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Nature Green Lawn Service, Spring, Tx, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Lawn Care

Nature Green Lawn Service Contacts & Informations

Nature Green Lawn Service

Posted: 2011-08-10 by    JCC_woodlands

Lawn Care

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 11 votes
Contact information:
Nature Green
8864 louetta
Spring, Tx, Texas
United States
Phone: 9368283706
To whom it may concern 8/9/2011
I contacted Nature Green of Spring TX, (Formally Best Lawn Products) on Saturday. Sunday afternoon about 3 they reportedly had run a soil analysis and knew what was wrong (three type of fungus active in yard, nitrogen was ok but potash was very low, they could treat and resolve all issues. A six month plan would cost 268.69. As instructed i left a check for them. They left a receipt and letter stating that they had treaded the lawn and plants. They did not deliver the soil analysis report as promised What i found is they had not done anything, several test strips I had placed around the yard, to indicate that had indeed done the spraying, were un touched. No one had entered the back yard and broken the seal on the back gate. After checking I found several complaints on BBB as well as other sites about this scam with fraudulent business practices.
Vendor was selected based on friend’s recommendation. This friend has come to the realization that the business is a scam.
Comments United States Home & Garden
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 1st of Sep, 2011 by   TessaM +1 Votes
I also believe that I have been scammed. I got a call from Nature Green and they said they came out and did a soil test. Almost the same thing was wrong with my lawn, fungus. I paid for the 6 month treatment plan and my lawn is worse now then before they started treating it. They also told me that I had termites in my lawn and charged me $122.00 extra to exterminate. I was told by my neighbor (that uses True Green) that they said we had chinch bugs that were causing my lawn to die. Now 3/4 of my lawn is dead and I spent so much money on it.
 24th of Feb, 2012 by   Eddwall +1 Votes
I just got burned as well. I wished I would have saw this before. Looks like as taken for $324, I went with the annual service. I was here and watched them treat my yard with something...really not sure...it was blue.. Everything looks extremely bad...tried calling and no response...
 3rd of Apr, 2012 by   DCH_NW Houston +1 Votes
I too was taken! I have never had weeds thrive as much as I do now! I paid in advance which should have been the 1st red flag!. Everytime I heard from them, they were asking for additional money to fix another problem they found. I never received the soil analysis and the area supervisor obviously is fake. I took time off from work to be at the house to speak with him, but low and behold, he wasn't able to make the appointment. I have left over a dozen messages with no return calls. I too wish I would have checked more closely before I hired them! STAY AWAY FROM THESE FRAUDS AND CROCKS!!!
 27th of Jun, 2013 by   Mike Ricks +1 Votes
Wish I had seen this before. Got taken for $248 first, then termite control, then grubworms. They called for another 5 treatments and now they owe me 7 yard treatments and they still want more money. A total scam!
 12th of Jun, 2014 by   RStamps 0 Votes
I fell for it too. The guy called and offered a free analysis. My lawn was looking poor so it was time to do something. He "found" brown and gray fungus. One is supposedly hard to kill without special restricted chemical. He offered 5 treatments and guaranteed a full lush lawn. If more treatments need they would be free. I had several bare spots and he said if they needed to they would seed with fescue. I accepted for $240+. I left payment under the mat. I got no useful written information no test results, no guarantee. He called after the first treatment to say they got all of the fungus but they found that termites were swarming and he guaranteed to kill them and any damage caused by termites within some period he guaranteed to pay to repair Again left payment under mat. He called a week later to say they'd killed all of the termites but found grub worms at high concentration.. Since he promised a full lush lawn for the original money and I knew I could treat grubs for much less than $80 i declined. After only 5 weeks he called to say what a good job they'd been doing building a strong root structure and I needed to have 5 more treatments at the reduced price of $188. I was taken by surprise and just said ok. I then researched him and his two companies on line and confirmed my suspicions it was a scam. He left an invoice for $188 the next day guaranteeing any additional treatments would be free and if there were any problems he would refund the money. This was in writing what he had verbally promised in our initial conversations. He called that night to find out why I had not left a check. I reminded him of his initial promises to provide a full lush green lawn for the initial price. I told him I still had bare spots (because of all of the rain the grass was starting to grow but I have no evidence that they actually treated or tested). He said that they would seed at a later time. He ignored my questions about the original promises and asked if I was going to resign. I said no and he abruptly hung up. Based on the other similar stories he seems like a fraud and liar. I guess he'll go on swindling people.
 8th of Jul, 2014 by   COB Spring, TX 0 Votes
I received a phone call from the same number as listed in the 2011-08-09 complaint and the story line was virtually identical to the 2014-06-12 complaint about the brown and gray fungus. Four treatments were offered for $187 plus tax. I was to leave the check made out to Natural Green (not Nature Green) under the front mat. They were coming out the next day. When I began thinking afterwards on the phone conversation I realized there was no paper work with any kind of written analysis written down (only what was stated in the phone conversation), no contract (only verbal promises as stated in previous complaints), and no printed info on the company, address, etc. I should mention that I had received a phone call from another phone number listed under a Hispanic name previous offering to do a soil analysis for no charge or obligation and was told that a written analysis would be left on my door. The phone call that I received after this was from a supposed horticulturalist who was not a salesperson (although he knew the truck schedules, prices, discounts, and could schedule an appointment) who gave me a verbal report on the soil analysis. Again, the 'horticulturalist had the same phone number as in the 2011-08-09 complaint. Any call backs to the number indicated a lab of some sort where you could leave a message but the agents were always busy with someone else. When I began reflecting on this plus could not find any computer references to a local Natural Green and saw the complaints filed on Nature Green with the same phone number I knew then it was a scam operation. I called the 'lab' and left a message that I was cancelling any service orders with them. You are best to always talk business with known and reputable providers. COB, Spring, TX
 5th of Oct, 2014 by   Bob in ORN 0 Votes
I received exactly the same series of phone calls, first from a lady offering a free soil analysis, then from Dennis Condon who offered the same verbal analysis (two kinds of fungus) and offered a five treatment contract. A technician did come by and treat the yard the next day and I wasn't concerned until I noticed that the company name on the invoice "Natural Green" didn't match the name originally provided and the written agreement that was given to me by the technician is poorly reproduced. Tonight, a week later, I received another call from Dennis who told me that I have termites everywhere in my yard except around my foundation and offering another year long service agreement and guarantee. At that point, I did some searching on the Internet and came up with a BBB review with an "F" rating and the complaints listed on the complaints board. Wish I'd checked sooner.

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