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United States
I have one nokia 6020 mobile phone with imei no. 357937002880138... It trouble shot (automatically switch off) and give it for repair in shri shakthi communications, shakthi theater complex, coen road, hubli, karnataka, india on 21st may 2007. They repaired and give back on same date under the warranty period... And its again troubleshot, and i give for repair on after two days because of same problem, they repaired and give under warranty... after two weeks its again showing the same problem and i submitted mobile for repair on same service center...that time it was not under warranty... they provide service job sheet and estimated value amount wasrs.500... But afterwards they demandingrs. 2000. For repairing... And they are making delay also...

Now i have great suspicious about their activities because they already know the hand set warranty going to be over, so they temporally repaired and give back handset...

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 12th of Sep, 2006 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3250 - Can I get my cell

I haven been calling up the Authorised Dealer of Nokia since 5 days, initially my call was only getting transferred from one person to another (NOKIA Connecting people - they do stand by that but not service) and then it never got connected, the computerised voice mail kept on telling me that the operators are busy. I have given my NOKIA cell 3250 black which was purchased from an Authorised Nokia Priority outlet(Ekta Communication)Phoenix High Street Lower Parel, Mumbai,with warranty, on 2nd June within a period of 2 months it started giving me problem. I gave the same to be repaired to the Authorised NOKIA Service Center Bright Point at Sky Zone, Phoenix High Street, Mumbai,Job sheet : - MUM0003355, they were suppose to delivery me the same within 10 days, more than 15 days have passed but no response, they are not even aware about the problem the phone has, later on, on inquiring about the same, said the status of the phone is not known to any one, and I don’t know whom to contact now, have no contact nos, I have mailed their executives, called them many times, to get my Phone, but all in vain. I need my cell back as soon as possible, its affecting my business.Either need my cell phone repaired or a replacement,, whatever but on urgent basis.
Is this wat NOKIA stands for.
 19th of Oct, 2006 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3250 - Nokia Harassing Customers

I, Priyanka Madhusudan purchased a NOKIA 3250 on 7th May 2006 from an authorized dealer at Bangalore-India. However I experienced some trouble with it and hence I approached the authorized service center called "Bright point India Pvt Ltd". They were unable to fix the handset and so after repeated pleas they agreed to replace the cell phone for me. The date of submission of the phone to the service center was 17 August 2006. I was promised a replacement within two weeks but I did not receive the new handset.

I contacted the Nokia Help Line and they assured me that I will receive the handset on 25th September 2006 but I was disappointed. I have been given no updates about my phone what so ever. Each time I call they assure me that will give me a call back the next day. I have also registered a complaint at NOKIA's official website but got the same reply. (Please note that I have enclosed copies of the reply I got by Nokia when I filed a compliant at the website)

The complaint Id given to me by Nokia Help Line is: 2-1I0H4L and Mr. Krishna who is a CCO there is handling my case. I kindly request you to look in to the matter and verify the records for yourself.
 18th of Dec, 2006 by    0 Votes

Nokia N70 - Phone not been repaired and it is still there for more than 20 days at nokia care noida

I bought a NOKIA n70 in august and its radio gone down after only 2 months of its purchase. Then i submitted the handset on 2nd dec'06 in nokia care noida and they promised me to return the handset on 5th dec. When i got back to them on 9th dec....they delivered me the phone but the problem was not fixed. I asked them and they submit it now and we will give you back the phone tomorrow. When i got there on 10th they told me that its been sent to headquarters and it will be returned on 16th Dec. and then on 16th the said ur phone is pending for part replacement u will get it on 19th. Now they are saying u will get it after 25th Dec '06. There is no one who listen to our complaints. We are just made to look stupid. My phone is with them from last 20 days and i cant do anything. I m suffering a lot without phone as i am a working professional.
 23rd of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3250 - Multiple handset problems

My self Ravi bhushan I am one of the costumer of NOKIA Company. I am sending this letter regarding to my mobile phone (Nokia 3250). This is my complain latter for my mobile phone its model number 3250. There are so many problems in my hand set & I am suffering of last 3 month. I am also given my phone to Nokia care but it’s not working properly.

The problem is:

1 It screen comes white.
2. Key pad is not working.
3. Data cable not properly attached with computer.
4. Hand free problem.
5. Some time speaker not working.
6. When ever I request to my balance inquiry & press *130# it comes restart.

I also send a copy of this letter to NOKIA REGIONAL office (DELHI)
 5th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes
Nokia 3250 have a big problem with its attachment pins. the pin does not last for long. The ear phones and data cables becomes useless if the pins dont work. Need to take a good care of the pins while manufacturing.
 18th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 6270 - Bad products & services

The concern is that, I bought my 6270 phone in the month of sep-2006. And i have already given if 3 times at nokia care center and every time they says that it will get rectify but they have not got it rectified yet. If one problem get rectify so there is another problem which comes up. And when i spoke at nokia call center so they suggested me to visit nokia care again. Could you please let me know that how many times I will have to visit nokia care to get my phone rectified. And asked them to change the handset then they simply refused.

Is these kind of services you will provide to your customers. Then what is the point going for nokia products.

What I have observed that they people are waiting for warranty to get over, then they will be having this excuse that they cant change the set now because warranty is not there.

If you people are not going to do anything on this; I know other legal ways also to get the things done.
 26th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3230 - Multiple handset problems

Bought a nokia 3230 mobile on dated 02.03.2007. From jayguru telecom address 111, raja s.c mullick road, garia, kolkata-700047 india. My mobile had some low speaker problem, which could not be sorted out by one of authorized nokia care centre, address: hcl infosystems ltd, shakespeare sarani, kolkata-700017. It was replaced by a new handset but it had lots of problem as switching off regularly, phone cannot start etc, on regular basis. Stay away from nokia!
 26th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 6270 - Poor quality of service

Re: Nokia

1. That the first complaint was logged in to your service center MODCAD Communications situated at Nehru ground Faridabad. On date 18/04/07 but we received it as it and no repair was done at all.

2. Again we contacted to MODCAD communication center on date 02/05/07 but the refused to loge the complaint and told us, that if you want to get your mobile repaired, you have to leave it at least for one month.

3. the second complaint was logged in to your service center Bright point India Pvt. Ltd. Situated at #76, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase – III, New Delhi, on dated 20/05/07 and received back after some repairer but the system was not found in proper working condition.

4. The third complaint again was logged in at #76, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase – III, New Delhi, on dated 08/06/07 and received in the same condition, there was no improvement.

5. The fourth complained was logged in on 21/06/07 and again we received the instrument in same condition. There was none of improvement in the performance at all.

6. We are facing the abnormal quality of sound, abnormal quality of the picture, hanging problem and improper functioning of the touch pad till now.

7. Four times we have logged in the complaint to your service center and after all these efforts we did not get our instrument in proper working condition.

I have the entire documentary proof related this matter.

If the senior authorities set up a high level inquiry, I am very much hopeful that an alarming findings may come forward, which may help the senior authorities to take the appropriate action.

Further, I request you to interface the mater & personally look in to it because I want to maintain cordial and long term relation with your product. I am sure that I shell neither be forced to move to print/or electronic media not to look to the court or justice.

Looking forward to have a helpful response.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
A.K. Sharma
Mobile: 9810039361
 29th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 6681 - Faulty phone

I have been using nokia since 3800 was launched. After that several other models and all were great. Had trust on NOKIA. But...

I purchased Nokia 6681 on 3rd march with EMI no. 351886014255407. From the very next day it started giving problems. I went to nokia care number of times.
Date Job sheet no. Got back after Solved
17-mar-07 014434038/070317/69 15 days No
30-Mar-07 014434038/070330/49 15 days No
17-Apr-07 112434038/070417/40 30days Swap

Swap set received was also faulty. It did not accept charging. Again gave it to nokia care and was returned after 20 days and still not working perfectly alright. It does not show whether the phone is charging or not...

In all these 3 months till date the phone must have remained with me just of 5-6 odd days.

ALL THIS AFTER PURCHASING A NEW HANDSET. Last but not the least -What I was told by nokia care people was to sell off the handset.

 3rd of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3250 - Irresponsible customer care behavior

I'm sameer i have purchased a nokia 3250 mobile from nokia priority after three months of purchase there was a problem in my phones joystick and so i gave them back for the service they told me that it will take some time but everything would be ok.

I got my phone after seven days but the condition i got it back was very bad the phone was been literally used by some one and the ESN number in the phone was also changed!!! The phone is in a very bad shape every part of the phone is shaking as if taken out of a trash box.

That nokia priority person don't even bother my complains!
 9th of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia N70 - Services & laws are unsatisfactory

IM Uuser of Nokia N-70ME (IMEI No. 351863014479790) & buy this mobile on 20 Feb 2007 from Shop Amar times & Mobile Shop TIN No.24220201723, Surat (GJ) My problem with this mobile is that vibrator not working properly, draining of battery frequently & very-very slow speed.(Such a unsatisfactory performance of this handset.

I took this problem to Nokia Care on 04.06.2007 & JOB ID NO. 070651812 they kept my mobile for 6 days but my problem was not solved only software had been upgraded, although they were used my mobile as I found some unknown photograph & contact numbers which were stored in my handset. I M really unhappy about this culture of Nokia care.

Second time again I took my handset to Nokia Care on 12.06.2007; & JOB ID NO. 070651812 again they kept my mobile for 5 days , they had replaced my mobile battery & speed performance also increased but Vibrator problem was not solved.

Third time I took my mobile to Nokia Care on 02.07.2007 & JOB ID NO. 070756798 for complete replacement of my handset because some hardware problem as they tell it, but Nokia care in charge said it will take 25 days to replace the hardware.

My questions are (i) why 25 days ??? Such a long time, please understand my inconvenience regarding this.

(ii) Why Nokia can’t replace my whole set & given to me new one in short time???

(iii) Do I have done some mistake to buy a such a expensive NOKIA mobile???

I have also complain it to CONSUMER FORUM ref: no. 117212
 16th of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3250 - Not repairing since 2 months has gone

I lodge a complaint about my Nokia-3250 GSM Handset with having the problems camera clarity, mmc rejected, fm not working,display blank on 16/05/07. After that I so many times visited your nokia care (east patel ngr) center to ask the position of my Nokia3250 handset end all in vain.

I further say that overall the swapped mobile nokia3250 issued to me with the serial no. 357933000185083 on 04/07/07. As I received the swapped mobile I inserted the my hutch / idea chip, the mobile gives no network connection. I further complaint the same and they have booked the complaint with jobsheet no.1300105839 till today it has not been repaired.

Did issued swapped mobile before checked? If not then why has been issued?
 3rd of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3230 - Unrepairable handset

I had a nokia 3230 cellphone which was within the warranty period occurred with a problem with display. It was approached on 10th of july 07 where it was communicated that it will get repaired in 2-3 days time and on request marked as urgent. Now after continuous 12-15 follow ups it was told that its unrepairable and will get replaced at the earliest. Now its 3rd of august today and a very surprisingly i have not recd any info / about the handset replacement. Surprise to see such kind of a consumer attention by the company.
 25th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3230 - Same problem twice in new phone

I bought Nokia 3230 in July 2007.

In the first two days itself, it gave me a saftware problem and needed to be replaced.

Barely one month had elapsed since I got the exchanged model when I faced a problem with the screen display (the screen became blank).

After one hour of waiting, I got to speak to the customer care executive. He told me that there is some hardware problem and I will need to leave the phone for atleast 12-15 days. Moreover, they didn't even take my phone that day itself but told me to come again next day (and go through the whole waiting period again) to submit my phone.

So I was forced to part with my phone for atleast 2 weeks without even being provided with a temporary replacement.

Nokia is jsut expandng its operations at the cost of quality. Two new problems in a new phone and that too wthng the frst two months! shocking !
 27th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia 3230 - Bad, defective mobile

Problems are :-

1. battery backup
2. hanging of cell
3. less voice at other end
4. few lights of keypad are always on and few are always off
5. headset problem
6. automatic restart
7. sometimes call is not received when the green button is pressed to pick up the call
8. less sound of speaker

With all these problems i have been suffering for almost last one year. I have gone to the "Nokia Care centre" many times but the result was not satisfactory. The guarantee of the cell is yet to over. Do not buy Nokia, they make bad products!
 29th of Aug, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia BL-5C battery - Non replacement of BL- 5C Battery

I had sent 3 mails but Nokia don't bother to reply. Their Marketing Director claims in TV shows all good things about Nokia but the reality seems to be totally different!

I have enlisted for replacement of my existing BL-5C battery (No. 0670400363563N037722605960) on 14.08.07 but nothing happened till today. I wanted to know if I can continue using my existing battery but they don't reply.

Could someone please help me to know how much more time is needed for a replacement?
 8th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia - Non replacement of set as promised by Nokia

This is Pankaj Sharma working as A Senior officer In MNC (BVCPSI) writing in reference to Job sheet # 1200187447.

It is very sad to say that I have been cheated on by Nokia Company. I complained about my cellphone (Nokia 3250) not working and was asked to submit my cell phone Nokia 3250 for repairing on date 12 july 2007 and was promised the return date after repair as 15 july 2007.

However it is very disappointing that nobody bothers to look into repair of my phone and I have been without phone for last two months, Every time I visit the Nokia Customer care center (Sector 2) branch, I am promised to replace the phone and given a date to visit and take the same. The job sheet has the following faults noted poor fit, display color issue and memory card related issue.

Today again I was asked to come and take the replacement,. However on reaching the site, Mr. Rishu responded very casually that he doesn’t have the stock and will be available either next week or another week

It is highly disappointing that every time Mr Rishu being a customer care help is not helping in any way.
 20th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes

Nokia Promo UK - Winning scam!
South Africa

On the 4th of september this year (2007) i received an sms the notified me that i have won (GBP)147000 POUNDS on this year Nokia Mobile Promo & for claims, i must call +447045728127 or email: jooofnokia@ uk2.net. Their message center: +6596845999 then i emailed them all my details then they send me a form that i must fill & also was requested to pay for a courier services fee of which the one i choose caused 420 pounds (GBP) BEFORE THEY CAN send me my winnings 's check.

Beware people!
 20th of Sep, 2007 by    +1 Votes
my name is K.P. few days ago i received an mms on my phone saying that i won 600.000 sterling pounds.....i got an email from mrs barbara saiyng that i have to feel a claim form ..which then i did just to see where this cheating will lead up to....now they told me i have to go to england my self and some of there people will be waiting for me at the airport to take me to their office so i can get the cash by myself after i paied them ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS....HOW DARE YOU CHEAT [PEOPLE LIKE THIS MRS BARBARA AND MR FRANK COLE??? ...WELL IM NOT FUCKING COMING TO UK AND YOU CAN KEEP THE MONEY YOURSELF...U BANDITS CHEATS AND THIEFS.....KEEP THE MONEY SO YOU CAN BUY YOUR SELF A SECOND PAIR OF KNICKERS AS I BELIVE YOU MUST NOT HAVE AN OTHER ONE TO WEAR,,,,,, YOU SHOULD BE LOCKED IM PRISON FOR CHEATING PEOPLE LIKE THIS....ps OH MR COLE KEEP THE MONEY TOO AND BUY A HOUSE FOR YOUR SELF AS YOU LIVE IN CHEZINGHTON ZOO TOGETHER WITH THE DONKEYS......DONT YOU DARE TXT ME OR SEND AN EMAIL
 23rd of Sep, 2007 by    +2 Votes
same is here guys i got the same thing as u did ... i had the same number of 91,000
and i had the same form
1st is NokiaVerificationForm.doc
2nd is NokiaPaymentReleaseForm.pdf
GBP and they want to deliver money using a mail company like FedEX :D lol
money transfers through banks
cheaters... i felt it from the begining
dont beleive them

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