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LoJack, California Complaints & Reviews - misleading information

LoJack Contacts & Informations


Posted:    bruce swartz

misleading information

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
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United States
I just purchased a new car and was sold the Lojack system. Also a Lojack Guarantee Plus 5000 Warrenty. It was sold to me as, if and when my car is stolen Lojack will pay me $5, 000.00. The misleading part from the dealership was that was all the information I got. They did not provide any documents or a copy of the contract. If I was provided a copy of the contract it would have shown that I do not automaticaly receive the $5, 000.00. I could receive up to "$2, 500.00 in expenses not reimbursed by your primary insurance carrier, ". But what those expenses are or can be is unclear. The second $2, 500.00 can only be recouped if I purchase a another vehicle from the same dealer that sold me the first. The second $2, 500.00 is a clear benefit to the dealer that I paid for. I called the dealer for an explanation and they explained that they are only telling me what Lojack told them.
I called Lojack and was given misinformation on the what I purchased. You will never guess what they ended up saying. Yep you guessed it they blamed what they said to me on Safe Guard (insurance co.). I informed them that I felt (know) that their product was sold to me in a misleading fashion. But after reading the information the installer gave me today I was disheartened. It said no cancelation or refunds period.
But who knows this might be a good product but as of today I have no confirmation on what I purchased and how it works. I am told that I will receive the manual with the information I seek after I install the product in my car. It seems like a ass backwards way of doing business and I got suckered into it.
Comments United States Car Dealers
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 27th of Feb, 2011 by   Solbuckshot 0 Votes
Yeah, I got suckered too. 1400 for a system that does what? I don't even know if the thing is active.
 15th of Feb, 2012 by   Badaving 0 Votes
I had my vehicle stolen while at a dentist appointment in Downtown Tijuana Mexico, just across the border, not even 2 miles into Mexico. After notifying the authorities in Tijuana and the following day at the CHP office, Lojack said they do not recover vehicles that go into Mexico. The warranty is open ended as to the coverage area and this was never mentioned on the sales pitch when I purchased it. I was told that they guaranteed the recovery within in hours or days up to 30 days. If not found then Lojack would pay me $5000 and the dealer where I purchased would match another $5, 000. I thought this was a no brainer with those types of promises. Likewise, no details as to how this Lojack works but now that my vehicle was stolen almost 5 years after it was installed, I find out that their system does not operate under a GPS network, rather a radio-frequency beacon type system. I saw they also offer their system in Mexico and now they say that it is run under another type of system not theirs. They claim over 200, 000 recoveries per year INTERNATIONALLY! This is a rip-off and a scam perpetrated by the dealerships working as agents. Now I find out the warranty only pays out $2, 500 to you and the other $2, 500 to the dealership where you have to purchase another like-kind vehicle. I don't even know how the dealer pays out their promise of $5, 000.
 16th of Apr, 2014 by   Mark Hessman 0 Votes
Don't buy LoJack.After you have it installed it cannot be removed from that vehicle
.If you sell your vehicle and the buyer does not want the LoJack service than you are out the entire cost of purchasing LoJack.
No refunds or transfer to another vehicle.One of their techs could easily move the LoJack unit to another vehicle, why do they not do this?
Also LoJack recovery rates are not accurate and they do not state before you buy that Mexico or any country north or south of the USA is not included in the coverage of the radio signal.What good is that if you live in CA and there is a very good chance your car will be stolen and transported to Mexico?

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