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Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC Complaints & Reviews - No refund received!

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC Contacts & Informations

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC

Posted:    Santosh Patil

No refund received!

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 61 votes
I travel occasionally by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) and it was a welcome relief that they started offering online booking service (www.ksrtc.in). However its sad to see that they have absolutely no customer service contact (no telephone number and email id for refunds bounces back!). Recently while booking tickets due to some problems on their server my credit card was charged though the tickets were never booked.

Now the fun of the situation is that there is no way to contact them!!! Now I am calling my bank to dispute the charge... I hope they wake up when the bank knocks on their doors - maybe that's the way they expect refund requests to be made :)
Comments India Travel & Vacations
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 16th of May, 2007 by   phaneendra 0 Votes
I am using KSRTC services daily from Silkboard to marathalli.

The ticket fare is just 8 or 9 depending on the type of the bus . but the remainging change they dont give usually. Today I asked the lady conductor in the bus no fa599, KA01 she told i will give u at marathalli but when i asked in marathalli she told me i had no change then I told her dialy ur conductors are doing like this only u did the same thing then she scold me in kanada she really scold me badle and she beat me with her cash bag then i told her move back very seriously then she reacted like u came from andra Andra people came Karnataka to beg why because the did not find money to ear there in Andhra. And I will kick u from Karnataka to Andhra. Then i did not talk anything i took the bus no.

According to me these companies are not owned by a karnataka guy if u take TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS one of them is not founded by a karnataka guy its an international wide and if u take satyam and infosys are founded by Andhra people only. And I hope some of the central government employees and IAS and IPS officers from Andhra and combination of 28 States thats not only in one state thats not the prosperity of anyone thats only combined prosperity thats INDIAS.

Let us think about the future of INDIA and ONE rupee per head daily 2 rupees the money the conductors taking is THE NO OF PEOPLE USING THE KSRTC SERVICE *2 they are indirect thefts.

Thanking u,
Phaneendra (lady)
 24th of May, 2007 by   Madhu R 0 Votes
Hi Santhosh,

I faced the same issue regarding the refund, but i manage to get a phone number.

Call up this number and tell your PNR number, they will put back the money. Make sure that you know fluent Kannada, or take the help of any of your friends.


Thank you,
 29th of May, 2007 by   Ajay Shenoy 0 Votes
Yesterday i was trying to book tickets through the website and i got the following error: "Seat(s) selected earlier is already booked or is released. Please Contact KSRTC to get your money back with Your Booking Reference Number."

The problem was because of this ICICI payment gateway which took a long time to transact and tickets that i booked got released by the time the transaction happened. They give only a time frame of 7 minutes to block the tickets.

Now, they have no phone number to contact and we are supposed to send a mail to onlinerefund@ksrtc.org. There has been no response at all for more than a couple of days.

Anyway, i will try contacting 9980915076/77

Thanks Madhu.
 29th of May, 2007 by   Ajay Shenoy 0 Votes
Hi madhu,

Thanks for your help with the number. He says the money will be refunded in a couple of days.
 9th of Jun, 2007 by   bunny punia 0 Votes
I booked a ticket for a KSRTC bus (mumbai to davanagere) via their online site. The site says the bus will drop the passenger at Davanagere bus stand (Davanagere BS). I had booked the ticket for my mother, but when the bus arrived and my mother was about to board the bus, the conductor bluntly refused to drop her at the bus stand. The problem is that the bus reaches Davanagere at 5am, and the conductor said she will be dropped at the By-pass. Isn't this sheer negligence? When the website says Bus stand, how can the conductor refused to it? KSRTC charges 830 or so bucks for the service and this is how the staff behaves!
 18th of Jun, 2007 by   RIYAZ.A 0 Votes
I have booked my e-ticket From Chennai to Bangalore. I have given my Friend Credit card no. for booking my ticket. I have selected my seats and i type the Credit card no. I got the message as the seats are already booked. I want to get back the money from the bank by giving the reference no.

I want some solution for this The amount Rs.980 to be get back.
 5th of Jul, 2007 by   Ramesh K 0 Votes
Me having the same "ticket-not-booked, card-charged" problem. And no response from onlinerefund@ksrtc.org. Thanks to Madhu, let me try the phone numbers. Thanks also, to Santosh. I was concentrating on contacting KSRTC, but disputing the charge with the card issuer sounds more promising :-)
 6th of Jul, 2007 by   Pravin Pattewar 0 Votes
I too faced the same issue. The ticket was booked, seat number confirmed, credit card charged but when i went to board the bus, i found that, the seat is alloted to a different person and in the conductor's list - my name, PNR number nothing was there... On top of that, the conductor told me that, its a fake ticket... this is ridiculous...
 9th of Jul, 2007 by   Arun H.Kulkarni 0 Votes
Please keep the bus clean avoid smoking and splitting, eatables and pieces used for same like papers plastic or carry bags should be thrown in dust bean at bus stop. This is request to all KSRTC passengers. I will also request KSRTC for the same that all conductors in the bus can force passengers to keep the bus clean. Also the window glassless are not smooth to handle please do it properly and the seats are not comfortable for long distance traveling. Fixing fo these will help the neighborings state passengers to travels through KSRTC bus service. I noticed all these while traveling from MUmbai, Pune to Solapur route to Bijapur & Gulbarga. And try to keep accurate timings, Hotel stop are very much bad on these rout.

Here at Indi depot Rodgi and now a days Khedgi bus are leaving 5 to 10 mins earlier than departure timings.

Hope will get a better service,
Thanking you.
 11th of Jul, 2007 by   Pravin Pattewar 0 Votes
After some investigation and calls, got this info:
Mail to: awatar@ksrtc.org

Send your scanned copy or screenshot of the online booked ticket. Your KSRTC site login name, PNR number and other journey details.

Call on to check the status:
KSRTC customer care number - 99809 15076 or 99809 15077 or 080-22385848 (bangalore) .
 21st of Jul, 2007 by   Mohasithan 0 Votes
I booked e-ticket from bng to chennai and my seat number was 45. When I just get into the bus, there was another person who also having the ticket for the seat no 45 and the bus timing, trip code are same. We wonder how come this happen? The departure time was 10:30 p.m. So there was no inquiry counter open. The contractor told me that my ticket got canceled and the other person's ticket vaild. I surprise how this happen without my knowledge.

As I do not know Kannada and they do not ready to argue in english. Finally I took another ticket and arrived chennai. Now I am hunting for the KSRTC responsibilities...

I am happy to see this board to vet my angers...
 12th of Sep, 2007 by   Prasanna Subramaniyam 0 Votes
I was booking 2 tickets from Chennai to Bangalore on 30.08.07. I entered my credit card no details and all the details every thing to purchase the tickets. After i entered the details, the confirmation page with ticket copies were not loaded because of KSRTC server problem. Website address www.ksrtc.in. But the amount was deducted from my credit card no that time. When i checked my booking history the tickets were not there. Those corresponding bus and the seats were booked. So once again i booked in the same bus in for alternate seats. The same problem happened and my amount got deducted from my credit card. Hence as per the amount deduction i have booked 4 seats because of server problem and i went by a private bus that day to Bangalore. Be careful with this faulty system!
 12th of Sep, 2007 by   Dattatri 0 Votes
I was booking 1 ticket from Thirthahalli to Bangalore on 01.09.2007 for 16.09.2007 journey. I entered my credit card no details and all the details every thing to purchase the tickets. After i entered the details, the confirmation page with ticket copies were not loaded because of KSRTC server problem. Website address www.ksrtc.in. But the amount was deducted from my credit card no that time. When i checked my booking history the tickets were not there. Those corresponding bus and the seats were booked. So once again i booked in the same bus in for alternate seats. The same problem happened and my amount got deducted from my credit card. then I tried to book ticket from Shimoga to Bangalore for 16.9.2007 in Airawatha but then it is the same problem. Neaxt day I was booking 3 tickets brom Bangalore to Pondicherry for 3 persons from my SBI Debit Card, same problem. So totally there were 6 transactions faild. Hence as per the amount deduction i have booked seats because of server problem and i went by a private bus that day to Bangalore. First of all KSRTC has to make the system that if the transactions are failed, it should not debit the amount to the passanger. Now what is that they sholud do is to refund the amount even before we ask them to refund. That will be great.

Contact No 9845469433
 13th of Sep, 2007 by   Arulkumar 0 Votes
But i got a reply from the mail id. they promissed me to take necessary action.

Let me check and let you know.

 17th of Sep, 2007 by   Sujith Balan 0 Votes
I tried to book a bus ticket from Kannur/ Cannanore to Bangalore using the www.ksrtc.in website, but due to some technical issues the ticket was not booked and the website returned an error message. The ticket charge of Rs. 306 was charged for 5 times from my credit card. I wrote many e-mail to the e-mail ids provided and no reply. As usual no response from onlinerefund@ksrtc.org.
They really sucked me. I am going to challenge the charge with the card issuer. Also I am thinking to approach the Consumer forum and file a case against KSRTC on this fradulent activity. It is unacceptable.
I would like to know if any one interested to jon with me for filing case?

 5th of Dec, 2007 by   Satish M R 0 Votes

I booked tickets from Pune to Bangalore through RedBus in Pune.The charge was 860 RS.After some day one person from Redbus asked called me and told that the bus fare was hiked by 200RS from KSRTC and i need to pay the remaining amount or else cancel the tikets.I really surprised by the kind of bussiness KSRTC is doing.sucks man
 10th of Dec, 2007 by   Rinto Anto 0 Votes
How we can check KSRTC Ticket PNR Status , tell me the site link!
 18th of Dec, 2007 by   Vijaya Krishna 0 Votes
I booked a ticked on ksrtc.in, and I got a ticket, but was charged twice. Booking histroy was showing only one ticket.. I wrote to onlinerefund, and got a prompt reply within 2-3 hours saying they will check this and revert. But after that no response at all, even for reminders for more than a month. Finally I called up 9980915076, where I got a referrence code, and this person asked me to write a mail again to onlinerefund, with the reference code. I have done that now. Let me wait and watch. Will update you about further developments.
 23rd of Jan, 2008 by   H.S.MAHESWARAPPA 0 Votes
i want ticket booking online, please inform me or send me a message how to book the ticket online
 13th of Feb, 2008 by   M.Ramakrishna 0 Votes
Hi i am using KSRTC service everyday from Hosur to Bangalore. I found one KSRTC Express bus (from Salem to Bangalore bus) conductor taking the money without giving tickets. Every day he earns minimum of 400 to 500 Rupees by not giving tickets to more than 20 passengers especially on monday he earns more. This vehicle comes to Hosur by 7.15 AM. The Bus no is KA-40 F-192. Higher authority people can take action on him to save the KSRTC money. I found this on 12-02-2008, my ticket no is 000741. Ofcourse he has not given ticket to me also but i asked and collected from him. The ticket cost is Rs.31 but He gives discount of Rs.11 and collects Rs.20 to make people happy. Kindly take necessary action.

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