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Posted:    Simon_z

Mawaqif Scam

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 7 votes
Contact information:
United Arab Emirates

Mawaqif is a company that was established in Abu-Dhabi by the Department of Transport to solve the parking problems in the City.

However, they have taken money from people (800 Dirhams for the 1st car and 1, 200 Dirhams for the second car) and the parking problems are even worst especially for residence of E1.

Mawaqif does not only refuse to enforce the parking rules but they also REFUSE to refund customer’s money for a service they never provide.

Comments United Arab Emirates Traffic Problems
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 15th of Dec, 2010 by   Simon_z 0 Votes
 7th of Feb, 2011 by   Simon_z 0 Votes
Bad way to steal money from people in a very rich country
 23rd of Mar, 2011 by   Nada Najjar 0 Votes
It is a shame how Mawaqif is aggravating our parking problems instead of solving them .The rules keep changing without even giving further notice to anybody. Moreover, those people who place the penalties have them already filled and signed keeping only the specific car information and time empty, in order to rob people of their money even if they stop for a second in a place not assigned for them.We got two five-hundred dirhams fine on two consecutive days.Why? Because seemingly the law was changed overnight and we were unaware of it.We already pay for two cars that have tags, however, one of them was hit in an accident, so we took it to be fixed, and we borrowed a car from a friend andmade sure that the two-dirhams per our charge was payed all the time.Yet, for the past two nights these fine placers seemed to pick our car out of all the others and fine us 1, 000 dhs. for it. While the whole car is not worth more than 5, 000 dhs. Maybe, they are set to persecute poor people who cannoe even buy a n expensive car, because all the cars around ours were luxurios and expensive and many of them didn't have the Mawaqif tag or the pay slip, yet non was fined! Please, Abu Dhabi this is real persecution that is becoming unacceptable in any form.Something has to be done!
 30th of Apr, 2011 by   forthemankind 0 Votes
Abu Dhabi is no more a better and peaceful place to leave in.
 4th of May, 2011 by   AnonymousAD 0 Votes
Mawaqif, the biggest scam yet perpertrated in Abu Dhabi.
Over the years the quality of life has deteriorated to the point which you find yourself wondering what is still better about AD than any other city in the world, the differences are less every day. Upon coming to the UAE, it changed my life, it was a great place to live and work. There was no over populated areas, the rents were realistic, the traffic was around 1/8 of the traffic today if not less.
Today, with the overcrowding, and lack of forward thinking we have what we have. Mawaqif is necessary because finding parking places, even without Mawaqif was ridiculously hard. Now with Mawaqif is is ten times harder than it was. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought it was supposed to be easier for tenants to find spaces. Little did I know that they would only allocate a small portion of spaces that previously existed then paint everything else yellow and silver, and screw every hard working person in AD for 500 dirhams a pop. Nice!!
Lets face it, it wont be the rich paying for this who have villas and palaces with private parking, it will be the hard working everyday guy and gal who are underpaid and made the mistake of thinking I too can own a car in this country. Sorry cars are for the rich, everyone else get the bus. Now everyone is parking on the next block, in the mall or in the hospital. Im all for keeping fit, but I am not sure displacing cars from one area to the next is going to have a positive impact on everyone working here who needs their cars to get to their place of work. Obviously the PTB need the money for some projects, maybe Mercedez World is around the corner.
 26th of May, 2011 by   uetian396 +1 Votes
It was so embarrassing when my friends got 500AED ticket while visiting me. He arrive during prayer timing, usually nobody cares during prayer timings, so he parked him car in front of a mosque...While leaving back, he was shocked of fine and i was embarrassed too.
He is not living in abu dhabi and this fine is not linked with car registration renewal, so i wonder why he will pay to mawaqif
 10th of Jun, 2011 by   krstff 0 Votes
Mawaqif is a mess. It is a money making business... I'm surprised this morning when i notice that ive got a ticket for parking violation that has no reason at all. Why they gave me a ticket when i parked my car in a designated parking space, and in a proper manner. I'm not blocking any other car, nor parking in non designated parking area. I didn't get it, why they gave that ticket? well its right to say mawaqif is a scam? 500 AEd for a no reason violation. DOT-Mawaqif, be transparent and make sure, any implementation should be justified.
 21st of Jun, 2011 by   MMI 0 Votes
I purchased a full day ticket, got the confirmation message, and lo, 1 hour later i am fined 100 dhs

I have to take 1 hour out of my time, go to their office, fill in a long dispute form and wait for them to decide.
 21st of Jul, 2011 by   kleyr 0 Votes
THIS MAWAQIF IS A MISERY AND BURDENED TO ALL PEOPLE OF UAE... how come that they will declare that standard parking are free from 10:00 pm- 8:00 am if you will park your car on this slot and they will give you a fine of 500 dhs because of unathourized parking????? They must have a thorough study that most people are just renting. If renting only a room or bespace is illegal why is it the ads in newspapers allow it???? All we know that not all of expat in UAE can afford to rent a whole flat because everyday the cost of living is coming high... why only people having a flat can avail the resident permit? How about the people who live alone in this country????? Before Abu dhabi is the best city of all emirates, now dubai is better than abu Dhabi...
 30th of Jul, 2011 by   abid23 0 Votes
Really this system is crap ...and just making money business...in short they are black mailling peoples...
 31st of Jul, 2011 by   Fahad Hasan 0 Votes
I am writing this letter with lot of frustration and sadness to let you know that it’s very difficult for a person to park nowadays in abudhabi city since MUWAQIF came into existence. It’s a lot of confusion that public is facing because of the new parking system in abudhabi.

I was fined for 500 dirham’s for parking my car in resident permit area ( blue-black ) and would not have been fined if I had parked illegally( yellow-black) .

I wanted to inform you that I am a resident of sector E-18 since last three years and only because of reason that I am moving to a new area in kalidiya sector W7 I didn’t take a permit in E-18 in-order to avoid transfer hassles and unnecessary charges for transferring for a week difference .

When I have been to Muwaqif hamdan office I was told I should park car in blue-white after 10 pm. What I don’t understand when they said that is, are they a really aware how many blue-white is allotted in every sectors in abudhabi. To find a slot in blue white after 10 pm is impossible because of lesser slots provided.

In sector E-18 what I have noticed is 80% of the areas is given for villa parking and only 20% for resident and may be few white and blue which mostly the company vehicle in mezzanine floors of each buildings will occupy . I am wondering what does all this mean ???? When 6-8 parking slots given in front of villa why only 5-8 in front of flats ???? Where in the world can a flat resident find a parking space then!!!.

I presume Muwaqif will consider my request to wave off the fine considering my situation, I also would like to inform you that being a middle salaried employee in UAE for last 7 years “ the charges you levy from public is too much, it’s not reasonable at all “ … fines is to correct the mistake and not to burden public and moreover it’s can’t be a one side business .
 15th of Aug, 2011 by   Simon_z 0 Votes
Milk the people for money
 8th of Oct, 2011 by   lebbo 0 Votes
I am writing this out of sheer frustration.

I parked my car in an area adjacent to Capital Garden at around 10pm a few weeks ago. I looked around to see the signs surrounding the parking area, and it was clearly marked with several signs on posts that Mawaqif was in place with paid parking from 8am until 9pm. No other signs near the section where I parked. I was gone for only 15 minutes or so, and when I returned I found a parking ticket on my car, claiming I had parked in a residents only spot at night time. Luckily the parking officer was nearby so I went to him and politely questioned my fine and the reasons. He told me that after 9pm this area became a residents only parking zone. I asked him to walk to my car and show me signs telling me this. He could not. He told me there were several signs a great distance down the street and one sign further up the street (away from where I had reached). I showed him the signs around my car which state clearly that this was a paid parking zone only from 8am until 9pm. He admitted I was correct and that this area was causing him problems with the lack of signage. He told me he had complained to Mawaqif that signs were needed adjacent to the 8am to 9pm paid parking signs, as they were misleading. I asked him whether it was possible to remove the fine, and he asked me to go to Mawaqif and make a complaint. I was quite upset by this, realising the hassles and amount of time I would have to waste in going to MAwaqif and waiting to be served, let alone to be heard and to then wait for the processing of my claim. I pleaded with him to change it, since he was clearly admitting that it was not my fault I did not know this was a residents only area. He told me he would try his best to change it when he returned to the Mawaqif office later that night. He told me to come back to Mawaqif on Hamdan St and check if the fine had been cleared. Two days later I turned up to Mawaqif at 8.15pm (after being told on the Mawaqif phone line that the centre was open until 9pm). It took me around 20 minutes to find a parking spot at this time, and I had to walk some distance to reach the office. Staff were inside but they refused to let me in, even though the sign on the door stated it closed at 9pm, not 8.30pm. I was forced to come back again the next day and endure the same problem in finding a parking spot. I checked my fine and it was not removed. I outlined my case to the attendant and she told me I had to fill in a complaint form. I did this and was told I would be contacted within 10 days.

Well today I received my sms from Mawaqif, stating that my cpmplaint was rejected and that I must pay the 500 AED fine. No reason given why it was rejected. I called the Mawaqif line and the operator also could not find details as to why it was rejected. I pleaded my case again and was told to go back to the Mawaqif office in Hamdan St. I did this today, only to be told that the decision was final and that nothing could be done. I asked for the supervisor and same deal. I pleaded with her that it was not my fault and I was completely unaware the zone was residential, and told her to speak with the parking attendant on duty and to see my claims that there were no signs, and in fact the signs stated that parking was paid only until 9pm. She said she could do nothing and that I had not choice but to pay the fine.

I highlight this because although I am extremely upset at being forced to accept liability and being made to pay a fine when the fault is in the people who should have put up signs. Furthermore to have no option to be heard and to ne given no feedback is quite disappointing in a country that prides itself on democracy. I have no rights here. I am thankful I at east can afford to pay this fine, even though I should not have to. BUt what about the poor and less educated people who park in the same location and have no grounds to appeal something they are innocent of. Shame on this system and shame on Mawaqif. It is clear that Mawaqif is nothing more that a revenue raising venture, and not an system aimed at make parking more accessible.
 3rd of Apr, 2012 by   FaithAk +1 Votes
Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I don't know if anyone would consider my message, but I guess as a citizen I have a full right to complain and speak out my opinion.

1 - I would say that MAWAQIF is like a leech, they feed on us by sucking our money away for NO reason!
2 - I am a student and I live in Salam St., when I have evening classes, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to find a space for my car. Seriously most of my area is painted in yellow and black, doesn't make sense at all!
3 - Atleast before implementing a new-non-sense rule, they should study it and analyze the problems and consequences of it. Their management SUCKS!
4 - This whole thing basically doesn't make any sense and a WASTE of our money.
5 - Finally I think that whoever created this whole MAWAQIF thing is a complete asshole. Sorry for the language but I'm full of rage :)

Thank you.
 16th of Apr, 2014 by   hassan vin 0 Votes
Mawaqif why dont you give villa parknig permit with reserve parking 8n the villla big question!!!

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