned message confirming receipt, with the promise to respond in 24 hours. It's now July 20 and I'm still waiting! I sent a final email this morning, telling them what I think of their customer service (NOT!!!) and letting them know that I would not be ordering from them again. It's a shame. They have some really pretty things, but it's not worth the hassle!
 6th of Jun, 2014 by   susanhayes 0 Votes
Don't buy anything from this company made of rayon. The shirts shrink when washed in cold water as instructed. I hung the shirts to air dry and within an hour they were small enough for a young child. It is not possible to reshape them. Unbelievable! They were $50 shirts.

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