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Posted:    simon lewis


Complaint Rating:  79 % with 24 votes
Contact information:
United Kingdom
I wish to complain about tuesday nights episode of emmerdale (13th november) between paul & jonny. I was physically sick after the show & during the night ended up with nightmares. I have always been a big fan of emmerdale & have visited esholt when it was being filmed their, but the story lines have gone downhill in the last few years, i don't know if i want to watch it anymore.

I would have thought this episode would've been shown after the 21:00pm watershed with warnings about it's content. I intend to take this further & want to know what you intend to do about it. The program was sick.

I want a response.
Comments United Kingdom TV, Music & Video
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 17th of Dec, 2009 by   isabel reid +1 Votes

After reading about a forthcoming episode of Emmerdale where Debbie will burn the bag of money which Cain extorted from the "Kings" I find repulsive. In this disastrous credit crunch year, surely the writers could have thought of a better way to deal with this rather boring predictable line. The character could have stuffed the money into envelopes and posted it to various small charities, or to people in desperate need.
Perhaps more believable the writers could have taken into account the "victims " of the crime...i e the Kings themselves...and a form of justice given to them with the return of the remaining money.

If Debbie is trying to bring her parents together there must be many other ways of doing it and not through this method. Perhaps you can come up with a second scenario...that it was only a top layer of money and the bag was filled with paper rubbish...But to burn it is an abhorrent way of getting rid of it.
Not well Done.., scriptwriters.
Your rubbish plots are becoming too bizarre...i.e Is Aaron struggling with homosexual tendencies, another worn out plot... which the viewers do not need to be put through again. Leave the character alone...obnoxious... loudmouthed...yes - slightly troubled...but definitely very attractive to some females.
Try dealing with deeper issues... Colostomy for example...when Diane had hers it was literally swept under the table...this operation affects patients in ways you cannot imagine.
Contact the... Colostomy Assoc. for further info.

One last point I have watched Emmerdale from the first episode.

Yours sincerely,
Isabel Reid. ( Mrs)

9, Meadowbank Gardens.
Wellbank. Angus.
Scotland. 01382 - 350914.
 17th of Dec, 2009 by   isabel reid 0 Votes
 26th of Feb, 2010 by   bramiller -1 Votes
I have watched Emmerdale for the last 30 years, and have hardly missed an episode. I am complaining about the episodes shown on February 25th, in which you have shown BLACK PEOPLE in a negative light yet again. Yes, a robber, kidnapper, crook. I have longed so much to see blacks in my favourite show, even though it would be rear to see a black family in those parts; but there are some that do live in villages and remote areas who are not dysfunctional, bent coppers, fiesty barmaid, factory workers and Rodney's helper.
It is quite unrealistic to have sharma and sharma sweet factory in a quiet quaint village. Hotten would be a better location.

There are many black christians; you have a village church!? Black people can sing/entertain; you have a pub!? Many blacks are highly educated.

I hope to see better storylines for blacks or maybe you should just pretend that we do'nt exist.

I am very disappointed and may stop watching soaps completely, rather than resort to eastenders or corry.
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   Marjorie Weir 0 Votes
I am not happy with Friday 12ths episode to do with Tootsie, I am an animal lover and have two dogs off my own, but this episode made me so angry, if it was crackpot, neurotic sally that took wee tootsi that was thrown from the car, it really upset me and made me feel sick as you should know that these type of situations happen in real life and with you showing that it made it look as if you were saying it is okay to do this, I found it so upsetting and I was disgusted.
I personnally think you have lost the plot with your story lines, please get the dog situation sorted out because if I watch it tonight and Tootsi is dead, I will totally do my nut withyou.
I love Emmerdale and have been watching it from the very start but I am getting sick off some of the horrible storylines, it was the same with Eastenders when poor Willard was locked in a cupboard, I lost the plot with that as well.
Stop using children and animals for your storylines.

From Marjorie Magullian, Glasgow, Scotland
 16th of Apr, 2010 by   Peter McDonald 0 Votes
Please stop showing 2 gay men kissing it disgust me if you kept on showing it I'll never watch it again
 16th of Apr, 2010 by   Peter McDonald 0 Votes
Please stop showing 2 gay men kissing it disgust me I'll never watch it again if you kept on showing it
 12th of May, 2010 by   Mrs Lynn Dale 0 Votes
I am complaining about all the drinking in emmerdale every time i watch it if there not in the pub drinking ale there in the house drinking wine ever likely there is a lot of alcoholics
 24th of Sep, 2010 by   MrsWannerton 0 Votes


The episode of the thugs dog covered in blood getting in the car has physically made me vomit all night. How could you show such things on a family show?

Let me explain further... I am a dog owner of a small puppy, also suffering with high anxiety. I fear walking my dog in the park on a daily basis, for the very concern of my pup being attack by another dog! Are you trying to make me agoraphobic? A show like Emmerdale is a FAMILY show and has basically put the idea out there to real life thugs and bullies to get a big intimidating dog, encouraging such acts! That show has left me sick to the stomach and unable to sleep. I am 30 years old and reduced to tears so god knows how many child viewers have reacted to that scene! It doesn't have to be graphic to leave people with nightmares.

I am beyond furious that such a disturbing storyline has been aired and will no longer be watching the programme.

Mrs Wannerton
 14th of Dec, 2010 by   coley12 +1 Votes
I am complaning that you are making a big deal of having a down syndrome child i find it sick it is horrible i dont know weather i am going to watch emmerdale no more i find the director sick!!
 3rd of Jan, 2011 by   p&j sayner 0 Votes
most people do not want to see gay kissing and stuff of either homos or lesbians never mind corrupting young children the soaps are going to far and i hope they lose loads of viewers
 11th of Dec, 2011 by   mr martin 0 Votes

ITV - rugby union
United Kingdom
Phone: n/a

no rugby on tv all on sky what do we get 1 hour of high lights and yet it is you who are at every game .you have all the itv channels on sky no so why don, t you put it on one of the not the hd ones ?
 3rd of Jul, 2012 by   tash30 0 Votes
i just at to write as i have been an avid fan of emmerdale for sometime now but am now dissapointed of the whole ashley story line. yes i understand the story line needs to be shown but come on things are getting a bit out of line. i think the whole thing is over dramatic and needs to come to an end!!
 27th of Dec, 2012 by   tractor tom 0 Votes
I just watched the episode where Camerons van got burned out. His van is a volswagon the van that was burned out was an iveco. Why is this if ye are going to burn out a van. Why don`t ye burn out his proper van not an old cheap second hand van. I`m very unhappy about this whole situation.
 18th of May, 2013 by   Susan Munn 0 Votes
Can you tell me why when Zoe the vet went into the surgery to look for drugs to use as painkillers on the shelf were Locec which are used for heartburn in humans why are they on a vets shelf what are they used for?
 17th of Oct, 2013 by   Debbie Hill 0 Votes
I want to complain about emmerdale the currant storyline is disgusting its teaching people to kill and its too vilant and its on too early as kids could see that think this program should be took off now
from Debbie Hill
 23rd of Dec, 2013 by   Gordon Banks 0 Votes
I enjoy watching Emmerdale but the ongoing clergy story is beyond belief and does not even come anywhere close to reality. It is utter nonsense and shows that someone has not even bothered to ask some very basic questions. For example a new vicar is never appointed by a previous one. The closest this could come to be reasonable would be if the Church was an Independent Chapel, but then we wouldn’t have a bishop involved.
 15th of Jan, 2014 by   Dizzyblonde 0 Votes
I am upset at the story line that is going on at the moment with poor old Sam and Rachael, being set up by Charity and Declan.What has happened to forensics as if surely if the jumper in question would have had more fibres than poor Sams and also it was in the washing basket at the time Charity was there with Lisa.So please writers lets see a bit more reallity in the programme and Declan and Charity get their comuppance.I used to enjoy watching Emmerdale when it was called the FARM but now its more like Coronation Strret and Eastenders which i dont watch anymore.If these story lines dont change for the better then this will be the last time i will watch this so called programme.
 17th of Jan, 2014 by   Dawn Hewitt 0 Votes
The script writers have got it so wrong in this idiotic and bang out of order storyline.1) How dare they pick on the most vulnerable couple in the village who are a great example to people all over, they love each other and are kind and work hard . Use that as an example, don't destroy it...2) The Yorkshire police must be fuming to be portrayed as bumbling idiots, AGAIN !3) There has been too much violence, and law breaking for a village that has no more than 20 houses in it. Get it back to before, get rid of those new script writers, who seem to be able to write one type of storyline, criminally based. .Get the humour and more realistic, gentle story lines back in. I stopped watching Eastenders for this reason and I have been watching Emmerdale when it was Farm and had Joe, Sam, granddad etc. in.
 18th of Apr, 2014 by   kevin turner 0 Votes
I want to complain about the fire and how de clan and charity is getting away with it I hope they are proud of teaching children to comit crime and get away with it what about the victims I say take emmerdale off air for good I hope other viewers agree with me after all children follow soaps and cope it
 23rd of Oct, 2014 by   Allah harvey 0 Votes
Hello there, I am writing to you to tell you that I'm not liking how emerdale was filmed on tonight's show. It's to fast, you can not see what is going on. Also I do not like the storyline with charity my brother and sister are watching this and she's drunk and locked away in a shed please do something about it thanks.

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