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Kool Smiles, Holyoke, Massachusetts Complaints & Reviews - my child

Kool Smiles Contacts & Informations

Kool Smiles

Posted:    jlynnayden06

my child

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
Contact information:
kool smiles
Holyoke, Massachusetts
United States
they gave my son a bloody nose, he came out of back room covered in sweat and his face beet red. they denied me to see him till he was finished. even when he asked for me...they were very rude and also ruined my precious boys smile they damaged 3 of his top baby teeth. i am never bringing him back there again.parents beware stay with your child during every visit regardless of what they tell you.
Comments United States Dental Services
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 4th of Dec, 2010 by   protectivemommy!!! 0 Votes
These people are only out for money! Listen to the reviews stay away from here if you love your child. I have taken my 2 yr old there for 2 yrs now all of a sudden she needs caps on three of her front teeth?! Why didn't they say something at the last cleaning hmmm? I seen the xrays it did NOT look like there was anything wrong. I would know I've been to the dentist more than once I know what to look for. Not to mention my little girl LOVES to brush her teeth! My words od advise DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR CHILD IN THE BACK WITHOUT YOU!!! If they give you a hard time mention that they said in the paperrs they don't refuse parents to stay with their children!
 7th of Mar, 2011 by   Diana Rogers 0 Votes
My son had a similar thing happen to him. It was not at kool smiles though. I do agree that if the dentist won't let you stay with your child find a new one. What happened to my son was that of course they wouldn't let me go with him. So be being trusting I let him go alone. I believe he was three or four years old. My son's face was beat red and he had indention's from hands that were holding him down on his head. He was so upset and crying it was the worst experience ever. I can understand the dentist point of view because not all children will sit there and behave, but as a professional and as a doctor they should already realize that when working with children. If the dentist can't or doesn't have the time to be nice and make the child comfortable without restraints than I believe that they shouldn't work with children. Now a days its about how many patients the can put in and how fast they can get them in and out. Which isn't right.
 16th of Feb, 2012 by   NANCY SANCHEZ 0 Votes
my son went throug the same thing he is only 3 and they tied him down, he is terrified, he dosent like going to the dentist at all, i changed them from koolsmiles to another dentist but they are still scared . MISSION TEXAS
 17th of May, 2012 by   lovingconcernedmom 0 Votes
I took my 7yr old son to Kool smiles in Odessa, tx and he was having some work done on a small cavity after they started numbing his mouth with the injection they started working on his tooth so my son started to cry and kick around, in which my son doesn't really complain about pain unless it really hurts him but anyways they asked me to step out because they said he was acting up because of me, so I went out and waited and when my son came out he was dripping sweat, red face and eyes were puffy. Once we got in our truck he said they held im down and the dentist was repeatedly covered his mouth and nose to where he couldn't breath after that I complained to the staff

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