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Posted: 2012-10-03 by    becareful674

scam site

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
United States
OK, I am about to finish my month on Mate1. The negative comments continue to be true. Let me say that I signed on to this five years ago, and it was NOT like this. I did meet people. NOW, it is ONLY a den of porn stars, and marriage scams. I found only one person that was where they said they were, and she was in Malaysia. Mere in Ghana, Nigeria or Malaysia but claimed they were in the US, on their profile. If you take one line of their profile and put it into Google, you find that very often that same line is associated with many pics on different sites. I blocked 40 people who directed you to porn sites or were clear romance scams. After canceling, I did spend the last few days to see if I could find a real person. Just anyone, even less than desirable. I could not find more than two in a month, one was in Ghana and the other was in Malaysia. They seem nice, although you never know. Again, five years ago, this was a neat site, now it is just horrible. It should be shut down, it is a scam.

I see now that they do not charge women at all. I watched many of these scammers just change names and show up in my face, again. They should charge a small fee for women if they want to regain a semblance of credibility. When I paid for this, my bank, called me. They wondered if someone had accessed my account. since they are sure this is a scam site. ( That may be related to the overcharging people complain about. I have not had that yet. ) A couple of things, you can tell that they are working girls if the age range they are looking for, is bizarre, for instance it is often 30-90. If they put their email in the profile that is a sign. They do not have to pay, and so, it is not like they are trying to avoid paying by putting their email there. Again, I could not find one person who was in the country, not one. This is just horrible. ( I will remain on here to respond to what are clearly people who troll this in support of this scam site and post the names of the blocked people and other data if necessary. )

I logged off, and the month for which I paid ended, I am not sure if I can post the names of the 40 profiles I blocked. I will try to do so if challenged. Finally, they say that they will ban these people, but they never do so. Not once, each time they kept their names and continued or changed their names. Now, often they would delete the picture they were using.
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 10th of Apr, 2010 by   terry pettyjohn 0 Votes
Billed credit card after canceling
 13th of Sep, 2012 by   george clouser 0 Votes
charging monies fraudently
 13th of Sep, 2012 by   Mate1 Support 0 Votes
We're sorry to hear about any disagreements or issues with our services. Mate1.com is committed to finding a solution for its members and offers some of the best Customer Support available in the online dating industry, including toll-free phone support available Monday through Friday (1-888-688-4760, or 514-907-0015 if you are outside North America), round-the-clock email support from our help page - http://www.mate1.com/nw/faq - as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours. Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not.

Please get in touch with our Customer Support team regarding any issues you are experiencing, or any technical difficulties you have encountered and we'll be happy to try and resolve them with you. That's what we're here for!

For additional options, please access our Help/Contact Us page from within your account itself after logging in, which you can do from this link:

 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
Oh yes, when you screen the profiles by putting snippets of them into Google, I did find three that had been men in the past. Net, I documented that you are not even talking to someone of the correct sex at times.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   be careful what u post here 0 Votes
I am not looking for Love on mate1, but We already have something in common.
Being at the Right Place at the Right Time is the Answer.

CB is for Lovers...
It's up to you to take a chance.

There is just so much to learn.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
sorry for a bad edit. In the third line, It said Most were, and somehow turned out Mere. oh well.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
A very common ploy is for the girls to ask you to their web cam. So, I would play along to see just what they were up to, and so I could docuement exactly what they were doing. FIrst of all, they ask you about the mate1 video cam upgrade. That is the giveaway, there is no such thing. But I would let them send me the link, so that I could document the process. Most often the link would LOOK just like a mate1 web page and tell you to put in your credit card information. At other times, it would send you to another dating web site.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   Mate1 Support 0 Votes
Hi becareful674. We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We do try our best to prevent and eliminate fraud from appearing on our site, and are constantly removing profiles of members engaging in any prohibited conduct, however, we are unable to identify all potential fraud in advance. We don't want such members on the site any more than our customers do. Unfortunately, the Internet is not the same place it was 5 years ago. High speed internet has become much more widespread, and more readily available globally, including in some countries where such activity is known to be commonplace, such as Nigeria and Ghana. Scam rings have become so sophisticated that even social networking giants like Facebook have reported vast numbers of such users on their sites. See for example http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/02/facebook-83-million-fake-users-active-accoutns_n_1733111.html

As technology increases, cyber crimes will follow, so this is a phenomenon which will only get worse and worse as the years go by.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we want to reassure you that we are constantly devising methods to prevent and limit this type of activity. . One of the most important ways, of course, is to educate the population on how to avoid these online predators, and many of the ploys and tactics you mention that scammers use are noted on our website in the "Fraud Protection" section. We can also reassure you that the vast, vast majority of our members have always been, and continue to be, real people and that such false profiles are removed as quickly as possible.

Please note that we offer a link at the bottom of each Site page entitled "Fraud Protection". This link provides warning to our Members about various types of online scams. We also provide several ways for our Members to report people who are violating our Terms and Conditions. The "Report a Problem" link beside every user's nickname can be used for this purpose, or you can email us at abuse@mate1.com. Once the report or email is received by us, a trained agent will investigate the matter and if the Member in question is found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions, his/her Profile will be removed and his/her Membership terminated.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused, and thank you for your assistance in helping us to keep Mate1® a safe place. We hope that you continue to enjoy your Mate1® Membership. Please get in touch with us directly if we can be of any further assistance.

Yours Truly,
Mate1 Customer Support
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
lol, you barely responded to my complaints and never blocked anyone, i checked.
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   be careful what u post here 0 Votes
Oh Yeah... I can see where grammar/ spelling would be important in your Online Fantasy World.
Real Women look you in the face, not through a Monitor.

If you are not FAT, BALDING OR UGLY, perhaps you will post a current pic. of Yourself here on CB, and let the Real Women decide why you are single( again?).

And I challenge you to post the 40 profiles you say you have.

I'm just playing along...
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
eVryLilThi6206 she was particularly persistent, changing her pic and what not.
Email FlirtChat

These are the folks that I blocked, Thanks for asking.
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
Looking at the log, the flirts continued even after I had finished my month on this service. That is pretty funny. They just keep on coming. Again, when someone did that, I would follow up. It would happen as often as it is still happening. I found ONLY working girls in following up. To be clear, I just copy pasted the screen names of people who flirted with me in the last four days. My last day on that service was Sept 30.
mimi3737 flirted with you1 day ago
Someone emailed you1 day ago
emmyheart flirted with you1 day ago
sexlardy flirted with you2 days ago
Someone emailed you2 days ago
loveme7996 flirted with you2 days ago
cutie856 flirted with you2 days ago
Jessy199 flirted with you2 days ago
Jessy199 flirted with you2 days ago
Jessy199 flirted with you2 days ago
prettydiva0045 flirted with you2 days ago
sandra4422e flirted with you2 days ago
Haillove37 flirted with you3 days ago
kate15808 flirted with you3 days ago
cynthia0140468 flirted with you3 days ago
Love723884 flirted with you3 days ago
veronicaxxx flirted with you3 days ago
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
Logging on right now, I can see several familiar faces with different names. if they charged you for each name or kept you from changing names, then that would not happen. This not rocket science, it is just fraud on the part of mate1.
 4th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
That is it for me, I have made my complaint. You can talk amongst yourselves.
 5th of Oct, 2012 by   be careful what u post here 0 Votes
Thank you for sharing.
 11th of Oct, 2012 by   Mate1 Support 0 Votes
Hi becareful674,

Just to clarify, Mate1 does not allow members to change their Nicknames on the site for precisely this reason. More than likely, these members have already been blocked or banned from the site, and have simply created a new account or accounts with the same or similar pictures and information. Unfortunately in this day and age and with the onset and ease of social media, it is not difficult to obtain fake photos or profile information. We definitely appreciate you bringing these profiles to our attention as we continue to look into the matter for you. We try to make it easy for Members to simply report users who violate our Terms of Membership, and to ignore or even Block those they do not wish to correspond with.

Please don't hesitate to contact us about this in you have any further questions or concerns.
 20th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
The change their name all of the time. I watched it happen and documented it. Again, none of these folks were banned in the 30 days I was on the site, AND mate1 only responded to about four or five of my complaints. Again, I am not one to complain easily. However, once I do, I am pretty detailed about it. This is my first complaint on this complaint board.

I found a security system that could care less. This complaint was a further test. When you get a poor outfit like this, they routinely defend themselves when they receive a complaint that MAY affect their future revenue. Even though they could care less about the running of the site.
 20th of Oct, 2012 by   becareful674 0 Votes
Before I realized that I should open my own complaint, I did complain under another thread. THIS fellow responded to that thread. You can find what I wrote there by searching my screen name. He totally agreed with me, in less detailed fashion.

11th of Oct, 2012 by got2go46 0 Votes

I totally agree with the opinion that this is a scam site. After only a month on this site, I met over 20 women from Ghana or other places outside of the U.S. Many women tried to say they were citizens of the U.S. but after only a few questions, I could quickly tell they had no clue as to our language or the city they claimed to live in. I would not advise anyone to fall for this scam site.
 5th of Jul, 2013 by   Jason Alatorre 0 Votes
You lie your phone number doesn't work and your email responses are automatic with reply back

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