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North American Spine Institute, Ontario Complaints & Reviews - Disabled after accura scope treatment

North American Spine Contacts & Informations

North American Spine Institute

Posted:    canada2003

Disabled after accura scope treatment

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 60 votes
Contact information:
My husband still has spinal stenosis, although he was treated in dayton. Oh. The mri 7 months after the procdure shows that there was nothing done! Except for cutting 2 nerves, who caused the terrible backpain. The pain is less, but he can not stand or walk anymore!! He is bound to a wheelchair. I am not sure if this message will be deleted by nas. Possible !!! We have no income, need a lawyer! Charging that dr. Is useless. . Too many charges, he vanished, "bankrupt". I contacted 2 lawyers in dayton, none of them want to take our case. . Too many charges! Charging nas might be the next step.
My husband`s quality of life is zero. He needs help 24 / 7. We got an offer to get the op money back!!!
Is my husband a piece of equipment??? If there i anybody out there who reads this, please let me know your experience. We need help and advice. Thanks. I wont put my email address on here, scared of nas
Comments Canada Medical Negligence and Deficiency
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 5th of Dec, 2010 by   canada2003 0 Votes
there was nothing to sign. malpractice insurance was not required in ohio. this dr. IS shady..numerous charges for malpractice.
ssearch for dr.rothstein, north american spine institute, dayton ohio
 7th of Jun, 2011 by   babyg62 0 Votes
did your husband have the accurascope? if so, why did he have the procedure? i had back surgery 4 years ago, it failed. i saw the accurascope on the internet. so i started doing some research when i came across your complaint. so sorry about your husband.
 14th of Jul, 2011 by   Empowered Patient 0 Votes
Looking for people injured by NAS in Daytona or Dallas who may be willing to share their story. Email empoweredpatient@cnn.com as we would love to speak to you.
 23rd of Dec, 2011 by   Pains in the Neck 0 Votes
Hi! I'm in Hawaii, where health care kinda sucks. Specialists don't choose our state, because they can usually make more than double in any other state in the Union USA. Therefore, due to much Neck Pain, now going on 4 years, I did research for some kind of pain relief. I just want my life back! Then I found NORTH AMERICAN SPINE INST. in Texas. Sent them my MRI images. They came back with the comment "I'm a surgical candidate" and my insurance won't cover. Hence, I['ll have to mortgage the house to get my surgery. Are they any good? Has anyone had the ACURASCOPE PROCEDURE done in their CERVICAL region? Any good, positive results? Awaiting your response. Thank you.
 23rd of Dec, 2011 by   Pains in the Neck 0 Votes
I'm ready to have surgery on my NECK. After discovering NORTH AMERICAN SPINE INSTITUTE in Texas ( Cedar Forrest ) I sent in my MRI images and interpretations. Their agent called me to say "I am a surgical candidate." Does anyone out there know about their success rate? They are claiming in the high 90's% success. Is this true? Does anyone know where to look up any law-suuits filed against this firm? I need to know . . . before I mortgage the house. Mahalo (thank you)
 4th of Jan, 2012 by   spineguy 0 Votes
You can't have the accurascope procedure in the cervical spine. The scope device cannot reach beyond the lumbar spine. If they are offering a minimally invasive procedure in the cervical spine it is probably a laser discectomy which is not covered by many insureance companies. The procedure inserts a needle into the center of the disc and injects some dye to check for increased arm pain and/or leaking of the dye. If positive they use a laser to remove part of the nucleus and "seal" the herniation. It is not considered a very reliable procedure by many suregeons. I asked several doctors here in Indiana if it was an option and they refused to do it. The cited that it is not reliable in all but the most minimal of cases. Most would recommend (depending on your MRI) starting with a Posterior Foraminotomy which enters the neck from the rear, removes a small portion of the lamina ( the bone part of the vertebra that covers the nerve passage) to access the foramen (the opening that the nerves leave the spinal canal through). They then use a bone scalpel and/or high speed burr to open up the foramen to allow more space for the nerve. If the disc is too unstable or the herniation too large then they may recommend going with a ACDF (Anterior Cervial Discectomy and Fusion). THis enters through the front of the neck, removes the disc, places a spacer and bone fragments in place of the disc, and usually uses a plate and screws to hold the two vertebrae together until the bone fuses. Its a very reliable procedure and is highly successful. It does have some risk of added pressure on the other discs of the cervical spine, but they are like 2.9% chance per year of another herniation at a different level. Both procedures are common and should be covered by most insurances. If not, and you are going to have to spend your own money you may want to look into going to germany for a disc replacement. The M6 cervial disc is not approved in the US but has had incredible results in Europe with some 18, 000 discs placed already. It is superior to any FDA approved disc in the US, but will cost you about $30K with all travel and hgospital/hotel stays included.
Hope this helps
 6th of Jan, 2012 by   dr.jason 0 Votes
Please note that the company that preforms surgery is North American Spine, not North American Spine Institute which is a chiropractic and teaching company. The North American Spine Institute was founded several years before doctors from the North American Spine copied there name.
 2nd of Apr, 2014 by   horselady53 0 Votes
I am considering accurascope procedure for my lumbar pain. I have herniated & bulging discs. the dr. who would perform the procedure is a Dr. Elo. I would be very interested in hearing from someone who has had this procedure in the past 5 years in the Dallas or Houston area and how they are doing.
 7th of Nov, 2014 by   godsgal101 0 Votes
I'm glad I read these comments. I've had ESI done at the Bone and Joint Clinic in Baton Rouge, LA. by DR. McCarthy in the cervical and lower back with with much success! It will be a week or so before I know IF I I have pain radiating from bulging disk in my middle back. He may recommend ESI for that are also. I will do whatever he suggests (after educating myself) . I was reading this to inform myself IF I need something a bit more invasive. After reading these comments I'm going to opt for continued ESI, if necessary, weight loss and physical therapy for as long as I can. All of my back pain was initiated by a car accident.

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