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magazine rewards PLUS, Cedar Rapids Complaints & Reviews - FRAUD

magazine rewards PLUS Contacts & Informations

magazine rewards PLUS

Posted: 2013-09-21 by    NJDiMaggio


Complaint Rating:  100 % with 14 votes
Contact information:
Magazine Rewards
Cedar Rapids, United States
WOW! Someone needs to stop this scam! I ordered a product called Clear TV from a TV commercial (NOT QVC; Shop NBC or anything like that). When I called to order - there wasn't any person, just automative ordering. After the order for Clear TV was placed, the next thing they asked is if I wanted a three free month trial of great magazines like Martha Steward, Men's Health, Reader's Digest, Taste of Home ... and I'd get a $50 gift certificate for WalMart. I clicked okay. I was waiting for the prompt so I could pick which magazine, and it just went into some other questions about MORE products. IThere was NO MENTION OF COST! Pushing "0" or anything didn't help. There was no way to get a REAL PERSON!

The magazines started pouring in - ALL FIVE OF THEM, which also included La Cucina Italiana which I never heard of!!! (They may have mentioned it on the auto phone call, but it went SOOOoo fast with no option to repeat and NO summary of what just happened!)
So, I figured I'm getting all of them for trial. After the fourth one came for Martha Steward and Men's Health, I knew I'd been scammed. Of course, still no gift certificate.

I found this LITTLE card within my junk mail that says "Our records show that you accepted our membership offer on 4/10/2013 to enroll in our program and get 4 years of club benefits for monthly payments of $14.95 starting 5/10/2013." It listed all the magazines and "values" and said "All for a total of $360..." WHAT!?!?

It read "Please send this notification with your initials on reverse as proof of acceptance during the trial period and we will send you detailed instructions on how to claim your gift card and cash back bonus."

" WHAT TRIAL PERIOD!?!? So much for any gift card!! They have charged me over $76 already.

I called the 877-841-4031 phone number on the card and cancelled my order - I was surprised they had that as an automative feature! Then I called back and pushed for a customer rep. Some "rep." I told her I NEVER enrolled in this. She said was she'll forward it to quality control and they decide if I get my refund. I tried to tell her what happened, and she just repeated herself. I said if they decided, I want what happened on my notes for the request. She just repeated herself again. WOW!! I told her they WILL return me my money. She repeated herself again. (I wonder how much she gets paid just saying one sentence? What kind of "customer service" is that?!) I told her that these magazines aren't even open and you can come by and pick them all up.

We'll see what happens, but I have NO FAITH in this. Thank God I have Citi; they've always helped with scams like this.

There needs to be a Federal Law prohibiting this kind of fraud and these guys need to be held accountable for what they've pulled!!!
Comments United States Magazines & Newspapers
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 2nd of Jan, 2014 by   Mildred Paulson 0 Votes
I also place and order where it was an automated voice and after ordering the item I wanted I was repeatedly encouraged to buy other things. Mag rewards plus was one. I declined every item they kept offering and I was kept on the phone for nearly an hour. This is a terrible scam. I am getting money taken out of my card and I can't afford it. Who can we get in touch with to help us? They need to be arrested.
 8th of Jan, 2014 by   Against SCAMMERS!! 0 Votes
Magazine Rewards Plus is a total SCAM!!! We ordered the NutriBullet and we were asked if we wanted a free trial of magazines. We said yes. Magazine Rewards got our credit card number from NutriBullet and charged us $19.95 for this "free trial of magazines"!!! I called twice and was told that I did not cancel within the 30 day "trial period". I cancelled 4 days after that and they will not refund my money!!! I am now in an email debate with this company trying to get my money back. TOTAL RIP OFF ARTISTS AND SCAMMERS!! How is this legal??? THEY NEED BE STOPPED!! They say we "agreed" to the 30 day "free trial" and didn't cancel within the 30 days ?????? and it's okay for them to charge us as we "gave them our credit card number"!! NutriBullet is in cahoots with them because they must have given them our credit card information!!! NutriBullet is also a SCAM!!! We returned their machine that doesn't even work like the infomercial and we have yet to receive any credit. THEY JUST KEEP BILLING US!! Ridiculous. I guess the moral of the story is don't buy anything off the TV. I will be contacting the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau and complaining. Unbelievable.
 5th of Feb, 2014 by   JustHelpingPlus 0 Votes
Here's some insider information...
I work for a company which take calls for items such as nutribullet and many of these other as seen on TV products.
Best advice I can give you is DO NOT accept any of these gift card offers. They give you a 30 day trial to magazines and it can take up to 2 MONTHS to receive the magazines.
You'll jump through many hoops to receive the gift card and if you take notice we always say you'll get a gift card VOUCHER not an actual gift card.

The reason you get such horrible customer service is because we dont actually work for the company. We are independently contracted and receive calls for various products. Most times I have no clue about the product I'm actually offered. I'm just given FAQ's which i read verbatim and hope they ask no more questions. And if they do I just say something that doesnt really answer the question but its not technically wrong.

Oh and another thing I'm sitting at home in my underwear when I take your call as well.

If you do want some of those products here's the best tip I can ever give you. When you start the call just say "I will hang up if you offer me any additional products." We get straight to the point after that and most of us hate offering those extras because we know its a scam anyway.

Hope this helps
 24th of Feb, 2015 by   Patrick Joseph Tayman 0 Votes
I was told that the company has been in business for 5 years since 2010. That was 1-800-495-8158 stating that I would receive a $50.00 Walmart Gift Card! with three issues for free. That they would charge my credit card or debit card $19.95 per month. So why not is the Better Business Bureau checking these companies out to the letter. The company name was Magazine Rewards Plus some place in Atlanta, GA.
 24th of Mar, 2015 by   Cainsmark 0 Votes
Magazine rewards plus is a ioke!
They lied to mae about the gift card. Didnt explain the trial fees. Charged my account without my recieving anything at all. Then agreed to refund my money. This was a lie too.

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