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Posted:    SM

Unauthorized credit card billing!

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 95 votes
Mate1.com placed a $49.95 unauthorized charge on my credit card after I canceled the $1.95 three (3) day "trial" membership. Called to remove the charge. Some "MIKE" at Mate1.com said I was minutes late canceling the trial period (which I was not as I canceled the second day). Refused to get supervisor (probably no supervisors there).

Rouge company that will rip you off!
Comments United States Unauthorized Charges
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 18th of Feb, 2009 by   rwh2009 0 Votes


WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF AMBASSADOR? 'an ambassador of good will'

What is MATE1.COM 's defitionition of their Online Ambassador? To hire women all accross the United States or World and provide them an exciting 'work at home' career opportunity where they will spend a few hours a week to lie, cheat, steal, scam, mislead, and fraudulently send messages to members of the Mate1 site who join during the 3 day trial, and make them think they are getting dozens of messages from other girls who are interested in them, but these trial members cannot communicate and respond to these messages unless they pay the $49.95 membership fee. And when you do reply to all these online ambassadors messages, you never hear back from them. They just all send you messages to profit, and get you to pay.

Also, if you are an existing customer and member of MATE1.COM, and your membership expires, you will notice that you will start getting dozens of emails from girls who like you and want to communicate with you, and when you pay, you again never hear from them again.


I have been a member (paying member) for 8 months now, paying 49.95 x 8 months and so far I have lost a total of $400.

But I cannot even count how many hours I spent on Mate1 the last 8 months, probably some 100 hours total.

Recently, I decided to not use MATE1.COM for a month after my membership expired, but when i went back to the site just 5 days ago, I noticed I had 23 new messages. So stupid me I pull out my credit card and pay the 49.95 fee so i can see my messages and reply to them.

When I look at most of the messages, I see very beautiful women, and I can tell they are all fake, because why would a beautiful woman be on a dating website like Mate1? IT NEVER HAPPENS! They would never need or think of using a dating website, because they would not have a problem finding a date where they live. So i know most of the girls are fake.

Another problem, alot of girls that do want to chat online using MATE1.COM, about 95% of them want you to join their WEBCAM site and enter your credit card info. And they send you a link to a website that is NOT secure, and when I research the website they take you to, it is a website that is registered and owned by a company and hosted by a company in Malaysia or another foreign company, so the only purpose of the site is to steal your credit card info.

Does Mate1 do anything about it? No! They will not easily delete users because they need the membership fees to make a huge profit.

I looked at Mate1 on Google, and they have alot of negative complaints about them.

I researched MATE1.COM on the Better Business Bureau website, and they have a rating of F as well as having some 23 complaints on them at /link removed/ site
 22nd of Mar, 2009 by   kent schmer 0 Votes
i'm wanting to put a court case together, but need enough people to go in and get the site shut down and the money that they had scammed out of us i just need a lawyer and a couple of other people that have a paper trail to ive been to stand up for what i know is wrong and this is it
 26th of May, 2009 by   mittens874 0 Votes
Idonot have a creit card but i have a checking account . thanks, kyle
 24th of Oct, 2009 by   G. Ebersole 0 Votes
I've received some "messages" via my email from women in their 20s, when I specifically stated the age group that I'm in and a potential date should. I've also got one or two emails from "ambassadors" girls in their early to mid 20s who said they were also into "girls" and were looking for a wild time.

I mean, ... come on. Give me a break.
 27th of Oct, 2009 by   longlean72 0 Votes
Mate 1 handles its payment structure quite responsibly compared to alot of other online paid sites! The only time I ever had a problem was when I was in error. However, being the type of website it is, they are prone to criticism based on the success of their members. If anything, they need to address some serious issues regarding a refund policy as many of the sites features ... and members who aren't putting a dime into it, are interfering with honest men who put their faith, and MONEY into the website
 31st of Dec, 2009 by   Andre T 0 Votes
Thank You for the headsup - Glad I googled Mate1 before supplying them with my Credit card # re: 3 day trial - Saved me $ and most improtantly time .

Thank You - Happy New Year all the best for 2010
 9th of Aug, 2010 by   gafar 0 Votes
i am ging 188 i want to stop receiving any contact from mate 1.com please.
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   Marie Miko 0 Votes
I got billed for $39.00 for another yr which I never agreed to automatic billing. I thought the $9.95 was for 1 yr. trial. Therefore I request a refund and cancel my membership. There should be a phone no. so we can talk to a human.
 6th of Dec, 2011 by   Mate1 Support 0 Votes
We're sorry to hear about any disagreements or issues with our services. Mate1.com is committed to finding a solution for its members and offers some of the best Customer Support available in the online dating industry, including 7-day-a-week toll-free phone support (1-888-688-4760, or 514 907-0015 if you are outside North America), round-the-clock email support – support@mate1.com, as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours. Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not.

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team regarding any issues you are experiencing, or any technical difficulties you have encountered and we'll be happy to try and resolve them with you. That's what we're here for!

For your convenience, here is a direct link to our site’s Help/Contact Us page, which contains most of our contact options.

For additional options, please access our Help/Contact Us page from within your account itself after logging in, which you can do from this link:

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