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JTV Jewelry Television, Vermont Complaints & Reviews - Bait and Switch

JTV Jewelry Television Contacts & Informations

JTV Jewelry Television

Posted:    Justice to All

Bait and Switch

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 62 votes
Contact information:
JTV Jewelry Television
United States
In addition to decieving the public by selling fake gems, JTV continues television broadcast, everynight, using Bait and Switch and Theft by Deception techniques. Yes, I fell for the mixed gem stone scam where you get 100 carats or more for around a $100. These are no the gems stone shown or told about. These are the "crappy" stones of about the same color and damage they don't want. They shown an array of everything from "A-Z" you'll recieve in the mail. JTV told me that it wasn't guarented that I would get the better stones. But they continue to show you will recieve them on TV. Good thing the FTC take and investigates consumer complaints.

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 12th of Oct, 2009 by   nellenen -3 Votes
I bought TOO much from JTV .. BUT if I had a problem .. they took it back and I was credited almost immediately .. I became one of the HIGHEST buyers there .. I had a personal shopper and got friendly with one of the top buyers .. Oh did I spend money .. I paid a LOT for some gems . .always got a FREE appraisal . FREE shipping .. 20% off .. the appraiser is one of the buyer's sister .. I think she appraises as any appraiser would . IF the appraisal was not at least double what I paid . back it went .. now I no longer shop there . I think they are going down hill or falling off the hill . Scott announced earlier that he was going away for a while . do not think he said vacation . they have let TONS of employees go . their VAULT has dwindled to nothing . they had vault shows .. showing VERY expensive and unusual gems .. that did not last long . I think they got too big .. tried to grab the brass ring of the gem world and then the economy began to fall . and they began letting people go .. if you watch now .. they rerun shows constantly .. what was sold out earlier is now back on sale .. how do they do that? . Well, they had more than the few and rerun the show .. so they stamp it sold out again and maybe it is .. I think they should just shut down .. I would never buy anything from them again .. wish I could get my money back for all the things I bought over the years .. Where is Scott going? .. heard he was in jail for a while .. doubt he is going back there . but who knows .. I do not know if it is true or not . but did see a picture of someone who looked just like him .. different name james, I think .. definite double .. it is in the knoxville paper someplace. My advice would be stay away from JTV and do NOT send them your gold for cash . take it to a local jeweler and get the BEST price.
 9th of Nov, 2009 by   ANGELEYES -2 Votes
Ditto! and the Gold Exchange is the lowest out of the three places I tried. So avoid JTV, JTV Auctions, and the JTV Gold Exchange...You will be glad you did!!!
 25th of Jan, 2010 by   AZSkye +1 Votes
Wow - 3 angry people without even ONE legitimate complaint! They are angry that goods were not as expected, but JTV gives customers a no-questions-asked 30 day return policy. Nellenen complains he bought and bought from them, that he received appraisals for at least 2x what he paid or he returned it, but now does not buy from them since they changed with the economy? Can't help but wonder if a relative was laid off ...

JTV is like any other company in this economy, and did lay employees off. Complaints that they are not like they once were, are childish and churlish, and have no place here. No one is like they were 2 years ago!! And to "suggest" that one of their employees is or was in jail without any facts is vicious slander, and should be edited out!! These complaints sound more like "buyer's remorse"as they do not contain any real issues of fraud or scams.

I have been a JTV customer for over 8 years, and have purchased and returned thousands of dollars of jewelry or gem stones, and they have never refused to accept any returns, even a few that were more than 30 days. Yes, I too, fall subject to the "impulse" buy, and that is what all the shopping channels count on -- but lets make sure the anger is pointed at the right person!! JTV is a for-profit corporation, and treats its customers more than fairly in comparison to many other enterprises.

Like everything else, you get what you pay for from JTV. Buy from JTV - they price their items fairly, but please, don't always believe all the hype a sales person says. Have your jewelry or gems appraised by your jeweler for a neutral opinion. And if you are disappointed, send it back. These complainers have not said anything that is verifiable or substantial that JTV did wrong!
 22nd of Mar, 2010 by   bankerlu +1 Votes
I agree with AZSkye...I have been a loyal fan and member of JTV for almost 3 years and have NEVER had any complaints about the service or quality of merchandise!! Listen... it's like anything else in this world...sometimes you luck out with your purchase and sometimes you don't and when you are NOT pleased you can send it back for a refund...I have returned jewelry past 30 days and WITHOUT a receipt and it was credited back to my card or checking account with no problem!! I understand that SOME of their sales people can be just a little annoying and get "mucho excited" about everything they are selling but that's what sales is all about...Some people are cut out for it and some are not!!! Everyone has TWO choices in life and no one is "twisting" your arm to buy anything!!
 10th of Sep, 2010 by   JtvSucks -1 Votes
Jtv is horrible... such a scam.
 3rd of Oct, 2010 by   DUPRAW +1 Votes
Like everything else in the world. If you don't like it send it back. I have been buying from JTV on and off for the past 15 years, and have returned many items that didn't meet my standards, and I shop very wisely "a fool and his money are soon parted, " as the saying goes---or buyer beware should be the case in almost everything you buy these days. If you don't like what JTV is selling CHANGE the channel, no one is twisting your arm to watch. I do have to agree that they do seem to be going down hill, witch is to bad, cause at one time they were the best thing since peanut butter. I do admit I only watch them maybe on the adverage of once a month, only for a few hours, and seldom buy anything now. I usually get borded and change the channel. GYPSY@OKC
 16th of Dec, 2010 by   shelly mb +1 Votes
I have been shopping jtv for a few years. I think they have improved over the years.I have bought many beautiful pieces.The only things that I would remind customers is to check on the sizes of the jewelry that they buy because they seem larger when magnified and also I wish that every piece of jewelry be tried on the host so we can see how it looks when worn. Also, we should remember that this is a tv channel jewelry and not 5th ave. in New York City.
 22nd of Dec, 2010 by   no jtv -1 Votes
I have been one of the largest buyers at Jewelry Television. A few months ago, I purchased a 6mm round chrome diapside for nearly $100.00. Tonight, with all their confirmation that the prices have gone up, the same size and color saturation sold for about $20.00. Just hurry up and be a fool. That's what they want you to do. DON"T BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS. You will regret it as I have. Oh my. I even called to ask for an explanation to no avail. It really is futile.
 24th of Aug, 2011 by   Steve Arnold +1 Votes
I am sorry to those individuals who have had a bad experience with JTV . I have shopped with them for a couple of years now and have not been disappointed. It just takes a little homework to find out that the quality of gems they sell are fair considering the quantity of gems they sell. If you don't like something send it back, why complain? What more do you want? You can examine your purchase and send it back without question...what is the problem people? Do you whiners just want Diamonds for the price of Quartz?
 28th of Mar, 2012 by   tdbz +1 Votes
I like JTV and have enjoyed most of my purchases. My biggest complaint is receiving what I ordered I have never had as much trouble with any of the order places. I keep sending email on purchases I have not received and have canceled several of them. There is still a lot of orders I have not received and I am on the verge of canceling them I don't want too but I am tired of waiting, I am trying to figure out if I want to order from them any more! I have never had this much trouble before! It is ashame because I like what they have to offer especially loose gems. I like buying the semimounts and making my own jewlery and none of the other TV sellers offer loose gems. HSN use too along time ago but the person that offered them retired so they haven't brought back anyone else to do it. To respond to "no jtv" I have seen price differences but usually that was a big sale.
 9th of Aug, 2012 by   sucker 1313 -1 Votes
I recently returned 2 rings to JTV. I was still being billed for them though, they keep telling me "oh its been credited to your account" really both rings are still accumulating interest with no payments till december. Decembers coming up and I guarentee I get billed for them. I just spoke to an operator who says they did me a favor putting the credits towards my interest, without asking me. Isnt a credit card a credit card im paying 29% anyways what is she talking about, Its a scam I will never order from them again, if its to good to be true more than likely its a scam. I asked to receive paperwork on this agreement I will be turning them in to the BBB you cant make up your own rules as you go im furious Im going to pay in full the balance and I better not hear from them ever again.
 22nd of Dec, 2013 by   Annmarie Perkowski -1 Votes
Many years ago brought a loose gemstone. A bixbite. Recently brought it in to have it set into jewelry. To my surprise I was told it was not a bixbite..Was miffed!!!
 17th of Apr, 2014 by   Jason Cintron -1 Votes
They have now run out of gems but with all the stealing and i do mean straight stealing I use to buy alot of gems and get good stuff but since Jerry passed on they are no good. I got the sam square step cut purple Madgascan .70ct Sapphire it was supose to be a ..70ct blue princess cut Madagascan Sapphire and i even was on the list when they got more to get one they never called instead they put them on stretch pay and was not included.This happened 4 times I am the dumb one but even getting money back it still is a month later they even switched a blue Opal with a green and pink they had in stock close to the weight but I know there inventory I had to get the senoir buyer get my gems any way the opal but still never got the Princess cut Sapphire because its worh at least $1000.I even order a .75ct round blue Sapphire in the middle of the auction they changed the entire weight of the .75ct to .60cts know ing the .75cts are over close to .88cts they really took the entire inventory of .75ct srillanka round blue sapphires and turned them in to .60cts stealing a large amount of gems i have all this on record but I refuse to turture my self with these losers I did get alot of good stuff from them htat will or would never get for the price I paid but that was almost three years ago. All the Tanzanite is gone the Eethiopian opals are gone and soon will JTV because they did not lidten to the truth about the bait and switch no just switch also they never made a purple square step up cut sapphire it came from who ever kept stealing thems collection it was not all bad but they made money and so did i but down hill it is off the cliff. JayC
 4th of Jul, 2014 by   Tommy Thomas 0 Votes
I started buying from Jewelry TV about ten years ago when they sold products in 10 and 14 ct gold. They had some fine jewelry items and jems. Their diamonds were always low grade and I had to return many items for poor quality. Some were literally industrial grade stones. Fine if you wanted to sharpen a saw. In the last couple of years they virtually stopped selling gold items and focused on plated or sterling silver merchandise. They keep saying that gold is at an all time high, but pure bullion is only at 1320. Ten ct gold is only 40 percent pure and 14 ct it just over 58 percent. Do the math, it sin' that high anymore. Their products have have become costume jewelry sold as high quality. Sad. When the quality was higher I could overlook the poor grammar and bumpkin drawls, but I have found other sources for fine jewelry. I wish them the best, but I have dropped them from my favorite channel list.
Tw, California.

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