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lifetime wood treatment, New Denver, British Columbia Complaints & Reviews - phoney ingredients

lifetime wood treatment Contacts & Informations

lifetime wood treatment

Posted: 2011-03-10 by    country side builders

phoney ingredients

Complaint Rating:  71 % with 58 votes
Contact information:
valhalla wood preservatives
New Denver, British Columbia
Phone: 2505382661
why does this wood preservative, (sold as lifetime wood treatment) have old dried mushrooms, basil, dried flowers, and tea in it? thats what we found out when we had it sent to a lab, what a scam!!my house foundation has rotted and now I know why, were starting a lawsuit, lifetime wood treatment rip - off!!
Comments Canada Building, Construction
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 15th of Mar, 2011 by   ROB BAKER 0 Votes
 15th of Mar, 2011 by   ROB BAKER 0 Votes
 3rd of Apr, 2011 by   copano 0 Votes
You're supposed to treat wood with it, not smoke it.

Regardless of what you say it contains, it does change the color of wood soon after application.

Is it a wood preservative?
Not likely, though I have treated decks and docks with it for 10 years and not yet seen decay.

But I wouldn't depend on it for wood in ground contact.

For a natural patina, low maintenance finish which it was meant to be, it works.
 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   mike roco 0 Votes
the person lifting these anti-lifetime ads is a former employee who was fired for stealing 150 thousand dollars from his employer. when he was found out he responded by terrorising the 70 year old lady who owns the company and then threatened to kill his boss. he plead quilty in a bc court and was sentenced to probation and firearms restrictions and a 50 dollar fine!! he then stole the company secrets and started his own company. he calls it eco wood treatment. this dude is so lazy he lifted the same literature, pictures and pricing codes. everything he sats and does is tainted by criminality. bruce reginald mac nutt
 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   mike roco 0 Votes
i think this is a valid entry
 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   mike roco 0 Votes
this person is a scumbag and needs to be outed
 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   mike roco 0 Votes
this dude also owns a company on saltspring island called carley springs. it is for sale right now. he is also in bankruptcy court for failing on several debts and refusing to pay on his mortage. there is also some rumors of domestic abuse. Brice Reginald Mac Nutt
 31st of May, 2011 by   bob bawart 0 Votes
tom wictorin is a thief and should be in jail
 5th of Jun, 2011 by   barri23 0 Votes
the lifetime wood treatment company is owned by, anna wictorin 450 lbs 73 years old and a son called tom the weezel wictorin .mentally insane .thats the whole company.they think they can scam people by putting pizza spices into a wood stain, we no longer buy their product lifetime wood treatment as we have had to many complaints against the product, and understand they have had many legal lawsuits, due to this fraud, cross countryunited builders supply
 8th of Jun, 2011 by   andy carthwright 0 Votes
lifetime wood treatment is a SCAM!!! pls dont buy this product from any stores U, S consumer protection has a claim against tom wictorin amd the old mother anna wictorin both insane!!!
 8th of Jun, 2011 by   canadaina cosumer prtotection agency 0 Votes
tom wictorin is a low life thief that has stolen many companies, they are being charged by canada consumer protection for selling scam to canadian consumers, they will be in jail soon!for putting flowers., basil. dried mushrooms, in a wood preaervative. lifetime wood treatment RIP+OFF!!!
 29th of Jun, 2011 by   knobblie1 0 Votes
so what i'm feeling is that i shouldn't buy this????
 6th of Jul, 2011 by   donnie slegg 0 Votes
I know a bruce mac nutt from saltspring island, he's a homo and he;s also married with children. I know he's gay because my sister found a package of gay magazines he had stashed in his car when the car was in the garage. he also dyes his hair blonde and walks like a fairy.
 6th of Aug, 2011 by   bob11111 0 Votes
tom and anna wictorin are insane and should be in jail!! low life scum . consumer protection are shutting them down and ther phoney company ( lifetime wood treatment is bankrupt !! you sow what you reap, and those that sow for there own sinful nature, from that nature will reap distruction paul 1544 bible go down tou sin ful devil people !!! signed the lord
 6th of Aug, 2011 by   bob11111 0 Votes
tom wictorin had sex with my dog!!!
 6th of Aug, 2011 by   bob11111 0 Votes
hes a dog sex freak !!
 3rd of Aug, 2012 by   david elger11 0 Votes
I have heard that this lifetime company from hill b.c has now been shut down !! cross mnt builders supply
 4th of Aug, 2012 by   BIVT111 0 Votes
COMPLAINTS CALL 250 537 5514 OR 250-358 2712
 4th of Aug, 2012 by   BIVT111 0 Votes
 4th of Aug, 2012 by   BIVT111 0 Votes
R C M P COURT FILE @#$@ = A $$#^ Tom wictorin s court date RAPIST !!!

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