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Lease Finance Group


Credit card lease

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Contact information:
Lease Finance Group
233 N Michigan Ave Suite 1800
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Phone: 866 781-0440
I am looking for any info you may have on a credit card company. I was approached by a sales person from Wholesale Merchant Services in Feb 05. He told me my Hypercom machine was illegal as it printed out the customer card #. I found out later that it only needed to be
reprogrammed. He convinced me to take their machine in its place. Once I had the machine and sent them mine in exchange he then told me I had to agree to a "non-cancelable" lease. I balked and told him I would not. He promised to let me out anytime I requested, so I agreed. When I realized that I had been had by these guys I switched credit card companies. I was charged $800 for this. I'm guessing it was in the fine print. I found that the credit card lease was held by a different company - Lease Finance Group LLC. They refused to sell me the machine or let me out of the lease. This meant paying about 10 times the cost of the machine over the 4 year period. I later had my bank stop the withdrawals and switched to a local bank. They have harassed me constantly ever since. Calling my cell / home / and business non-stop. I am hoping I was not the only dummy to fall for this scheme and am wondering if the Virginia attorney generals office can help me resolve this problem. Any help with this matter would be most appreciated.
Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart
Your Golf Ball Shop
6229 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach Va. 23464
tel: 757 368-0700
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 1st of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree with what you all are talking about Lease Finance Group. They start getting an attitude if you dont have or pay them the money. Then they would even remember your card number and charge you without authorization. I had to switch my card number because of there bad intentions of doing that. I hate them. They are so rude and have no manners when working for that such company
 18th of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Hello I too was scammed and am being sued by them currently when the collections agency failed they sent letter of demand and now the final weapon a lawsuit filed in NYC I live in Illinois in which they have already told me they will get a default judgement and collect back in Illinois. They stole $1000 from my account with out one transaction taking place. They have phoned my home and the home of my elderly mother who is terminally ill with threats. Filing counter suit and responding to court. Attorneys have looked at this and advise to settle and move on. However I am damned if they are gonna get away with it and continue to mess with small business. I googled them when I signed and found nothing bad on them . Six months latter it was all over the web. seems they change their name once the reputation gets around. I would be happy to join you in shutting them down. Not even sure they are USA based seems foreign they have no State affiliation and no morals as well. Not sure settling will work either as then they go and attack you personally under another associated contract whether it be payment systems, global leasing, global legal services, Azura leasing, chase payment tech, entrust bank, secure payment systems, ladco, first american payment systems, global tech or anyone of the other 40 or so DBA s they are operating under. seems to find the effort to extend this extortion. I hear the FBI is investigating them currently. Hoping this nightmare will end and we get the bad guys. This is ruining my happiness and health. We are all tired of this at work. We have cataloged and kept decent records even have the guys license copy who brought this to my door. Turns out he is head of a Chicago Car dealership in financing.Found him on facebook. Plan on planning him in the suit as well he knew what he was doing. Dirtbags all of them .
 27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hi! how about a class action lawsuit against this lease finance group. I think they need a lesson. I have a good lawyer.
 27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
Just email me or call me if you want to sue this company. hdkt.2007@yahoo.com
Wish you all the best.
 27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
This company is also trying to collect from me, but i have a lawyer to deal with them now. If your guys joint in, it will be the best for all of us.
Love you.
 8th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
The Attorney General office in Arizona is planning on filing a class action suit against Entrust Bank Card, Azura Leasing, Ladco, and their other companies. Please contact them and your state AG. 11/12
 8th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
the attorney general office in Arizona is planning a class action suit against Entrust Bank Card, Azura Leasing, Ladco, and their other companies owned by Nathan Reis, Brad Oliver, Rhett Doolittle, and others. Please contact the AG office AZ and in your state. 11/12
 12th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
Hooray! Let's go after them in every state! Also, if everyone who has been duped by Ladco would send a letter to 60 minutes (GMA,
Today, Oprah, etc.) maybe we could convince someone to out the company publicly so we can help other small business owners from falling into the same trap.
 31st of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Our small business also has been ripped off by Lease Finance Group LLC, ; We've paid into their system for over 5 years . Our situation is the same as the comments from wtoy who stated - "I also signed with a merchant the made me agree to terms with Lease Finance Group. The rep said that the machine was a lease to own and after 4 years of a monthly payment that I would own the machine. I paid $89/ month for 5 years and didn't even use the machine. I have since canccelled my services with the merchant and closed my bank account. Lease Finance Group is now sending me invoices stating that I owe them a monthly payment. "They got more that the it was worth. I hope they don't expect the machine back because I threw it out." DITTO!!
If there is a class action suit we would like to be part of it. By the way the monthly statements they keep on sending us still shows the Chicago address but says to "send payment to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
 28th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am also being tormented by this corrupt company. They will not let me cancel the 5 year lease. They said I had to pay the whold term and return the machine as well. I have written to the BBB and sent a letter to the attorney general in New York. They wrote back and said they were looking into it. Still waiting for answers. Meanwhile my business no longer exists and I have to keep paying for this machine which I have used only once. Can anybody give me advice. Please The person who responded form the attorney general office is Judy Blumenberg. Thank you for any assistance.
 25th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
LFG is a company that I believe is terrible we recently had to close our company the Merchant Company Let us Close our Lease with a pymt of 250.00 but then said we needed to call the Leasing Company. We where scammed we did not even realize we where signing two different Leases. My husband is one of the most honest people I know and the Merchant Sales person mi lead him. But LFG will not work with us at all we want to pay are bills and do not want to file Bankruptcy But LFG may lease us to this due to the lack of negotiation and talk about rude they actually called me stupid today. There mus be something as a consumer that can be done, if anyone knows a good lawyer in Texas not to much of course please send them to my email k.wasko@hotmail.com
 25th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes

Lease Finance Group - Lease
United States

I am at my wits end with this company me and my husbance decided to close the company before we would have t o file bancruptcy. And we have been able to negotiate with all our vendors except one LFG they will not budge will not work out a payment plan to so that everyone get a piece of the pie. I dont know exactly what they can do but I need to know what I can do can I sue them first. First of all they have yet to send me this lease and second the Merchant company mislead us that we where only signing a two year lease with them. My husband is very honest and take everyone at face value. So can I sue t hem please help my emai is k.wasko@hotmail.com
 24th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
I'm in same situation with everybody here. We have to do something against the LFG. We can't be victimized by the crook like LFG.
I need advise what I can do to fight this crook. I do not know the how the legal system works in this country.
 30th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
The following information is available on the BBB website fir Lease Finance Group
Hope this helps there is a fraud hotline (at the end of the press release) for information from consumers who have been scammed by them and their affiliates.

According to a press release dated April 23, 2012, The Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced a lawsuit against a group of New York City-based business equipment leasing companies. Schneiderman alleges the New York City-based business fraudulently siphoned millions of dollars from their former customers, including mom-pop stores and other small businesses. Northern Leading Systems, Inc. and its affiliates, which lease credit card processing machines and other equipment, carried out a deceptive scheme to drain over $10 million in authorized debits from the bank accounts of over 100, 000 former customers up to 11 years after their equipment leases had expired, ultimately retaining at least $3.5 million.

To disguise the scheme, Northern Leasing and it's affiliates, Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Golden Eagle Leasing LLC, and Lease Source-LSI, LLC, used a shell company, SKS Associates LLC, to deliberately mislead customers in an attempt to avoid any harm to Northern Leasing's business reputation.

After receiving over 70 complaints from victims around the country Schneiderman alleges the customers bank accounts were charged automatically every month. The leases required customers to reimburse the companies for property taxes and related "administrative fees" Northern leasing claims it failed to collect some of these amounts form certain customers while their leases were still active. Schneiderman also alleges the company could not explain why it failed to collect the amount previously, nor could it show that the alleged amounts were actually owed. In fact, 77 percent of the amounts SKS sought to collect were not taxes at all but "administrative fees"

The Attorney General's lawsuit seeks full restitution for the tens of thousands of former customers defrauded in the scheme, disgorgement of all profits, penalties, fees, and injunction relief prohibiting Northern Leasing and its affiliates from continuing to engage in these deceptive collection practices.

Attorney General Schneiderman encourages victims or anyone with information about Northern Leasing and SKS's scheme to file a complaint with the Consumer Fraud and Protection Bureau. Victims may also call the Attorney General's Consumer Frauds hotline at (800) 771-7755.
 23rd of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
people in business have ever experience with the Fraud lease finance group wish together beat them up to the ground. Get rid of the fraud out of America. i have evidence of the fraudulent credit card processing - Lease finance group. Anyone has evidences of these or evidence of fake signature please email me
Do not sign contract for leasing credit card terminal, that is big mistake you make in your life. Go to Sam club or Costco to purchase Credit card machine and start from there. or apply for credit card processing on your smart phone, save time and your money. or call to Credit card processing Agents who do not need you sign contract, or sign on anything. please remember the fraud bear many other names, if you sign your signature, no matter what kind of paperwork, once they get it and will fake it, you then no way out. Be very carefully.
the fraudulent Lease finance Group even getting grow, stronger. it is true. Please Help us, business people Nationwide to say No to the Fraud by anyway you could as face book, twitter, ..Craiglist, emails.
 25th of Nov, 2015 by    +2 Votes
I am commencing a lawsuit against these people. They create these adhesion contracts with provisions that attempt to circumvent civil procedure and the courts of the new york appear to permit these illegal service of process. They are a rip off and I want to commence a class action suit against them. if anyone is interested in discussing, plesae contact me ASAP. 845-490-2663. My name is Maria from New York.
 10th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
Government should or attorney general should come up front and take action against them because they trap small business or innocent people court should order to close LFC group
 21st of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
I was promised 1%, only if I signed 4 yr lease of $129.00, after 2 hrs on the phone with Brian Fish (the Thief) and Mary Denneno the sales rep who will not help me with the $8, 000 lawsuit against me .I had three different machines that did not work, lfg does not care, they just want the money!!!
! am going to court on March 4 2016, is there any one out there who could help me beat these thieves? ps I was charged 4% never one %.. Call me 719-568-3248 0or 719-647-0667 .
 11th of Mar, 2016 by    0 Votes
We have been fighting these thieves for 3 years. We sent their machine back and stopped payment through our bank, but they still are stealing $85 a month because we have to finish out our contract. Now they are suing us for $3, 600 for lack of payment. We were with Global and then "switched" to LFG. They both work under the same umbrella and all of the companies under SKS Associates are fraudlent, thieving entities. We would love to sign up for a class action suit! They need to be stopped. They give all merchant service companies a bad name and make it hard to trust any of them.
 15th of Sep, 2016 by    0 Votes
I am a victim that learned how to stop them. Mark Mitchell 512-944-9177

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