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Contact information:
M&G Kirby AKA Kirby co-of Flushing/Flint
3600 Miller rd
Flint/Flushing, Michigan
United States
Phone: 18107629411
I was suckered into the job just like everyone else. Promises of big money to be made, trips to win, and fast promotion. They lied from the beginning. Telling me i was the to do 15 demos a week no sales and make 400.00 dollars. They said they would have appointments set up for everyone (they did not). They said no door to door selling required (I knocked almost every day). I worked there for 3 months in my first 2 weeks i saw a guy who worked there for 10 years quit, a woman who was getting checks over 1, 000 dollars a week quit, and everyone else that was hired in with me.so by now i was suspicious that there was something going on. Turns out Glen's (The Owner) checks are all bad. He deposits money in his account so that party stores will cash your check then he takes the money out the next day before the checks go through. I was lucky i didn't try to cash at my own bank like some other people that came in. He sexually harasses all the woman that come in (i watched on a couple of occasions). He try's to skim any money he can out of your checks. He still owes me 150.00 dollars that i don't think i'm every going to get. He pressures people to buy the product that he over priced. He pay's 250 for it and sells it for 2200 i've seen them sold as low as 800 by him. ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT OR EVEN JUST STARTED WORKING FOR KIRBY OF FLINT GET OUT AND RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN. hopefully this will help someone not get tricked like i was.
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 21st of Apr, 2008 by    -1 Votes
My mother was introduced to one of Kirbys finest. He gave a 3 hour pressure deal to a 67 year old women this time, said she could keep it 3 days and return it if she decided she didn’t want it. Now they won’t return her calls or come get the 1600 dollar machine that’s not needed for a 500 sq. ft. apartment with 200 dollar carpet she doesnt own. Where are Kirby's ethical and moral minds? I don’t know how to help my mom here except to have her send it fed X with a receipt request, any ideas?
 15th of Nov, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Im really sorry to hear what happened to you. Yesterday I went to my first day of training there and realized what a huge scam it was. You sign no tax forms, never do any type of clock in, and these people are the worst type of scum I will ever meet. The blatently lied to my face over and over, selling their soul for money. I quit that day and wish I went back today just to tell all the other people that were training there how dispicaple that "company" is. I am only 18 but i think that a toddler could realize what these degenerates were up to. But you obviously don't have to take my word for it, just go on more websites of the countless others who have been tricked. Kirby and their employers are absolutely pathetic.

 19th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
About 2 months ago I saw an ad in the newspaper for jobs involving everything from repair to sales and
decided to check it out. Long story short, I ended up in training and the whole thing seemed weird.
They just asked us to fill out forms with our friend's phone numbers and addresses (luckily I couldn't remember mine)
and then we basically had an infomercial play out in front of us; the manager showing how much money you could
make and how great the vacuum was. By the time we got out all of the other recruits were smiling and talking about
how great Kirby was. I felt like I had joined a cult or something. I got out of there quick and finally thought to look it up
now. I'm glad I didn't take the job.
 19th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
Yep, i wasted my time with that cult as well. Lots of baiting and switching, and plenty of brainwashing/indoctrination going on. Those ppl are crazy!
 9th of Mar, 2009 by    -1 Votes
The only way to make this company loose money is have your friends and buy the bacum and pay by check and cancel it the next day. Then you can make a buck by cleaning crpets until they pick it up, the longer they take the more money you will make, don't forget get as many friends and family members if they dont want to do it tell them the story, and by the way make them spend as much time on the demo as possible. they don't have any feelings for anybody why shoul we
 13th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
 15th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Kirby vacuum company is a complete embarrassment to all the honest and reputable sales people. They scammed me and my best friend into working for them. They told us one thing in orientation than kept changing it up to confuse the hell out of us., They tried to keep us for long hours and out in the cold. I hated knocking door to door, we were told to harass the people till they finally were willing to set up and appt. We bailed the first day of work it didn't take that long to figure out that it was all bullshit. You have to be completely retarded to stay and work for them the promises that they probably won't fall through with its all a joke! Kirby vacuum is a very good product, and the manager"boss" Brandon Sedin who is from fruitland, ID is a no good dirt bag! and those mean girls he gets to stick around are all workin with him trying to scam more people to make money for they're greedy selves. I dislike the whole company!!! Do not work for them, please trust that what everyone is warning you about is true!!
 23rd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
So, just wanna join to all this peoples who were being scammed by this bullshit company. I'm screaming here for all "candidates" to be warn them. DON"T SIGN UP WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!. They are just gang of bandits who hypnotize you to "work" with them. They put on your poor head a TONES of lies every single day, promising you to be a millionaire and get promoted right away. DON"T BELIEVE THEM.
My story was pretty much same. They trained us for three days repeating every minutes about tones of money we could get by working here. At day 4th we were "ready" to go. The "crew" has came. Me and the guy that I met over there were about to laughing. So, the "TOP" sales guy (as they called him) was like a gangster. He showed us some sales tactics. Others were also strange. Our "team leader" was drunk I felt the smell from him, horrible :( So everything what they trying said to us seemed like it was prepared before and they just repeating that over and over again. Later, the "boss" started to pass around cash (they called that "bonuses") to those strange guys. We were absolutely sure that later they get back this cash to him!
I'm so happy to quit before starting to expand this scam.
So, AGAIN DON"T LISTEN THIS PEOPLE, just avoid this bullshit!
Hope it's gonna help someone.
 12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've worked for a reputable Kirby distributor for four years. I understand that you are all in different states, working for different franchises, but I just wanted to take a quick second to stand up for the Kirby Company and the hundreds of people who manufacture Kirbys in Cleveland Ohio. Kirby is not a scam. It IS a commissioned sales position and certainly differs greatly from Jobs with hourly compensation. Anybody who works for Kirby longer than a month or two has a better perspective on "the Kirby opportunity" you have all heard so much about. The ultimate goal of any Kirby sales person should be to become a factory direct distributor. Overthe courseof fiveto ten yearsas an average distributor you can profitmore than a million dollars- for sure. As a dealer $400 a week is a very very (honestly) attainable commission. But, it will likely take two months to of learning and experience to be consitently profitable. I would encourage any self reliant self- motivated person with confidence who aspires to be in a position of leadership to apply your skills at the Kirby trade. At the very least you will have a better understanding of what it means to be "in sales." you can make some great friends and have fun climbing the Kirby ladder. It feels great to succeed.
A quick hitter for those of you who ARE happy Kirby dealers/ crew leaders- My crew and I read the Kirby "horror stories" almost everyday on the way to the field. I would love to see more comments from Kirby people!! Stop letting the people who worked for Kirby for one two or three days talk about us like they actually "know" what we are "too dumb" to figure out. These people have nevereven sold a single vacuum. My team has sold over a million dollars worth- how about you? I'm Marco brown from grand rapids Michigan, aka, VACULA. Marcobrown@alumni.bowdoin.edu hit me up, my friends and I have a facebook community for bonafied Kirby people. Careful though, it's a cult! Haha.
 29th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Before you start posting complaints, you should probably get an education.

First of all, not every Kirby office is owned/operated by the same people. Secondly, it should have been the distributor running away fast. You have to remember that you are the one with no job.(or education for that matter) Shameful to think that Kirby wouldnt even of wanted YOU. No need for weak, indecisive, unworthy, lazy, unambitious, drama creating individuals. You shouldnt toss around judgement when you have failed. There are people all over the world whom have supported their families, purchased homes, vacationed, put their children through college, and created lives all from being faithful to the Kirby business. So, until you know something about that, you should find something productive to do with your time. Possibly find a job. Good Luck!
 29th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
You are not stating your case well. You look uneducated, ignorant and stupid. Too bad someone found out what kind of person you are and called you out on it. Kirby doesnt want you anyway. Go get a job.
 12th of May, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Same Kirby Vacuum scam going on in Saraland, AL. Young people are recruited with deceptive ads on craigslist. The ads are placed in a way that mature people do not apply. Ads offer loud music, fun, etc. They train for a couple days then put on the road door to door. Girls are sexually harrassed and no one gets $400 to $600 week as advertised. Its straight commission. Guys make sales then told "you do not get anything for B credit sales only A credit. These kids work from 8:30 am to past midnight. I guess they use young people for a couple weeks to make sales, keep their commission and by that time the kids figure out the scam and quit. Then... they recruit another group, train, sell, keep their money, they quit and they recruit another group.
Google Kirby scam and so much comes up. Check out mosspoint, mississippi scam. Thats the guy in Saraland, Alabama now.

I know two young people who was scammed by this.
 2nd of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Beware of Kirby sales scam - they reel you in to get in to your house with a pitch that they will get a free vacation or some kind of credit just to let them show you the vac.

The salseperson showed no ID, gave no buisness card, had no Kirby shirt, the van had no authorized Kirby signage (it had Kirby written in crayon on the window!)

Even though you say your not interested and won't be buying one (I told the salesperson I had just bought a new Bissell carpet machine and a Hoover Whirlwind) - But they make you feel sorry for them saying no one else has let them show their vac today and they will get a free vacation or some kind of credit and you don't have to be interested in buying one but you will get a FREE carpet cleaning. A TOTAL LIE!!

They lie to you and tell you you don't have to buy anything to get a FREE CARPET CLEANING but they end up only cleaning one very small area for the sales demo.

Again they lie and say the demo won't take long but it takes at least 2 and a half hours! You will have trouble getting them to leave when they were there too long, they get dropped off and tell you they have to wait for the driver to come back. You will have to demand they leave and kick them out.

I did like some things about the kirby, (it seems to have an amazingly strong suction and is supposedly made in the USA) however it is way, way overpriced and I wouldn't give this scumbag company a dime because of the way they choose to have their product marketed, I don't care how good it is!

I say "they" because if you look at all of the other posts on the web you will find that all of these exact same tactics were used over and over by other Kirby salespeople with other consumers, that tells me that these tactics are part of the Kirby sales training!

Also beware they will use an authorized subcontract distributor sales company who in turn could hire (without their knowledge) any criminal scum without a background check to come in to your house, or even worse the salesperson may not even be an authorized Kirby salesperson at all, or may be a scam artist trying to sell stolen Kirbys or just take your money or steal something from your house.

The sales people were asking too many personal questions. Beware of anyone you let in to your house, they see what you have and they could come back (or have someone else)later to burgularize your house!

Kirby Company is scum of the earth for allowing these sales tactics to be used.
 26th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Warning: SCAM in Kansas City, MO. I arrived for orientation in a makeshift home/office. Bad feeling from the start. Lies and inflated incomes where abundant. Then Neal Sanchez decided to inform us of their "drug policy"::

"If you bring your drugs to work... we will test them {out} !"

When we got through training... the real "fun" started.

Sales meeting was supposed to start at 10am... that's when I showed up. They played loud profane music for 45 minutes before anyone decided to say something. At 12pm the "managers" had everyone stand up and sing a Kirby song with many foul words to "pump us up". By 12:15 we were headed out to the vans. The door slid open and a 45 oz bottle of Old English Malt Liquor rolled out of the passenger side of the van. It was opened and had about 1/3 of the beer left in it, which spilled out a foot away from my shoes. I was furious. They crammed us into a hot van with no AC, and everyone but me was smoking... what exactly, I don't know. More cursing and intoxication on the ride out. Door to door in the hot sun. My "team leader" lied to every door he knocked about MY name and HIS background. During the canvassing, I asked my "leader" John if he was married. He told me he was divorced with a son. When we finally hit a house that let us in, he lied to them to get the sale. He told the customer that his wife had died, and that he was an honest, hard-working single dad. Pressure, and more pressure for the sale. I was instructed to not say a word. 5 hours and 22 minutes later he closes the sale after many calls to a manager. $800 bucks. Which means no commission for me, the "dealer".

Stay away from these foul animals! Trust God's direction and your conscience!
 2nd of Aug, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I worked for Kirby for over 10 years, as a sales rep, team leader, recruiter, and a Distributor in Training. All of the above stories are ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I finally quit because of all the horrible things going on, I couldnt put up with the horrible behavior anymore.

I worked all over the US and the South East was the worst. Ex: Georgia, and the Carolinas. Total criminals, stealing, drinking, drugs, sexual harrassment happens daily, lying to customers and salespeople is rampant.

They dont have a set price for the Kirby, but rather only the most a customer will pay. They prey on the elderly as easy targets, which is why Kirby was forced to have a policy called THE GOLDEN AGER CLAUSE. This states that anyone over the age of 65 will have up to a FULL year to return the products for a FULL REFUND!! If they local office refuses to refund, all you have to do is call the HQ in Cleveland OH and they will force them to do so. They are required by Kirby to handle any complaint within 24 hours! The Golden ager clause is mandatory!

The Kirby Co has been decreasing in morals and ethics at an increasing rate since I started. The horrible behavior goes all the way up to at least certain Vice Presidents.

I can not stress enough, to keep your loved ones away from this company. The product is exceptional, but the pricing behavior is horrendous, as is the people who work for Kirby.

Kirby Company in Cleveland sells the Kirby's to their Factory Dist(FD) for about $350, plus an optional $100 (Profit Protection Plan-PPP which is refunded at the end of the year back to the Distributor), They then sell the Kirby to their Distributor in Training (DT) for about $560, who then, generally, allows the Sales Rep to keep any money he can over the price of $1000-$1300 but to be split with the Crew Leader/Field Manager(avg $200/sale) and any Canvasser ($50-$75 a sale).

So, if a Sales Rep sells a Kirby for $2000, the FD makes about $100-$500, the CL/FM get about $400, any canvasser gets about $75, the Sales Rep gets the rest minus tax and any financing charge of about 10%.

So the FD can sell a Kirby for $700-$1000 cause he/she is the only one making money off the sale.

The trip contests the Sales Rep are working for are real. They are usually a 4 month contest. What happens on the vacation trips to unsuspecting new reps is horrible. It doesnt happen to every new rep, but if you are very attractive, either male or female, you stand a high probability of someone date rape drugging you to sodomize or rape you. Numerous people are involved in this, as it has grown to be quite the insider dirty secret. Look up the date rape drugs, scopolamine, GHB, ruffies, and such.

They drug you various ways from in your drinks, to putting the drug in squirt guns and shooting you, in the food you eat, cigarette smoke, and sticks of chewing gum. The most insidious method is putting scopolamine type drugs in the hot tubs which they gets absorbed thru you skin. You are then in a state of sleep walking that is totally disinhibited followed the next day with no memory of any lost time or what happened to you while under the influence of the drugs. This is how they can get away with it...repeatedly.

I have worked at many different Kirby franchises and have only found 2-3 that ran a clean business. However, they would rather live in denial of such behavior rather then face the truth...

Money rules.
 8th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Sept. 7, 2010 Kirby sweepers needs to be out of business and I am taking it all the way the the police, government anyone I an to shut them down. They told my family member well can you spend some of your food money. Also used her bathroom. We had to call the cops on them and then they were know where to be found.
 21st of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I just recently, (yesterday) quit my job at Kirby. I was hired on, went through the 3 days of boring training, and dealt with all the blah and blahs of the job. I too was suckered into the "win trips, earn thousands of dollars in a week, become you're own business leader" deal. The money sounded great, the vacuum was awesome, everything was great. Upon training i was told we would be "dealers" and get paid 1, 600 dollars base pay a month. The last day of training we find out that in order to get the 1, 600 you have to perform 60/demos a month. I started my first day (Monday, 12/20/2010) and from the minute we started i was unhappy. People who had been there almost a month had only made 15 demos, and were out knocking on the doors everyday. I personally was told i was being hired as a dealer, but the minute we got in the field he gave me flyers and told me i needed to go cavass(door to door). It was only 30 some odd degrees outside, raining, and starting to get dark, and i had already went through a whole neighborhood and got nothing. I couldnt do it so i just walked off and called a ride to come get me. they buy the vacuums so cheap and sell them for 2, 495 saying they can go lower depending on low income people but its a fucked up company. the vacuums are great if you are looking to get one, i just would NOT recommend anyone to EVER work for Kirby unless you are ready to walk around for 9 hrs a day knocking on doors!
 3rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ok soo you people must work in the worst citys. Kirby is awesome. I work in utah and I get 2000 a month sal for being a dealer rep even if I dont sell but if I the actually sales rep sells to the people I am showing too I get more money. The people are great. No sexual harassment and my manager has taken us out for dinners on his dime to show us how much he appreciates our hard work.
 11th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
Tas pendeja tu sabes bien que esa pinche compania nomas tu usa y no te da la feria que mereces.. No seas mensa, aver cuanto tiempo tienes trabajando con ellos.. porque yo tambien trabaje en kirby aqui en Utah y estan locos todos que trabajan ahi no te miento.. ese chino es bien psyco de veras.. ponte a trabajar en una compania que te da futura nina eh yo te lo digo de experencia
 5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am proud to say that years ago I sold Kirby vacuums.  To be honest I hated it at first.  I was smart enough though to realize why settle for doing 15 demos without a sale when I could sell one and make 400 possibly. So I took the opportunity serious.  I just came home from jail for previously selling drugs and did not have a opportunity anywhere else, so I had no choice but to make something out of nothing.  The product is like no other and to this day I own and clean my house with a Kirby.  The product will really sell itself but it's hard for anyone to consider buying something from someone who doesn't believe in it them selves.  So I decided to believe and rather than mope around all day and complain I decided to try thebest I could.  Instead of knocking doors and waiting on a canvaser to get me in I made it my responsibility to create my own demos by getting in a house quickly!!!  Never prejudge just find someone to show, be honest and ethical and ofcourse pitch your contest!! This contest is what enables us to give the customer the desire to purchase it TODAY.. Instead of complaining about a leader dropping price so I didn't make commission, I got really good at doing a great value building show so the owner always thought it was more than it actually cost.  I pitched investment, investment, investment!!! It will pay for itself.  I learned how to close deals on my own so I could get top $$$ and if I had to give money away I gave it away myself!!! And on occasion I sold them for low prices only justified by them trading in a very expensive cleaner or older Kirby.  And though I didn't make but $25 on those sales it helped in other ways.  (1) there are weekly bonuses that can be hit for 3 or sales or more so I would make up for it in bonus.  (2) I have taken trips to Los Vegas, Miami beach and other places due to that one or two sales that I needed that I would not have had without the low priced sales. (3) nothing sales kirbys like kirbys being sold.  At times I would be in a rut/negative wondering what the heck I was doing but I would sell one and may have not made money but was delighted in helping someone own a Kirby, which motivated me get back on track and make more sales.  As far as promotion, I knaw all about it!!! After only 3 months my distributor threw me the keys to a van and said I could run a crew for the day.  We went out and sold 3 that day and I was a team leader from then on.  Actually I didn't get good at selling them until I had to teach someone else because my income relied on there ability to do the 6 must so we would have a chance to both make $$.  So I did what any successful person does.  I took responsibility!!! First I created a environment that others would want to work with my team.  We cleaned the van daily while dealers were in houses.  I had a no smoking policy on my van so we all didn't have to suffer from 2nd hand.  We practiced hard rehearsing and role playing!!!  We were a team and we all succeeded together.  I'm proud to say that in my first year there was 41 weeks left in the year and I made over $1000 a week 37 out of those weeks.  I made over $2000 in a week on several weeks!!! How? I dedicated myself and took responsibility for my own paycheck!! They even have a add a buddy program were you can get your friends to sell them to and every 10 sales they make you earn a free one!!! I had all my friends and even girlfriend at the time selling them!!  If you had brung 10 people into Kirby and they all sold 1 a week you could make a free Kirby a week!!! Yes put all the profit in your pocket besides paying finance fees or a leader if someone assisted in the sale.  You have to learn to work it for you!! As for promotion again I was promoted!! Only this time I was opening my own office!! As a distributor in training were I could build my own team !! This was after only 13 months!! I am proud to say that after two years I was promoted to factory distributor!!! Were you get to purchase directly from the factory!!!  Now I see people complaining about how low they really cost Amd how high they are sold and all the mouths that get fed on a single sale.  All I can say is thank you America!!! It's called communism!! We live inthe land of the free were nobodys like myself at the time who made a mistake in my past was able to find a opportunity that didn't hold my future hostage because of my past!!   And look around!  There isn't a product around you that isn't marked up 100s of % by the time all the middle men get there peice.  After all that I am proud of saying I am sad to admit after all this success I ended up getting out of Kirby due to my personal life.  If your personal life isn't right it will reflect in your business.  So I closed doors.  Kirby is so wonderful that they have programs to earn free kirbys along the way so when you open your own office you have inventory to start with.  I started with 10 free kirbys and when I closed owned over 40 kirbys which the company is willing to even buy back so your not stuck!  When I look back it was faith that got me through.. I know all about working 6 days all day.  I know all about knocking doors in the rain or in 1 foot of snow!! But those days happen to be the best days!!!  Now I can relate to all the negativity that I'm hearing because I fell victim to stinking thinking and closed down.!! I started thinking,  I'm working to hard.  To much. Kirby is to this and to that!! Bla blah blah... And I quit.  Just like the rest of the lazy folks who want / expect something for nothing that I'm reading that are complaining.  I simply took it for granit!!  Only difference between me and you was instead of believing someone else opinion that I don't even know I said I'm gonna find out what it's all about myself.  Instead of being a quitter within days and look for all the excuses I found ways to say I can!  The best difference between me and you is that I made $1000 of dollars, took trips, won contest, gold watches, bought a Mercedes!! All through the Kirby opportunity!  Best part is the training I received through all of it was priceless!!!   Did I mention I was only 22-25years old during my career in Kirby?!  So I didn't know what I had.  I was in a position to make 1, 2, 3, 4 hundred thousand a year!!!  Who makes this kind of money??? Doctors! Lawyers!  But what did it take for them to achieve it?? 10 years of school.  In dept up to there ears.  To earn a degree and still not be promised a J.O.B!!  It's 20 -30 years later by the time the make the big bucks.  I was able to realize the type of income within a few years.  But I had to pay the price!!  We all want heaven but you got to die to get there!!  I'm now 31 married with 3 kids and I realize what an opportunity I had.  Since I left Kirby I did it all!!! MLM, sold home improvements, became a realtor started multiple business adventures.. Still to this day have not found anything as good for an average Joe   As the Kirby company opportunity!!! I can't even mention all the perks of becoming a direct distributor ( it's confidential) if you want to find out the real cost and perks become one.  I'm praying about it and think I'm ready to embark on this opportunity again and become that multi million dollar entrepreneur that I'm destined to be.  Lastly there are bad apples in every bunch.  I was fortunate to be with the right distributor!! Your distributor will make or break you and the organization that I came up in which is the best I know of and am proud to say is "Travco Enterprises" of York Pa!!! Hope this helps combat fears of anyone who is serious about there future and looking into a career with Kirby..  Best of all even if you get out of Kirby.  Stick in it long enough to earn credibility from your distributor because once you put you sold Kirby vacuums on you resume expect to get plenty of calls because selling Kirbys is one thing that all sales fields/recruiters  RESPECT!!!  Why?? Because they once tried it and QUIT themselves.  ;) good luck "KIRBY WE ARE POSITIVE"

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