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MAHSA COLLEGE Complaints & Reviews - tipu duit ptptn

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Posted:    femur

tipu duit ptptn

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 49 votes
Contact information:
mahsa college
mahsa buat janji kosong.tidak beri tunjuk sebab pemotongan pjnjaman ptptn...penyata yuran pun x ada.
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 15th of May, 2009 by   femur +2 Votes
mahsa college staff is very2 rude too all student.how the the college hire staff like this..
 18th of May, 2009 by   lala +1 Votes
ya ... im totally agree with u ... expecially the admin dept ... their atitute r so bad and rude ... we seems gonna begging them todo something 4 us ... wat the hell of behaviour like this ... we r paid to them wat, we nt study 4 free ok !!! mahsa management pls take note !!!
 21st of May, 2009 by   bella 0 Votes
tak de pun, i got no prob with the ptptn oso...
 20th of Jun, 2009 by   rocker +1 Votes
Mahsa College has gone to the dirt hands. duno y they bring in India lecturer when we Malaysian are more educated.especially the (pharmacy department)pharmacy department dunNo how to manage their department n also they dunno how to monitor their students.very poor management.please do something about this...u guys cant start a degree program there la...its just not the right place
 3rd of Jul, 2009 by   IKIN +2 Votes
pensyarah india cari duit kat sini tapi apa pulak masalah dengan pensyarah malaysia. sangat kurang ajar, kesian stu sem2(nursing), koordinator nye poyo nak mampus.Namanya Pn.Jaya, kononnya dia dari KKM so selalu dia kutuk kita org. Dia kata KKM is the best, kita org buang duit study kat mahsa. tak faham pulak, dia terima gaji dari mahsa tapi dia kutuk mahsa habis2. apa masalah dia sebenarnya?
kalau pensyarah mahsa sendiri kutuk mahsa mcm tu, apa lagi org luar.
 21st of Jul, 2009 by   notty 0 Votes
mahsa every time will ask money 4 single thing oso...haiyoo
 2nd of Aug, 2009 by   ammuammu -1 Votes
hello guys... please be urself... u all r complaining, , , its k, , its ur rights but not in this manner, , b4 start to complain others, , c whether u r discplined or not.. c ur words.. don't ur parents taught u all.. so can i complaint bout ur parents, , , , , , , , , , , , , sorry for what i said, , but please try to be generous n polite... thats all.. i am a student of mahsa itself, , i also got few problems, , but rather than complaining here, , i would take my straight actions... NOT THIS!!! anyway thanks.. i know many would not like my advice, , but people who r being people n logic THEY WOULD ACCEPT...
 23rd of Aug, 2009 by   devilrules +1 Votes
MAHSA COLLEGE ok la like all other college in Malaysia . Dont blame Mahsa, Blame the people who working there.. they the 1 who doing all this... Actually their salary from our fees but they did not realize that. So MAHSA Rude **** workers, plz be polite and respect all the student who need guidelines... Workers who working at the level 6, plz wear full uniform or casual dress on Friday.. Dont wear too short till can see ur breast and your back***.. ok?!!! Dont just fine and blame students for unfit dress or uniform.. u all sendiri pakai pendek macam nak pergi Pub, nak cakap student pulak... zzzzz... Dato Dr. Haniffa plz take note... Turun padang tgk ape masalah...plz.. Mereka semua tengah rosakkan nama Baik MAHSA>>!!!
 30th of Aug, 2009 by   pum 0 Votes
Its time for MAHSA to do some post mortem in their system. I'm a student of Top-Degree Programme. I'm proud to say i'm an Medical Assistant. We r hunger 2 keep update in current development in our carrier. As we knew, MAHSA offered a degree programme as a part time for health personnel. I'm happy.I joined it. Now the issues is that the title of the degree that be awarded to us. Northumbria STRICTLY said Bsc. in Health Practice Developmnet which r not recognise by my Union neither the MQA. Only staffnurses be awarded the Bsc. in Nursing Practice Development. When nearly 100 0f us confronted the management, the MAHSA Deon promised we b awarded the nursing degree n the mat salleh don know bout it. Its fishy. Anyway, u al given the black n white letter with offer letter title Bsc. Nursing Practice Development n if its not given to us as be claim, DEON u answer it as u promise on ur holy friday. Lot of us r blurr but we just keep our finger cross. Either u al change ur style or GOD will change ur destination. May GOD bless all the MAHSA students.
 30th of Jan, 2010 by   yangbengang 0 Votes
air selalu takde kat mahsa college jalan universiti...
almost 3 days!!!
i can;t believe im living in KUALA LUMPUR!
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   dayung 0 Votes
i will started my digree of nursing on this mac.i was supprise after read all the complaints.hopefully, ist never happen again to me or others.
 28th of Feb, 2010 by   pinky are na 0 Votes
x faham tol r ngan wet ptptn dri mahsa...wet sem 1awl sem2 bru dpt..susah r cam nie.. kte org bkan semua nye senang..nsib ade student g jmpe dekan nursing ngadu tentang nie law x kmi msh xdpt wet 2... management mahsa!!! plizzzzzzzz!!! take note about our problemmmmmmmm!!!
 3rd of Mar, 2010 by   eful 0 Votes
i dont like the person who kurang ajar to me.. by cashier office at juc its so stupid..the bigger black girl..that one "her" rasa nak belasah je dia...org tu kita tanya baik2 jwb lah plan2 ni x...nak pi besar suara plak...dont b marketing la like this..u just cashier k..so don temberang!!!
 21st of Mar, 2010 by   anti cashier JUC -1 Votes
i dont like the person who kurang ajar to me.. by cashier office at juc its so stupid..the bigger black girl..that one "her" rasa nak belasah je dia...org tu kita tanya baik2 jwb lah plan2 ni x...nak pi besar suara plak...dont b marketing la like this..u just cashier k..so don temberang!!! what d fuck!!!
 24th of Mar, 2010 by   aquarius92 -1 Votes
i just register for a course and will start next month...but saw so many complain from student...it really shock me...But...nothing is 100% perfect in this world..college and university is the same, no one is perfect..for mahsa..if the problem has rise..please solve and improve it...
 26th of Mar, 2010 by   Dr Shahril 0 Votes
Thank you very much for your commnets and we in Mahsa will strive to overcome our shortcomings.

Dr Shahril
MAHSA University College
 29th of Mar, 2010 by   eful 0 Votes
em assalamualaikum..em maaf lah dgn akak anti cshier tu..x da niat pun..cuma hari tu., sy perlukan pertolongan .. lg pun sy stdent bru kat cni.. i, m sorry sis..klu iapun ada masaalah tlg r jgn bwa ke tmpt keja..skali lagi lagi mta maaf..siapa yg x nek angin lau mcm 2 dah pla hari tu kita tension kat kelas. ..appologise me...sy tahu silap saya...maaf
 13th of Apr, 2010 by   2311777 0 Votes
im goin 2 do degree physiotherapy in mahsa college????what u guys think about it??...
 23rd of Aug, 2010 by   Love Justice 0 Votes
many of u said that all this tiny miny things happens in every college. i agree with that. if u have ever been to a government office before, u will face all this, ur applications & requests are being delayed. lots of them sitting freely at the counter doing nothing yet they call themselves busy. all this really test ur patience alot. i have been reading this blog before joining mahsa, lots of complains yet i joined because i was confident in myself, am a polite person so i can never have problem with anyone... dat was wat i were thinking until i experienced myself in mahsa few weeks back.
management staffs are very rude.. they dare to raise their voice to students just for nothing.
i applied to stay in the hostel. well i really followed the procedure, i fill in the form and i gave to the lady sitting at the reception counter.. she said dis will take a week to provide me a room. after a week i went bac to the office because no one gave me a cal where else she said she will give a cal.. she saw my face and just react like she dont know nothing.. u know wat, the form is lost. ok fine i juz smiled and fill up another wan... she said dis time she wil help me urgently. i wen back again after 4 hours coz again i waited and she dint gave a cal.. THE FORM LOST AGAIN... CAN U BELIEVE HOW CARELESS THEY ARE!! and dis time i told her properly that i have waited long enough can u pls help me by today... SHE RAISED HER VOICE AND SAID SAYA TIDAK SENANG NAK LAYAN KORANG, she embarrassed me infront of the other students queuing up there. i waited there patiently and she behaved as thou am not exist. its a very long story & am very lazy to complain about them coz until today they done nothing good for us.
i showed my patience and i juz kept queit and i got the room after a month, one month i was homeless. i will be working in medical line in future, i hope i will never adopt their behaviour coz patient wil come with their sickness, am there to help them. not to make thgs go worst. same goes to the ladies who sits at the reception counter.. students comes to you with a problem, help them to solve.. if u can't do that..at least talk to them politely.. take ur time and console them if u can but dun ever make thgs worst.. IF U CAN SHOUT, I CAN SHOUT ALSO but my parents are great coz they thought me well, they told me not to embarass anyone during my life time. ur working in customer service, if u cant throw a smile at us den pls juz sit at home.
god bless u ladies coz ur making students life miserable
worst is the fat cashier.. mira. i paid her money.. she said go and change the money and give her the exact amount. i walked so far juz to change the money.. and the way she talk is very very rude. u r workin in cashier dept, u must keep enough change, not us. Use ur brain. U got a job but u dont appreciate it. since u people are getting lots of curse from students, am sure ur salary is not HALAL at all coz ur not working willingly.
 23rd of Aug, 2010 by   Love Justice 0 Votes
happy to see that Dr Shahril is reading this blog. at least he wil have an idea wat we students are going thru and who is the main source of this problems (THE LADIES AT THE RECEPTION COUNTER)

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