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Majestic Mountain Sage, Logan, Utah Complaints & Reviews - Bad service

Majestic Mountain Sage Contacts & Informations

Majestic Mountain Sage

Posted:    Thomas

Bad service

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 32 votes
Contact information:
Majestic Mountain Sage
Logan, Utah
United States
I placed an order with Majestic Mountain Sage for 5lbs of unrefined shea butter. What they shipped to me was rock hard, snow white in color and rancid. If you've ever encountered an oil that was rancid, you know the odor I'm talking about. It was disgusting.

I wrote to them about the issue and requested a refund after the product was returned to them. I received a response from Tina Howard. Apparently she is their Customer Disservice person. I see now where she's mentioned several times on /link removed/ and screamed the "F" word at a customer and also harassed one at her place of business.

Ms Howard proceeded to tell me in email that the odor of shea butter was not meant to be worn when I want to entice my husband.

HUH?! I had to look at this twice to make certain I read it correctly. This person doesn't even know me or what my personal status is. I've been a cold-process soapmaker for 7 years. What I ordered was for my business and I found Tina Howard's response completely inappropriate.

She made it clear they would not issue a refund nor would they accept the package back. She then went on and on and on in email which to summarize said "We're Right! You're Wrong!"

This woman is unbelievable. I don't know if Tina Howard is the owner or an angry 15-year-old they let loose to take care of Majestic Mountain Sage's customer service desk but she's costing that company money. In this economy it's amazing they'd let a $38.50 bucket of rancid shea butter come between them and a returning customer.

I immediately initiated a chargeback with my credit card company today against Majestic Mountain Sage, Logan Utah.

Several years ago I had another experience with Majestic Mountain Sage (aka The Sage). I placed an order and when my delivery came, it was someone elses. When I wrote to them about returning this package so I could get the products I actually ordered, they refused to pay for the return shipping of this big package even though it was THEIR error.

I should've trusted my instincts at that point and never ordered from them after that.

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 14th of Nov, 2009 by   Diana Mallea -1 Votes
I have been ordering from MMS for over 5 years and have never had a bad experience. Even when I have to order at the last minute to receive items in time for shows, they always pull through for me. Sorry you had a bad experience, but they really are a good company with good products.
 15th of Nov, 2009 by   BubbaDreamz +1 Votes
I've had a couple of terrible experiences with that company, and Tina Howard in particular. Products were missing from a large order. Tina tried to imply that someone had taken them out during shipping and retaped the box or perhaps someone had "helped" me unpack the box and lifted the less than $20 in product from an over $200 order. She then said that she had her shipping dept. "recreate" and repack my order and it weighed exactly the same as the original shipment as stated in UPS records. CRAZY!!! I never got my product or any refund, and she never got my business again. I also filed a complaint with the BBB.
 22nd of Nov, 2011 by   Robyn Hege 0 Votes
I am so glad that I am not the only one who has had a run in with Tina Howard! I called to simply state that some lip balm caps did not fit my lip balm tubes and was told "she had no use for them, they were 5 years old" She was rude beyond belief. When I called back to talk to a manager, she once again came on the phone, without identifying herself and sat and listened to me and then said "who else would even try to help you after 5 years! and then went on to ask me what the "hell" had she done that was SO BAD! I told her I think she just said it all and hung up. I will never, ever, order from them again. I have been ordering from MMS for probably 7 years but I will not give Tina Howard's company one more penny of my money. I have already found a company who sells the same lip balm tubes cheaper. That woman needs some serious medication!
 28th of Feb, 2012 by   EShef 0 Votes
I went in with my mother to pick up a order and tried to ask some questions, the lady told us that it was our turn to be quiet and listen to her. She was rude, when I felt like I ask a legitimate question on what she was telling me, the lady then proceeded to kick me out of the store. I called the store back to make a complaint with upper management not realizing the lady that kicked me out was upper management. She basically told me to get off the property or she was going to call the cops on me. I did not swear at her and felt like I called her bluff on something and it made her mad. I have never had this problem with anyone else. I will never do business with that company again.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   cynthia cheever 0 Votes
I just got off the phone withTina the owner of majestic mountain sage and could not believe how rude she was. I have given her my business for 18 years and never again. I had called about recieving only half a bottle of a 16 oz grapefruit seed extract and wanted to send it back. She told me no refunds and a charge to my cc acct. a 25% restock. She laughed at me when I asked is this a good way to run a business. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE KIND OF BUSINESS PRACTICES. Boycott MMS.
 30th of Nov, 2012 by   josh23 0 Votes
TIna Howard to me looks and behaves like an uneducated person. Very very rude... I will never support this type of business practices.
 21st of Dec, 2012 by   TN13 0 Votes
She sounds narcissistic. Very hard to do business with. She sends messages of invalidation and disregard, a very poor way to do.business. Problem is, they do not see themselves as ever wrong because narcissists, by definition, continue rudeness and dominance. Can you suggest other places to buy the products, I will no longer support such people.
 20th of Apr, 2013 by   Banannaberry 0 Votes
OMG, I just had the worst experience with Tina Howard and will never order from that company again. It is clear, she is the owner, from all of these complaints. So, I ordered some shrink wrap bands for a 160z jar and they came and they did not work. I know that is the largest size they have, but the size is not listed on their website, so I called to find out the size of the band. She was very rude to me, she said she did not know the size and did not want to walk across the warehouse to get the product to measure it for me. I said you must have a product spec sheet someplace, that would tell you the size. She told me to measure the jar, I said, I just need to know the size of the band. She told me to have a nice day and hung up on me. So, I sent an email to complain, and see response: TINA: We do not have a larger band for an oval jar. We once had jars like this but to know if they are the same is impossible. We haven't had oval jars in our warehouse for over a decade. There are notes on your account that two different people have suggested you measure the jar. You have been given the best advice in the world.
MY RESPONSE: Hi Tina, I was not asking for advice on measuring the jar, my question was very specific
"What is the size of YOUR product that I ordered, the band that fits the 16oz. jar" that is all I wanted to know, it was a very simple question and your customer service did not know the answer to that question and told me they did not want to walk across the warehouse to find the product and measure it. I know that is the biggest size you have, which is why I wanted to know what size it was.
TINA's RESPOSE: We can not help you at all. I am sorry you feel we have been so terrible in not having oval jars and therefore a band to fit, but we only do shrink bands for our products. You may call anyone you desire. No one here can help you.
You make it impossible for us to help. Please find another vendor. Your account has been closed.

Isn't this crazy, why did she just not give me the size, that is all I asked for. She has a screw loose! I was never going to order from them again, so glad my account is closed. I would not suggest ever using this vendor.
 31st of May, 2013 by   yfree 0 Votes
Wow! I was just about to place an order with this company! Can't afford to have this order go wrong, nor do I have the temperament to deal with an owner like Ms. Howard. I'll take all of your experiences & go elsewhere and pay more for what I need. Thank you!!
 26th of May, 2014 by   CindyTalbott 0 Votes
Goodness. I was gearing up to order from this company (even though I the hyperbole of the descriptions, and some inaccuracies was a turn off). I'm glad I checked reviews because I don't want to deal with a person like that. I can't believe she is still in business.
 25th of Jul, 2014 by   Jennifer Holey 0 Votes
Wow...I'm almost afraid to admit that I have NEVER had one iota of trouble with Majestic Mountain Sage! I've been a repeat customer of theirs for almost 4 years! Almost afraid to place my next order!!!
 20th of Oct, 2014 by   NancyU 0 Votes
Just got off the phone with her and what a RUDE heifer she is! I was going to order a small item to first try them out before placing a large one. Wanted to charge $15 shipping for a tiny object. I ship out several items in the same manner and the cost is $6.05 for whatever the package can hold regardless of weight and logistics. She then proceeded to tell me that there was an error in the shipping but refused to make it right. Will not do business with this company EVER! It's amazing that she is still in business with the customer service she provides.Will not recommend her company to any of my business associates or friends.
 10th of Nov, 2014 by   Angela from RI 0 Votes
I was just about to give them an order with my credit card number of course... thank goodness I googled this first! This may be a few bad experiences in an other wise reputable company, but they are a few too many for me. Sorry "sage" but I will continue my shopping at the Bulk Apothecary -large company, huge selections, work with big and small customers and have only the best reviews... I am still awaiting my shipment from them and will update you with the turn-out, but all of their reviews are positive... I suggest for everyone to research them first. Not to mention, because they deal in bulk and smaller shipments, their pricing is extremely fair.
 25th of Dec, 2014 by   Dragonfly Handcrafted Soaps 0 Votes
I find all of these comments very interesting...I have been doing business for years with Majestic Mountain Sage and I can honestly say that I have NEVER anything but helpful and positive customer service, quality products and speedy shipping. Whenever I have called with questions, I always get very helpful and friendly service and answer all my questions very thoroughly

I especially think that their pricing is fair, and I really, really like it that I can buy as few as 10 lip balm tubes or as many as 500 if I choose to, they also have a very wide variety of shrink wrap tubes and bands, and again, in as few as 10 or however many I need. Their fragrance and flavor oils are wonderful and I love their recipe section.

I find it interesting that there is an advertisement for one of the competition Bulk Apothecary right in the middle of this review page as you scroll down...???

Folks...Seriously...DO NOT be afraid of doing business with Majestic Mountain Sage...They are a good company with good people, and I am pleased to do business with them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Katherine from Oregon

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