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Mate1.com Complaints & Reviews - Mate1.com online dating fraud

Mate1.com Contacts & Informations


Posted:    George Flanders

Mate1.com online dating fraud

Complaint Rating:  95 % with 99 votes
Mate1.com is the worst kind of fraud. I am a single guy, I own two international businesses and I am a savvy web professionals. I have tried several online dating services and Mate1.com is the most blatant dating fraud I've come across. The MINUTE I registered, I received emails from two attractive young women, stating: "I would like to correspond with you. Please check out my profile and let me know if you are interested." The interesting thing is I hadn't even filled out my profile or added a photo at that time, so they could hardly have been able to say they liked it.

I found this suspicious and did some research online. I discovered scores of detailed complaints and scam alerts. Mate1 apparently hires "online ambassadors" to write to new members, pretending they want to correspond. They entice you to join up and then -- of course -- you never hear from them again. Luckily, I only did the thee-day trial for $1.95 and then canceled after reading so many complaints online. Of course, right after I canceled my membership, I received another email from an attractive woman in Thailand with EXACTLY the same message: "I would like to correspond with you. Please check out my profile and let me know if you are interested."

Do NOT join this service. It is a rip off and a major scam. I hope Mate1 gets investigated by the authorities for fraud. And Fling.com is almost as bad. Many of the profiles on that site are fake.

If you want to try a good online dating service, use Match.com or OkCupid.com. Match is a pay service featuring real profiles; Cupid is free and great fun.

Tucson, AZ
Comments United States Online Dating Services
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 27th of Dec, 2007 by   cc 0 Votes

Mate1.com - Credit card billing in error!
United States
Phone: 916-768-2663

Charged my credit card without authorization - no phone number on website to call and will not respond to emails - place is a fraud and a ripoff.
 26th of Jan, 2008 by   Benjamin Mingus 0 Votes

Mate1.com - False advertisement!
United States
Phone: 281-384-1792

It was supposed to be a "three date trial" but instead i paid "100 dollars to some crap i did not want to"!
 24th of Jun, 2008 by   patty balch 0 Votes
this company charged by card for 49.95 and I have never been on their site. no contact information. I am going to get my money back one way or another!!!
 9th of Jul, 2008 by   derek 0 Votes
i just tried using a gift card its a visa debit gift card just wanting to know why i cant use it.
 23rd of Nov, 2008 by   francisco r lopez 0 Votes
nobody tell me how many day lef in my count, and, when i pay.
 23rd of Nov, 2008 by   francisco r lopez 0 Votes
you tell me now i need paid 100dollar to continue.
 3rd of Dec, 2008 by   philip butler 0 Votes
this company have taken money from my credit card without my authorisation i am contacting my solicitor to stop this disgraceful behaviour
 6th of Dec, 2008 by   michelle 0 Votes

Mate1.com - no image on all profiles

Due to several complaints to your good office but regret to note that still no image on all member profiles and my own profile as at to date. Please do the necessary because its really defeat the purpose.
 6th of Dec, 2008 by   michelle 0 Votes
no image/picture on all profiles and own profile and unable to browse them...stop half way... make me fed-up ... Happen 2 weeks ago and still not rectify by the company till todate..
 7th of Dec, 2008 by   nora 0 Votes
still no rectification on image of all profile in mate1.com
 30th of Jan, 2009 by   bob123789 0 Votes
"this company charged by card for 49.95 and I have never been on their site. no contact information. I am going to get my money back one way or another!!!"

did the same thing to me!
 14th of Mar, 2009 by   micky1972468 0 Votes

Mate1.com - harrassing men
mate1.com website
United States

I have used this website for the 1st time and ment a guy that goes bye bigguywithaheart he has been sending me vaulgar e-mails to my home e-mail address and i would like him band from this website if possible if he's harrassing it make's me wonder how many other woman he's harrassing
 14th of Mar, 2009 by   Digital Commando +1 Votes
It's okay. Thais same guy was doing me from behind the other night. he is a "big guy"! But he is a tad rough. Sorry if he rubbed you the wrong way.
 12th of Apr, 2009 by   Frank 0 Votes
George, please stop spewing these lies and plugging sites which have paid you for your testimonials. The stupidity of your post is astounding. Of course they couldn't get back to you if you canceled your membership. Don't blame Mate1 for your stupidity.

No dating site is perfect but you have to give it an honest shot. It just sounds like you are not ready for online dating.

Anyways, good luck with your endeavors.
 24th of Apr, 2009 by   Berkowitz 0 Votes
While there are some members on this site who are real, Mate1 seems primarily to be a host for "women" who solicit you to see them on porn web cam sites. Many photos are fake. Many are stolen from others. Many of the "women" who write are Ghana scammers.

Ask yourself this -- given the looks of the "women" who are listed as online now/most attractive, why would they need a dating service to find men?
 26th of Apr, 2009 by   horacelove 0 Votes
lost all pictures on sight please restore, log in name is horacelove, thank.
 27th of Oct, 2009 by   lhuibers 0 Votes

Mate1.com - cancelation

i canceled my persrcibtion and i'am still being charged each month i'am not even using that site
 23rd of Nov, 2009 by   Maurice Hudgins 0 Votes
I want to cancel my subscription to Mate1.com, what do I have to do.
 23rd of Nov, 2009 by   Maurice Hudgins 0 Votes
When will you cancel my subscription to mate 1?
 24th of Jan, 2010 by   angrylegs 0 Votes

Mate1.com - can't get 3 day trial with credit card
Holiday Island
United States

i have a prepaid credit card from wal-mart and i registered it online and i put the numbers and info in for a 3 day trial at mate.1 and it says, "wer'e sorry, your transaction was not approved

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