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Live Auctioneers

Posted: 2012-04-07 by    Sabrina G.


Complaint Rating:  67 % with 9 votes
I bid on a lithograph from these people, and when it arrived, it was completely different than that which was shown on their site. Even the signature was in a different place on the print! The colors were all wring as well. I wish I had done my homework. Avoid these people!
Comments United States Arts & Humanities
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 8th of Jul, 2012 by   abarnettceo +1 Votes
Live Auctioneers is definitely a scam. Well, most of the auction houses on the site are fake and selling items with illegitimate certificates from questionable sources. Most of which have numerous claims against them. The auction houses use a terms of service agreement that, simply put, says what ever you read about the items is strictly not to be believed and will not hold up in the case of any authentic certifying authority appraising the value of the item upon which you are bidding. (or something to that effect) I would not use them if I were you. There are one or two auction houses that have live auctions, but you really have to do a lot of research before you attempt to bid on anything from live auctioneers. I purchased some fine jewelry that they stated was valued at $24K in an auction with a certificate showing the appraised value. I will tell you what this one comes up with. However when I contacted the auction house they stated outright they do not stand behind the certification and appraisal. It is sent to a third party for appraising and certifying. For that reason they believe they should not be held accountable.

Auction houses to steer clear of:

SMRJ Auctions
Windsor Auction House

I will update with more information later.

 5th of Feb, 2013 by   Disappointed7777 0 Votes
Smrj auction house stated items were of certain caret weights and items were not even close to statex weight. Said i could return but was gonna end up costing almost more than it was worth.
 23rd of Feb, 2013 by   Unhappy Customer 50 0 Votes
I bought a disney poster off SMRJ with estimated value between $600-$800. It cost me $100 and I've just found it Allposters for $14... DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY!!! See photos for proof.
 22nd of Apr, 2013 by   strife_2013 0 Votes
I was defrauded by SMRJ Auctions as well. They advertised some bank notes that I purchased as "Crisp Uncirculated" and after hours spent on the phone just to get my items shipped when they hadn't shipped after an unusually long period of time, I received treasury notes that looked like someone had eaten their lunch off of them. After weeks of effort, LIve Auctioneers has been no help at all, I have managed only a partial refund. SMRJ are definitely criminal fraud artists and are to be avoided..

As far as Live Auctioneers is concerned there are some decent auction houses but significantly more con artists who will rob you blind. You may not be aware of a couple of things so I will tell you here. There is a forum, on Live Auctioneers, hidden to buyers where auction houses can malign people who don't pay even when they have legitimate reasons. This can prevent you from participating in other future auctions because other auction houses will think that you are the scammer and not the offending auction house. Also, shilling of bids is rampant on Live Auctioneers especially in coin auctions. You watch bids fly past inhumanly fast until the bid hits the melt value of a coin and then wham the brakes go on and 1 bid over the melt value the coin sells.

There is no way of knowing prior to going into an auction, whether or not the auction house is reputable and this is problematic because there are more criminal con artist auction houses on Live Auctioneers than there are good houses. Buyer Beware.
 7th of May, 2013 by   weatherbird012 0 Votes
I bought old coins from U.S. Asset Forfeiture & Seizures, Inc. ..afsaucion at 26910 92nd Ave. NW ste.#209, Stanwood, WA

This might seem petty, but I bid on 20 (twenty) Indian Head pennies...they only sent 19 (nineteen) . After all the add-on fees, each penny cost approx $!.50 each. I contacted the company by phone and email over and over again asking them to simply mail me another penny. They didn't respond. They never answer their phone and they don't answer emails, unless they think you are a new customer/sucker. I asked Liveauctioneers to help, but also, no answer from them.

Earlier, I bought a Roseville Bowl from Skinner for $90. It arrived with a chip in it. Skinner would not answer my emails about the bowl's condition. Liveauctioneers spoke to Skinner about it and found out that it did not have a chip in it in the description. So then I have to deal with the shipper. The shipper quoted a price of $30 for shipping two tiny bowls to me, but actually charged me over $60. The shipping included insurance. But the shipper refused to apply for a refund through the shipping insurance. The most I could get was a $40 refund. I wouldn't be surprised if the shipper went ahead and filed a claim and received the price of the bowl and shipping in return.

I have bought jewelry from USAuction gallery. My "egg" earrings, 2 pieces of GENUINE 6X4mm oval citrine. 24 pieces of GENUINE single cut diamonds .11 carat tw. 3 grams of sterling silver layered with 18K Gold---well, after wearing the earrings a couple of times, the "diamonds" have turned green---emerald green...but they're not emeralds.

I advise everyone to save their money. Only buy stuff in person, not on this auction site
 10th of Oct, 2013 by   TRICIA WOODS 0 Votes
I bought $20, 000 worth of items from SMRJ AUCTIONS and to my surprise the package arrived in a very timely manner after 3 days of making payment. All items were as described and advertised. I would like to commend an excellent customer service who patiently answered all my queries. So far this is the best auction house I ever dealt with. Very good value of money and excellent service, this company is highly recommended specially now a days that it is very hard to establish trust in dealing with online purchases. I will be making more future purchases with SMRJ since they are proven and tested.
 11th of Feb, 2014 by   dmark7 0 Votes
Wish I would have done my research beforehand. Rip off. Items are not what they show in picture. Frauds.
 4th of Mar, 2014 by   ANNE COTTON 0 Votes
If you use Bing to get to Dean Richardson Artist, the painting on the top row, first one on left, is one that is hanging on my wall next to me, now. This is in an assertion by Live Auctioneers. I bought this painting, called "The Man" from Dean back in 97 or 98 and I have many letters I saved from our conversations and the sales.

I can't imagine where they got this picture, although I wonder if I put it up at Eldred's in around 2007 and it didn't sell. Eldred's has a habit of showing paintings as sold for the reserve I placed on them and which the sale did not meet. I found some paintings on artnet or one of the other computer research companies which Eldred said they sold but they didn't. I still have them. They were nasty people to me and tried to steal 5 of my paintings that I brought in and they didn't put up. I had to look everywhere in the their building and found some on the floor leaning against a clerk's desk in the front bull pen where clients are greeted. They never did return one painting and were rude and unapologetic.

Anne Cotton
 20th of Jul, 2014 by   chaser49 0 Votes
Avoid SMRJ Auctions, I won a ring and when it arrived it was different than the picture, way cheaper looking. Was supposed to have an appraisal certificate, never got that. This auction is a scam...
 17th of Dec, 2014 by   Andydainow 0 Votes
U.S. Asset Forfeiture & Seizures, Inc. 26910 92nd Ave. NW ste.#209, Stanwood, WA

This outfit - Aspen Bryan or Bryan Aspen is a fraud.
Runs auctions under multiple names and essentially bids his items
Up. When he made a mistake and allowed a coin to sell below market value he refused to honor the hammer price. This is illegal and he will be fined heavily for it.

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