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MB 30 movement Xango, Arizona Complaints & Reviews - MB 30 movement

MB 30 movement Xango Contacts & Informations

MB 30 movement Xango

Posted: 2013-05-02 by    harleyda

MB 30 movement

Complaint Rating:  22 % with 9 votes
Contact information:
United States
MB 30 Movement sponsored by Xango is nothing more than a new twist on the same old pyramid get rich quick scheme . Xango's new target are gullible kids who think they can become millionaire's
by the age of 30, by selling energy powder, fruit juice and vitamins.
The meetings are hosted by guys trying too hard to act young and hip, and seem so full of energy by drinking powdered snake oil.
These are predatory sales tactics to try and get kids scammed into signing up for worthless over priced products and paying thousands of dollars in automatic bank drafts to Xango.
Comments United States Work at Home
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 12th of May, 2013 by   cnder 0 Votes
Wow, I look at all your comments and have to ask, are you like a Xango stalker or something? Good Lord, it's a billion dollar company, whose never missed a commission payment to their 2 million + distributors spread across 43 countries. Their CEO is splashed across multiple magazine covers raving about his and the companies accomplishments, they are the major sponsor for a professional soccer team (Salt Lake Real) who have the company name plastered on their jersey, they publish the average income of all their distributors (not an industry requirement, but they have an open book/open door practice) and the incomes are good...but yet, you still proclaim they're a scam. In all sincerity, have you got nothing better to do with your time? By looking at your first comment about Xango way back when, it seems as though you have some stepdaddy issues...which I have to say, has nothing to do with the rest of us 2 million + distributors. Not to be offensive in any way, but somebody's got to say it here...perhaps, just perhaps...you need to get some help?
 12th of May, 2013 by   cnder +1 Votes
By the way, about this MB30 movement? I am a 3rd year university student working my own way through school. Social work is my passion, but I know my income potential in that field will be limited. I don't care though, it's what I want to do. The majority of my school friends drink energy drinks like they're water. I've got an option for them now with the Limitless product through this MB30 program that's less expensive and better for them. All they're doing is changing where they're spending their money on their energy drinks, their spending less, and up to now 6 of them have signed up to do what I'm doing and are making a commission from spreading the word about it. I ran this by my parents before I got in (my Dad is a CPA and the CFO for a manufacturing company, and my mom is an attorney), and after they researched it, they were totally ok with me doing it. Unlike my job, it takes way less time from m my school work. I make $1 and hour over minimum wage at my job, and my most recent check from Xango was 1/2 of my regular job paycheck...after only 3 months. I'm just going to keep spreading the word and my checks will progressively get bigger. Are you kidding? Why wouldn't I do this? Do you have something against us earning a living, just cuz you've got stepdaddy issues?
 3rd of Jun, 2013 by   harleyda 0 Votes
Ha ha ha ha, pretty funny Cndr! Have you seen the latest law suit involving your heroes over at Xango? Just google Xango lawsuit .
And while your at it, maybe you can look up Xango and their delinquent property tax bill for around 400, 000.00. Why can't a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY PAY THEIR PROPERTY TAX?
Get back to me in a few months when you realize that you got suckered into another Amway style Pyramid Scheme and made no money .
And no, I don't have any step father issue's, just mommy issue's. You see
she believed Xango's phony doctors when they said Xango would cure cancer.
Unfortunately, she died a painful agonizing death while drinking Xango and listening to the phony crap that Xango puts out.
I hope you can get out of this cult you are in, and be successful in what you do, but please believe me, I have been there and seen the sad life of MLM and the lies and deception and how people get brainwashed(like you) and you will never be the 1% that make extra money with this junk.
All the best.
 4th of Feb, 2014 by   Bill from Ocala, fl 0 Votes
I see Harley is still at it. How does this XanGo bashing honor your mothers memory? She was a great lady who deserves better than a shallow bitter son dishonoring her beautiful soul. If XanGo and all the top distributors are the scum of the earth, then that is what you are calling her. At her death her distributorship (the largest) was responsible for $500, 000 of monthly volume, which means she was averaging $85, 000 per month. She loved XanGo and it's products. If you ever loved your mother you would let this go and get on with your life. Find your own purpose.
 5th of Feb, 2014 by   harleyda 0 Votes
What's wrong Bill ? Xango sales down? There is no bitterness and anger here.
I'm just trying to educate people on the lies and deception of Xango. Xango is a dangerous cult that misleads it's potential customers by using biased unethical doctors to promote it's product and should be investigated by the FTC. Maybe seeing my mother die in horrible pain of cancer might have something to do with why I have investigated Xango after her death, and I can only report facts. I don't think you were there when she realized that Xango and it's quack Dr Templeman were not all cracked up to what they claimed. Oh yes, my mom used to do the same thing all of you predatory xango peddlers do, She told everyone xango cured cancer, diabetes, HIV, acne on and on. She was just spreading the tall tales of good old Dr T., a family doctor from Camilla GA pop 6200, who just happened to become the world renowned expert on Mangosteen in 2002. Interesting, Xango just happened to be founded in 2002 by Joe Morton, want to guess who Joe Morton's father in law is?? Dr Templeman. Dr T also claims to have a research facility called Phsytoceutical research Llc. it does not exist! Dr T also has a colleage named Dr David Morton. Dr T is also Dr Mortons father in law, and David is brother of Joe Morton. I know it's a bit confusing, but it is a family that acts as if they just happen to be independent consultents to Xango. Who pays Dr T? he lists himself as a Xango executive in a 2008 campaign donation to Mitt Romney. Can you see that there is no independent Dr without family or financial ties to xango that make these incredible phony claims that Mangosteen cures everything? Is this not a little secret that Xango should let people in on when they take a toothpick of science and make you believe it's a log cabin? Dr T also claims to have lectured around the world but I have not found any university or medical convention that he was a guest speaker at. In 2006 xango was warned by the FDA for making false claims about Xango, Xango claimed that they were from a 3rd party, but were in fact from Dr T and Xango. And I still cannot find one medical or scientific journal Dr T has been published in. And there never will be one, Dr T lacks the credentials to be in research. One more thing Bill, to call me shallow after telling me how much money my mother was making is beyond any comprehension, how does making $85, 000.00 a month selling a juice that cures cancer, become of any value when you die of Cancer. Pretty sad bunch you are.
 8th of Jun, 2014 by   harleyda 0 Votes
Top distributor of Xango indicted on Civil Rico Charge.
Maricopa County Attorney(AZ) news relaese 5-30-2014
The state of AZ is seeking more than $$$53 million dollars in treble damages against Sherman E Unkefer and his co conspirators.
Listed in the Mango Trust receivership as defendant's is Xango Llc and another top distributor Richard O'brien and his wife Karol O'brien.
How do you like your heros now Bill from Ocala, FL ????Better start drinking that $35 fruit juice!

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