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Macys, Medford, Oregon Complaints & Reviews - poor place to work

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Posted:    Heather

poor place to work

Complaint Rating:  69 % with 35 votes
Contact information:
macys department store
rouge vally mall
Medford, Oregon
United States
Phone: 541
I was fired because of my clothing all i was told was to wear black and I did the girl that I was working with wore jeans and a ratty t-shirt, which is not required dress code but I was fired with no warning it is unfair and injust i dont recommend them for an employer or otherwise.
Comments United States Clothing, Shoes & Acc
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 20th of Feb, 2009 by   honest +1 Votes
I agree that macys isnt the best place to work, but wheres the rest of your story? did the girl wearing jeans and a tshirt work in the trendy IMPULSE dept.? are you a teenager who always called in? or didnt do your job correctly?
 7th of Mar, 2009 by   MrOnce  Best Advice +4 Votes
My personal experience with Macy's was the worst enviroment I'd ever experienced. Wish I could write out more, but I've only this little box to write in :P

Macy's Medford Oregon Store is simply a disaster. The General Manager Joe McGrew is an unfit and uneducated tyrant who follows his own rules and makes his own policies.
He has managed to get rid of 90% of all male employees since converting from Maier and Frank. Mr. McGrew spends the majority of his workday in his office... the rest of his day is spent looking down the blouses of young women he employs. Ask any of them if he "minds his space or gets TOO close!
Joe McGrew is married to the daughter of a former Maier and Frank Poobah who is a huge Macy's share holder no doubt. This conveinient situation has worked out well for Mr. McGrew so far, but the failing economy will put this creep on the chopping block where he belongs.

"It's only a matter of time Joe."

Lastly, during my employment Joe McGrew assaulted me on the job. I reported his abusive and unprofessionalism to what Macy's calls their "In Store Solutions" Investigators, (A Human Resources Division if I'm not mistaken) in hopes that Mr. McGrew would be corrected. He was not, and continued on tyranically...long after I left the company. (I am a former Manager at said location above)

NEW MACY'S EMPLOYEES //WARNING// DO NOT AGREE TO "In Store Solutions Arbitration" // this will be offered to you upon hiring, and is a loophole from which managers who harrass, discriminate and abuse their associates. // IN STORE SOLUTIONS FAILED ME AND ALL THOSE WHO USED IT TO TRY AND BETTER THEIR SITUATIONS AFTER BEING HARRASSED, DISCRIMINATED AGAINST AND MORE BY MR. MCGREW! Other well established groups have been contacted with this story.

Thank you for taking an interest in this post
Mr. Once
 1st of Apr, 2009 by   Dr.C +1 Votes
Hello Mr. Once,

I have recently been hired by Macy's (not in Oregon) and I do have my Solutions InStore Opt Out card signed and ready to be mailed off. During orientation, I immediately became suspicious of their arbitration policy. If I were to ever become an unfortunate victim of a crime, I would want my day in court, not in an final and binding arbitration room.

My concern is...
I have to mail my arbitration opt-out card within 30 days of my hire date, which coincides with my employment probation period.

Since you were a manager, do you know Macy's policy with employees who opt-out of SIS? Will Macy's red-flag me as a potential law suite and not continue my employment?

Thank you, DR.C
 28th of Apr, 2009 by   LuLu +1 Votes
I work at Macy's in Boise, Id. My problem is with the many associates who are hostile, rude and arrogant and give you the silent treatment, boss you around, and talk down to you. I will report to Corporate Solutions, but I don't anticipate that they will provide any relief let along a "solution" to the problem. I believe that co-workers guilty of this abusive behavior are known as workplace bullies. They bring down morale and interfere with work. Unfortunately, management just looks the other way. It is a pathetic commentary on what can result from extreme competitiveness that brings out the absolute worst in some people.
 5th of Dec, 2009 by   hellokitty3235 0 Votes
I was just recently hired at Macy's and was told to come in to fill out paperwork and when I asked when I was starting they could not tell me but when I was there and was kept busy by doing paperwork videos etc that was considered working time but was never told this. Not to mention HR was extremely snippy when I said I misunderstood to be nice which I did not because they lied and were not clear about things. Makes me wonder what else they have in store for me. Literally. After reading all these complaints I have to wonder that I should even take this job.
 21st of Jan, 2010 by   KDB002 +2 Votes
I also had a very bad experience with macys. I was hired seasonal and promised a full time position in the mens department. I loved who i worked with ... and didnt hate the job. when the end of my seasonal contract came near i was told they didnt know if they could keep me full time or not... that was about the 10th of jan. since then on the 18th i was approached with a contract that lowered my pay by 50 C and was dated the 10th. so for 8 days i was working for a different pay rate and had no idea. I was told it was their fault they didnt have time to get me the paper. needless to say that contract only covered 14 days (2 weeks) so i was only guaranteed employment for 4 more days after the 18th. I do not recommended Macys as a place to work to anyone! this similar act was done to many other employees, however they didnt say anything because they count on their job. i wish you the best.
 29th of May, 2010 by   san francisco previous employee +1 Votes
i had the same kind of experience to work with the macys san francisco though an employee can buy for their friends and family but can not be compensated from them so i was suspended because of this reason and they didn't give me any warning and just ask either i resign or suspended and the local union 101 sucks employees are wasting their money towards them they don't do any thing at all.
 9th of Jun, 2010 by   Paula Ennis +1 Votes
I was fired from Macys for having epileptic seizures on the floor due to the lack of help and irregular lunches and work schedule. I worked alone with no fellow associate. I have had this diability since I was 15 with no problems. Macy's do not look out for their help. Security saw me waiting on customers alone on the floor having a full blown seizure with noone to help. I was not ask about my health from Security or Managers but I was fired after 25 years of service. I could not get to my medication. My doctor couldn't even get through the next day.
 9th of Jul, 2010 by   Icyone +3 Votes
well I work for Macy's downtown st.louis this has got to be the worst job ever, I never imagined that this company were such major losers, assholes, co@ksu@king people to work for...first of all they give you this loyalty goal and they are very hard on you about getting people apply for credit cards and they also give you a daily goal...well if you have never been to the downtown st.louis macys and let me tell you...it's seven floors tall and you'll be lucky to see 30 people in the store at one time...so this loyalty goal is ridiculous...the way they treat their employees is unbelievable...in my particular store our store manager Suzy Stone is such a bitch a partner sometimes comes into the store gives attitude to the employees along with alot of provoking and then goes upstairs to tell...and then we get attitude from the store manager...this place is the most unprofessional, unfriendly place I have ever worked for and I can't wait to get out of their...oh its so much more to tell and please forgive me for my grammar I saw this page and got excited...but I do not recommend working for macy's these complaints are for real and definitely legit!!!
 17th of Sep, 2010 by   laughable22 +2 Votes
I was discriminated by Macy's medford because they didn't log how I left when I previously worked there. Sally and Joe mcgrew need to get off their high horse, its a fucking department store, most people that work there are trying to make it through school etc. Its not what they call a career. Sally and Joe if Macy's is all you have in your little power stroke world then we can all just sit back and laugh at this shitty department store you have just a small portion of control over...lol
 30th of Nov, 2010 by   questioning 0 Votes
I'm a student working on a project for school and I have had no results when contacting the store to get information on their in store solutions. Would anyone be able to provide some information on the processes around their in store solutions, what the steps are in the process etc.?
 8th of Dec, 2010 by   RacismAtMacys +1 Votes
I'm working at Macys Westfield Fashion Square Shermnanoaks California as part time Sales Associate. I feel out of place every time I work at my department because majority of my co-workers are Armenians (only 3 of us are non-armenian). They always keep talking in their language even I'm only 1 feet away from them. Even my manager is Armenian. Hope they can make a policy where they should speak engish-only especially if there's non-armenian working with them. And also, I noticed that my Armenian manger is not equal to everyone. Every time I ask to change scheduale all she will say is (switch to someone or else I cant's do anything about it), But if my Armenian co workers will ask her to change their schedule, she will change it right away. Im a student, I asked for this particular days not to work because I have class those days. She said no again. but she gave off for those Student Armenians off for those days they have class... Also, we have a 10 mins break if we are working 4 hour or more. On days that I'm working with other 2 Armenian co-workers... all of a sudden you cannot find them... they are taking longer breaks. I even caught them chit-chatting with our manager in their language inside her office thenwhen they see me, they stop talking...I'm still searching how I can make a complain about this thing. I do belive that this Macys has lots of RACISM going on. They should not tolerate this kind of act. I feel sorry for non-armenians working at this Macys.
 9th of Jan, 2011 by   lamont shaw +1 Votes
the bottom line here is that Macy's is a poor poor place to work the concern for the employees does not exist!
 10th of Jan, 2011 by   HKA +1 Votes
I always liked Macys and I really like working there until after they suspended/fired me for honest mistake which I confess about it, there is not so many people around the world to confess their own guilt or mistake but I did, I experienced and understood at the macys Hixdale NY that an employee can buy for their friends and family, nonetheless I have given a gift card which I didn't use for couple of months and I really didn't needed to at that time, so I give it to my in-laws she used it so I ring it and used it for a cloth and payed the balance by depbit, I still didn't remember whether or not I have used that gift card before, after exactly 4 months they call me to office and questioned me for the same gift card worth of 12$ fraud, which I barely remember, they showed me all the transaction, even showing me the transaction honest to God I still didn't remember, once I remembered I told my manager that this could have happened without any of my intentions, but It was a honest mistake, I have never done anything but being a loyal employee to Macy's, I kept telling the HR and my manager that I have not done intentionally nor aware of that gift being used. I guess my honest confession I told my manager and HR hit me back.
 7th of Feb, 2011 by   enoluvr +1 Votes
I worked at Macy's for 6 months. A loyal customer of mine had given me the remainder of her gift card that was left after a purchase. I thought that it might be unethical to keep it but it only had $9.03 so I decided to keep it and I eventually used it to buy a shirt from INC. About 2 months after this incident, I was called into the Loss Prevention office. The LP manager was very nice and calmly explained the methods they use to prevent loss. I thought he might had been doing this as a courtesy because I had absolutely no idea that I was about to get in trouble. He eventually asked me "So when's the first time you stole from Macy's?" and he pulled out the transaction information for my gift card purchase. I was horrified as he continued to ask if I had ever stolen from the register, or taken merchandise. I had to pay the $9.03 on the spot and they immediately suspended me despite my attempts to explain what happened. It was embarrassing and humiliating. Only corporate can make the decision to fire an employee so you have to wait until someone finally calls you to find out if you're canned.

I loved my department and my co-workers but Macy's as a company is entirely too political which is to be expected from a larger corporation. They pressure their employees so much that it creates a hostile working environment. It makes customers and employees uncomfortable.
 8th of Apr, 2011 by   Wanted to be an employee +1 Votes
I don't work or never worked here, but I did apply twice. The first time was about 6 months ago and was invited to schedule an interview, so I attempted and the 1 date and 2 time slots that were available didn't work, I tried calling the local store's HR department and was transfered about three different times and wasted about 15 minutes on the phone attempting to speak with someone to schedule for another day. Well, I had to leave a message and never got an answer and every person I did speak with told me they didn't have an answer and would transfer me to someone else. I thought screw them, this is really unacceptable and they need to improve their HR dept.

I applied again and the link was broken so I couldn't schedule, so yesterday, I contacted the local HR dept. again and left another message. I followed up today and was able to speak to someone, I said " Good Morning" and she paused for about 3 seconds and then said it back, but she had a tone like I was bothering her. After that, I explained that I left a message and never heard back from anyone and I wanted to follow up. She told me that I didn't hear from anyone because, they don't deal with that and if I wanted to contact someone, then I need to email careers@macys.com. I didn't understand why nobody had the professionalism or courtesy to call me back and explain that to me or even how the HR dept. doesn't handle scheduling interviews until reading these posts.

I am not going to ever apply there again and I hope they go out of business, they suck.
 17th of Apr, 2011 by   forgotten +1 Votes
Okay, here's my story. I work in the Macys located in Santa Ana, C.A. Westfeild mall. I started there around Oct. I applyied for Cosmetics Part Time, in the end I was placed for the Fine Jewelry...and to my surprise as an on--call. This really pissed me off, but non-the less i took it. My manager is 26 yrs old...and a perve. He has been reported for well being a creep, and making sexual remarks and we were all questioned toward his behavior. He never coached me, the whole team did. I have to say, the associated i work with are all very nice, and pleasant to be around with, i have become very close with each, my manager being young he somewhat understands me. Long story short, he lead me on thinking i would get the part time slot...he ended up giving it to a girl from the clothing dept. someone with no product knowledge, in my opinion i think he liked her. Im always there for him when he needs someone, always doing favors, AND the whole team backed me up by letting him knw that i was right for the spot. He FORBIDS me talking to another associate, a guy, but when its the girl with the "chest" theres never a problem. He's creepy, stupid and an ass. Now i have a manager working on my case, im hopeing to get transfered out of there. Also the daily goals are ridiculous!! Its hard to make your goal AND open new accounts when every person HAS A MACY'S CARD!! 3 months into this job, i have suffered from insomnia, manic/depression, anemia (lack of nutrition due to stress), anxiety/paranoa and panic attacks/emotional breakdowns. I'm not well, i need out of that dept. i hope i get transfered into cosmetics. Its getting to me...
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   Brandigirl7 +1 Votes
Macy's is the most unprofessional place I have ever interviewed with. When you apply for a job on the internet and are called in for an interview it is never for the job you applied for. I worked at Macy's flagship store this past Christmas and the Manager was nasty from the moment I met her. All they cared about was getting people to open credit card accounts. Most of the people were from overseas and they don't have Macy's outside the U.S. Also, my hours were 4 hours a day, 3 days a week, so how many credit cards could I open with so little hours. There was constant fighting between the employees hired. Very little respect and a poor work ethic. I walked out on them a week early because I was sick of preparing for combat each day. One customer I waited on told me how rude a fellow employee was to me and could not believe her behavior. There is reversed discrimination there and I was thinking of reporting them. Half of them were dressed like pigs, I dressed in a professional manner, yet I was treated like I was garbage. I was told I did very well with customers etc. I don't know what they are looking for but I have been told by numerous people how rude and nasty the help is. I saw a regular employee yell at a customer and was shocked by the way she treated the shopper. This store is not a place a person should work if they want respect and loyalty.
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   Brandigirl7 +2 Votes
Macy's discriminates against certain people and everyone knows that. I was considering reporting them for this practice. Also, I worked at the flagship store this past Christmas and while waiting on customers I would hear fighting between fellow employees breaking out. It was so unprofessional. The Manager I was assigned to for the season was nasty from the moment I met her and opened her mouth at me in front of customers as she was walking in the store. Why, I approached her because a customer was returning a bracelet for the third time. Before she even listened to what I had to say she yelled "you don't call me, you ask one of your fellow workers." When she shut her mouth long enough to hear what I had to say, she said " Oh, I have to talk to her and she went over to the woman and told her she should choose something else and...so I was right to approach her. A customer pulled me aside and told me how rude my fellow employee was and they were so turned off by her. They of course bought what I showed them. Also, I was told I did well with customers but Macy's won't hire me for regular work. I have seen full time employees verbally attack customers. The Flagship store in NY. I walked out a week early because I could not work with immature, angry seasonal workers anymore and I went to Human Resources to tell them. They thanked me and said others just walk out on them without saying a word.
There is so much more but you all understand. All Macy's cares about is getting people to open credit accounts but all the people I was selling to were from overseas so how could I open up credit accounts. Plus I was limited in hours 4 a day 3 times a week and most people don't want credit and to continually push them is unprofessional.I really want to report them but then I think why bother as customers are turning away from them because of the people they employ.
 17th of May, 2011 by   ILLINOIS ASSOCIATE +1 Votes
The managers were always onto us and never said anything to people who actually were guilty or should be kept an eye on. LP harassed us every now and then and when I finally decided to quit and put on my two weeks notice, they called me and told me to come to the LP room while I was on the floor. I went in there and nobody was around and they started asking me questions, harassing me with their words. They accused me of doing price adjustments. I said i could have easily returned the item and re-bought it, it would be the same. They said, customers can do that but u cant... So I said, do whatever u want to do, but i have already put on my two weeks and this is my last day, and I will go now and there is no way you can stop me. They said, ow ok, we didnt know it was ur last day, but boy, what a last day, right? u are good to go.. I said good bye. They used to pay us the minimum wage with no raise for a year i worked there. I opened them around 200 actual macys credit cards and was #16 on the region for loyalties. But they didnt care and never showed any appreciation...So yah, they are "THE WORST POSSIBLE" employers to work for.

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