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Net10 Complaints & Reviews - Net10 will not reactivate phone

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Posted:    Bn34

Net10 will not reactivate phone

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 8 votes
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United States
Net10 is the worst pre-paid cellular service provider out there. Every instance I've dealt with their customer service has been an absolute nightmare. Even simple phone activation is a overdrawn, confusing process.

My latest incident is another example of Net10's disregard for its customers:

I recently had my Net10 phone stolen. It still had approximately two and a half hours of minutes on it. Fortunately, I had another Net10 phone I bought a year ago -- which I used for a few weeks before upgrading to the phone which was recently stolen. After a hour on the phone explaining the situation (the agents are terrible at comprehending customer situations that don't fit exactly into a narrow, pre-defined flowchart), the agent said he would transfer all the minutes from my stolen phone to my old, inactive phone. When we got to the step to verify the sim card on my inactive phone, it was "invalid". So, the agent had to send a new sim card.

A week later, I received the new sim card and called up customer service to complete the process. After twenty minutes of verifying serial/sim numbers repeatedly (the agents ask the exact same questions multiple times during the same phone call), he finally said I needed to purchase more minutes to activate my phone. Then, I needed to call back at least a week later to "verify" the minutes on my stolen phone, so they could be transferred (Why wait a week? Their "tech" department was having issues...). It made absolutely no sense. I asked why he couldn't activate the phone now with 0 minutes, then transfer my minutes from my stolen phone whenever their "tech" department wasn't having "issues". He said that was "impossible". His screen said I needed to purchase air time to activate my old phone first. There was no way to get my minutes transferred without purchasing more minutes. He couldn't transfer me to anyone or any department who could resolve this issue -- it was "impossible". I'm done with this ridiculous company.

Other pre-paid services, like Boost, have matched their rates with Net10's, so there is no reason not to go with another provider. In addition to Net10's terrible -- and often condescending and hard to understand (very bad english) -- customer service their website is awful. Purchasing minutes on their website is a roll of the dice. Don't do it.

Stay away from Net10.
Comments United States Mobile & Cell Phones
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 17th of Sep, 2009 by   Tony44 0 Votes
I have to disagree with some of that. It does sound like the experience was unlucky, however, Net10 like any company has certain policies. It is a known fact that you buy a phone and 300 minutes for $30. This runs for the period of 60 days where you need to recharge to keep the phone activated. This is only fair as Net10 is providing a service and do need to cover their costs. Perhaps the misunderstanding is with the stolen phone. while it is horrible to have thing stolen, the price of a new phone is the same as your next air time refill, for that exact reason you can see it doesn't make sense to transfer minutes when you get 300 minutes for $30.
The sim cards are phone specific but that is note already from your phone ungrade.
In general my experience with the Net10 customer service has been good, and perhaps this will help to enlighten that Net10 is offering a great service at low prices with many bonuses.
 28th of Sep, 2009 by   Spookish 0 Votes
Have a look at the net10 international rates. 15cents perminute to 100 countries and there is the international neighbor deal for low rates for family calling from Canada or Mexico.
 27th of Mar, 2013 by   Joseparra 0 Votes
I purchased a $50 unlimited plan and in 5 days my data got suspended! Not truly unlimited after all, never received any warning. Worst thing about it there is no way of reactivating my data! I should of stuck to boost mobile never had that problem with them.

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