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Miracle Method, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - Poor Quality/Sloppy Work

Miracle Method Contacts & Informations

Miracle Method

Posted:    feys

Poor Quality/Sloppy Work

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 17 votes
Contact information:
Miracle Method
1039 St Rt 168, Darlington PA
United States
Phone: 724-843-4131
They refinished our bathroom fixtures (sink, countertop and bathtub) and left a mess! Guaranteed no overspray and a professional "new" appearance, and we were lift with pit marks, runs and ridges and differences in texture. John Savage said he would do job, but sent other workers who left my home a mess! Do Not Use the process or Franchise!

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 28th of Dec, 2009 by   feys 0 Votes
Wow - yes. He gav us a bid for our kitchen countertops and made all these promises such as "no overspray" and "I'll pull out the appliances" and I'll do the job myself. ALL LIES. I ended up with ruined countertops and overspray on EVERYTHING! Only when I told them this did they then claim to have products to remove overspray! What - there was to be NO OVERSPRAY!
Avoid John & Kris Savage and Miracle Method altogether!!
 30th of Dec, 2009 by   Miracle Method Customer Service 0 Votes
As the national franchisor for Miracle Method, we are a bit puzzled by both the original complaint and the additional comment, as both seem to have been made by the same person ('feys') being passed off as two separate customers.

We have also checked with our Pittsburgh NW franchisees, John and Kris Savage, and they cannot figure out who the original complainant could be, as they have no record of any similar complaint in the recent past.

As for the second set of comments, this customer has made claims to the Savages of problems, but won't respond to their calls and won't let them come back to verify the problems and fix them - they only demand full replacement of a supposedly damaged brand new refrigerator, sight unseen; they have also refused to pay for any of the work that has been done, even after telling the Savages that the majority of the work looks fine. The Savages have repeatedly asked to come back so they can see what the problem is and to rectify the situation, and in our opinion, have taken very substantial steps to try and satisfy this customer.

The customer also called our national office to file a complaint. She stated that she had pictures of the damage, but refused to send them to us so that we could verify the extent of the 'damage, ' making it extremely difficult to give much credence to her claims.

We respectfully submit that we have been providing high quality kitchen and bath surface refinishing for over 30 years, with very high attention paid to customer service; we go to great lengths to facilitate discussions between our independently owned/ operated franchises and any unhappy customers. We hope this can be resolved.
 20th of Jan, 2010 by   jay-z 0 Votes
My name is Carol and Miracle Method - the Savages did work in our home also. I would like to offer my comments. After reading this person's complaint, I can fully understand her misfortune and sympathize. We also had the Savages in our home for re-surfacing. It took trips too numerous to mention to attempt to rectify the situation and the end result looked painted, despite the company claim to the contrary. The work was sloppy, runs, pit marks, and the list goes on. Once paid - they have never to been seen again, despite my many phone calls to them! Kudos (!) to the customer who refused to pay as you'd even been worse off!
And in my limited experience, franchises are the worst type of company to deal with as you typically get no help and/or support from the parent company!
 29th of Jan, 2010 by   docmdb 0 Votes
Instead of being concerned about a growing numer of customers who have valid complaints about the Pittsburgh franchise - John/Kris Savage, Miracle Method has decided to focus on 2 people sharing the same log on. How about focusing on the complaints that are mounting! I am using my friends log on as he has an account on this site and I do not. Deceptive - no - easier and anonymous for me - yes.
I am also familiar with the work of the Pittsburgh franchise. They re-surfaced bathrooms in the business where I work - hence the anonimity...
After witnessing the process firsthand, more importantly the results, I too am posting a complaint in support of these unfortunate homeowners - some of which actully paid for the "work". One brave soul apparently chooses to stand up to Golliath and fight - go David!
The process (spray) involves an odor so horrible that several members of my staff complained of headaches and other issues for days. I can only imagine how badly this would smell in a home (smaller and more contained area) and would never consider having this process applied in my home. My standards, and those of homeowners in general, paying for work with their hard earned money, are high. And I expect based on the poor quality of work performed here, that this franchise is not, or at least should not be contracted for residential work.
The results are poor at best. The overspray was and still remains throughout the bathrooms. There are run marks, uneven color application and many imperfections in the surfaces. The surfaces look "painted", despite Mr. Savages claim that they would not!
I can not post pics of the business where I am employed, but I would love to see some pics posted here of the "work" performed by unhappy homeowners. Perhaps then Golliath will move in the direction of the consumer. If I were the "national franchisor", I would be on a plane personally to investigate the growing number of allegations. Of course, one valid compalint should elicit this response.
There are consumer protection laws out there - people find them and use them.
 25th of Feb, 2010 by   barnone 0 Votes
Talk about the "Big Bad Wolf" - let's call them Miracle Method! I have never posted a complaint about any company until now. I had Miracle Method of Pittsburgh, John Savage come into my home to give us an estimate on refinishing our kitchen countertops. I had actually read a complaint posted by someone suggesting to 'ask a lot of questions', which we did. We thought and expected to get honest, valid answers, but ended up with lies about everything. BUYER BEWARE! I am still cleaning up all the overspray and the countertops look aweful - painted. The top layer is starting to peel off, creating an unhealthy surface on which to prepare foods. I am now looking into full countertop replacement. Horrible experience and waste of money! If anyone out there is interested in a class action suit - we should find a way to get together and make it happen.
 13th of Apr, 2010 by   shirleysure 0 Votes
It would be helpful if you all posted photos, maybe all on one website called www.miracle???methodmistakes.com so we could see and judge for ourselves. It seems that one location is getting all the complaints, maybe the rotten apple?

Does anyone have a complaint against them in Massachusetts? I'd really like to know since I'm considering them, thanks.
 21st of Apr, 2010 by   rdrflister 0 Votes
I agree with shirleysure...photos of the mistakes would lend credibility to the complaints. For all we know, all the negative postings could still be coming from the "feys". And why would someone want to stay anonymous about their complaint? I would want the company to know who I am so they would come fix my problem. And I would post my photos so everyone could see the work that was done if it truly was so shoddy. At this point, it sounds like the company has tried to satisfy the customer and the customer is not participating and we all know stories of people trying to rip off companies with fake legal actions or just people with an ax to grind. As the courts will tell you, proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff.

Until I see some proof (photos), not just a blurb on the internet, I'm believing the company.
 12th of May, 2010 by   barnone 0 Votes
Anyone heard about some lawsuit in Pgh? I just did - Apparently some guy won his lawsuit againt the Savages. The job was horrible so he didn't pay. (Lesson to be learned and heeded here!) He got sued by Miracle Method and the job must have been horrible cause he proved his case and does not have to pay. The company didn't back the franchise - at all! Way to go plaintiff, right rdrflister! They did a horrible job in my home, too. I told the guy to post some pics. The things you learn over happy hour.. I bought him a drink for that bit of good news! Makes me wish I hadn't paid for the bad job they did in my home. Just wanted to post this blurb. Told him to post some pics, so stay tuned...hopefully he will.
 30th of Sep, 2010 by   Cremevette 0 Votes
I wish I'd seen some reviews before I had Miracle Method do a tub at our house. We have about a foot of flaking and the national company will NOT honor the local franchisee as they're out of business. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service, attitude, a "sorry you're out of luck" speech, and even worse a MM franchise 70 miles away wants $210 to come out and repair the work. Why have it repaired when it's a lousy coating anyway.

Since there are people on here who apparently think the complaints are made up ... attached is a picture of the lousy work.

 20th of Mar, 2011 by   Nancy Carr 0 Votes
Home Depot and Lowes have a countertop refinishing product that sounds simular to this only it is applied by a roll on method. It cost $25.00 per linier foot. It comes in several colors/finishes. I`m going to try this, thanks for posting reviews of Miracle Method as I had consider it also.

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