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Contact information:
IQ Data International
Everett, Washington
United States
Phone: 425 609 2000
This agency never sent a single notice of an account in collection, which allowed substantial interest to accrue on the account. Once i found out about the collection when checking my credit report, i contacted them to ask them to provide a written notice or invoice, which never arrived. They insisted that i give them numerous phone numbers and my employers name. I did not give them a real phone number. Instead, they tracked down my parents and began to harass them, demanding that they make my pay the account immediately "or else" and if i didn't "then i'd be sorry. " i have since called the agency to complain that i did not receive notice of the collection and they refused to resend the notice and threatened me with civil action. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the agent hung up. How can i pay the account if they wont even provide documentation of the collection? This company needs its license revoked.
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 25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I disputed mine with Transunion and Experian and both found that they were reporting false information and deleted it. Then they send me something with a return address of sunnyside, WA/...haha but the post office stamped it in Everett, how dumb and the notice had waaaaaay different information, they can kisss my ass. I dont contact them because I know better now they can keep trying to collect this money the only reason they havent filed a judgement is cuz they know they are fucked due to the fact i have areceipt of payment and now I have it deleted from my credit report...hmmmm.
 5th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
This company is ridiculous. They have no proof of any debt which is why they cannot submit you any type of documentation. Do not even bother hiring a lawyer to deal with these people. Go on your credit report and dispute any items that they have added to your credit report. You can do this via online or mail in a statement to have your own words. The credit bureau will investigate it and from experience, will remove it from your credit report because IQ DATA INTERNATIONAL has no legitimacy whatsoever when it comes to your debt. They have 30 days to give the credit bureau the information they need, and trust me, they do not have what the credit bureau needs. It will be taken off of your credit report and when they call tell them you have hired an attorney for the matter, and you will not speak to them directly. Tell them any contact needs to go directly to your attorney and anytime they call you from now on will be documented and submitted to your attorney. They don't know if you really have or not.. and trust me they won't bother you if they know what is good for them because EVERYTHING THEY DO IS AGAINST THE FAIR CREDIT ACT.
 11th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you have any written proof, or need assistance with a claim because you would like to take further action against IQ Data International dba RentCollect, please contact me in private at: seattle.consumers@gmail.com.
 12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
My name is Stan Snyder. I am the Compliance Manager with IQ Data International. We are, of course, concerned when we see individuals complaining about our representatives. Feel free to contact me directly with any complaints and/or comments and I will respond accordingly. The number to reach me is (888) 248-2509x 1289
 12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Stan, You are full of it.
I filed a complaint with the attorney General and you LIED to them and stated my phone conversations with Shannon showed her being completely professional.
You are a scam artist and I will see to it that you are put out of business!!!
 12th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
IQ Data doesn't have the technology to have every call recorded, and this is NOT new information. They record calls from senior representatives every now and then, but most calls that are recorded are done on the newer reperesentatives so it can be used for training purposes. So make sure that you keep a copy of every statement from the AG office after your complaint has been sent/answered, because Robert Stanley will try to use call recordings as an excuse. IQ Data will do anything to protect Shannon "Harmon" because she collects the most money in that office. Mr. Stanley also failed to disclose his communication is from a debt collector in his previous post.
 16th of Apr, 2010 by    -1 Votes
So I posted earlier about my issues with IQ Data. I explained that I contacted the apartment I rented from who was the cause of my debt to this collector. I told the apartment that IQ data would not settle and they were horrible to deal with. There corporate sent emails to IQ Data. I got a call from the apartment and they told me they will now settle and to call back IQ Data. I spoke with Jill and she was very pleasant. She offered me a settlement I could afford. I asked about it coming off my credit she said once the amount is paid your credit report will be updated in 21 days. She said if it wasn't to call them back and they would deal with it. I trust that it will come off and that the company has changed there ways. I called the apartment complex and said I would like to rent from them again. Obviously if they were disputing the charges they will know its been paid. I suggest to all of you to call the company behind the debt. Have THEM deal with the settlement cause in my situation the issue was resolved in just a few hours.
 20th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Iq data and parent company Rent Collect Global are based out of Everett Wa & Tempe Az. The tempe office has 10 local numbers they use to scam people into thinking its not a bill collector, to answer the phone. 2 of those numbers are 480 968 6708 & 480 967 2243. The TEMPE office does NOT have call recording capabilities. so if you deal with them be sure to record the call yourself. Make sure you know your laws in the FDCPA because they break the laws on almost every call because they are not recorded. the Everett office calls the tempe office and has them 3 way calls so the local number will show on your caller ID. The manager in Tempe is awful! and as can tell her job is up for grabs on a job site. Her name is Stephanie Gorla. If any of you have had to deal with her you all know like i do she is a bad person. Also they can sue you. dont think they wont. but keep in mind your balance has to be over 1000 in most states so if they say they will sue you and its under that you know your bluffing. I have done my homework on this company when they tried to double report to my credit and they said i owed money that i had receipts showing i already paid. I am filing a report with the AG and im getting a lawyer. They also disclosed all of my personal information with my neighbor and my 25 yr old daughter who is in a completely other state. 3rd party disclosure is a big NO NO and im going to make sure they get whats comming to them for sure. Hope this helps anyone. OH and your precious Shannon Harmon used to be a partner in the company. maybe thats why she gets the royal treatment.
 20th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
as far as recording the conversation, it is illegal to do unless you notify them that it is being recorded...
if you don't, it won't matter what they said on the phone, it is not admissable in court in *ANY* of the 50 states.
 13th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been dealing with these yahoo's for awhile now, i have filed a lawsuit for FDCPA violations, several FDCPA violations as a matter of fact, no that i have won that i am on my way to file a class action lawsuit against them, anyone who would like to join in please email me at Goddess31083@yahoo.com . Please make sure to make some sort of reference to IQ Data in the subject line. Although i know suing them wont change a whole lot, it will satisfy me, they have been trying to screw me for a year now for a debt thats not mine, as they stated to me, it is your exhusbands debt but since you are the stable one we are coming after you! So i said ok i will do the same. It is a huge long story and dont want to bore you all, so moral of my story is lets get together and really stick it to them this time, hopefully they will shut down for good this time!! Cant wait to hear from you all!
 25th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hello There everyone I agree on the complains I myself am having the same problem The girl Alex Cook stated that she would not report me to the credit bureau unless i paid the balance by the end of may and if it wasnt paid in full she would reports me so I go and pull up my credit report and find that they had reported me since The beginning of may (Liars) I didnt start to get suspicious until they all were giving me attitudes and making these dumb threats to me. I owe a balance that the Apartments sent over to the collection agency which is IQ data I get the balance and as Alex Cook is tryin to force me to pay as much as i can I did I paid half but unfortunately im unemployed so my EX is the only primary income provider not to mention i have a child to feed. Well we couldnt come up for the other half for the month of may here goes the threats she states she will garnish my wages and file legal issues. If i pay half of the balanced divided in full they would still honor the deletion of my credit score now that im reading all the complaints i dont beleive so i call her back the same day to ask for some sort of documents stating she would remove my reporting never recieved a call i still have a balanced owe of almost 1500 and im trying to pay it and make payment arrangements but their being rude giving me threats and i dont know what i can do someone please explain and help.. I dont know too much about my rights therefor im looking into to them andhow about i can remove it off my credit since i know they wont after the balanced is paid in full. My email is Fatpigs@juno.com if anyone can help me out I have another email but i do not wish to post it because it has my full name.

The guy Stan needs to stop posting comments that he is here to help i dont believe you can help if your company is full of sh*t and you know it if anything your making things worse and digging a bigger shit hole for yourself you wont be able to dig out.
 13th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
This company is so full of s*** it is unbelievable! I too would love to jump on the bandwagon to take this company down! Let me know if you guys need help to. Contact me ASAP! I have a few good resources.
 17th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well here is my story and i am also looking for an attorney, my sister and i rented in apt in ca, we got a 3 day notice, not because of money owed, but because my mom came for a visit and brought her dog, which was a violation, so we moved, not owing them money, so they sued us but we never got notice cause we had moved away to anthoer city, they kept our 2300 dollars security despoit, sued us for 2900 and got a judgement, so that was in april 2008, now in april 2010, this IQ DATA files a breach of contract for not giving 30 days that we were moving out, ? they gave us a 3 day notice, so why would we file a 30 day notice to move, they filed civil suit for 6000 ? i filed and answer and said we did not breech, because we were given a three day notice, the court rejected my answer because i didnt pay the filing fees, so i sent in a fee waiver so that case is still open, so then this week, they filed the exact same suit in another court, except this time they added breech of contract and added interal structural damage ? no way we only lived their for like 5 mos, and the place was nice when we moved out, , so i don't see how they can file another complaint in a different court but changing the reason after getting my answer ? so the apt already got all their rent while we were there an additional 2300 from the depsoit they kept and a judgement for 2900, so how can this company come out 2 yrs later and file 2 summons in 2 different courts for an additioanl 6000, , , this has to be illegal, , , i am in Ca, , , help i am looking for a class action against them
 21st of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Have you contacted the Property Management regarding what they are doing? Who is the management company?
 23rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well, finding this thread is a HUGE relief. I got a call today from a man who did not tell me his name, but sounded very indian, maybe some kind of middle eastern...? He tried to force me into paying $1, 100 today or they would've taken further action on my account. He then proceeded to tell me that he could do a settlement for $900 and hold my account til June 28th. Only stipulation was that i had to pay $25 today and the rest would automatically be withdrawn from that same account on Monday the 28th. I explained to him that it's almost impossible to come up with $900 on 5 days notice. After he was started being rude to me, i requested that he transfer me to a supervisor, in which at this point he was going to file me as "failure to pay" because i didn't give him any payment Information. I eventually got thru to a supervisor named Bryan...? He was willing to share that his office was based out of Everett, WA. I requested from the supervisor that he send me proof of the debt he was collecting. Is this really going to be filed on my credit and if so what do i do? The indian guy said that if it does it will be an 8% interest rate PER DAY! WTH!? Someone help me. I'm kinda scared.

BTW, the indain man told me my credit score, is this a true score? i mean, i doubt it is but i just need to know if they can do that.
 25th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been dealing with Ken, and he is very up and down. One day he is very rude and aggressive and the next very cool and collected. This company is barely skirting the laws every time they call.

I have been harassed at work numerous times after I gave them my home phone number and asked them to stop calling me at work as it threatened my job. Ken kept calling.

They some how found my parents number and called them for three days harassing them and threatening to sue... My parents have nothing to do with this!

I have been documenting everything that has transpired since first contact, they claim they have been dealing with me for over 3 months but in reality they contacted me for the first time 1 month ago. I asked them to send me a paper invoice and they said they might get around to it when they choose. I did receive it 2 weeks later.

They say they will not make payment arrangements unless they have a bankcard or credit card number?? I don't want them to take all my money at once so i have not given them one yet.
 28th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
They have many ways to locate any of your reletives and they love to do it around thanksgiving so they can call all of your reletives and have them all give you messages at the family gatherings so you become so embarrassed about it that youll call in and pay just go get your family out of your problems... they feed on it really. Unfortunately they will sue if they have enough info on you. They will call and verify your employment and find out where to serve your documents at work... They dont care if calling your job makes you at risk of losing your job all together.. They just want to get you mad or embarrassed so youll call back. btw. they have caller id. so if you dont want them to have your cell phone or work phone or home phone.. i suggest blocking your number. This company makes me sick and everything they did to my daughter is just wrong. They 3rd party disclosed everything to me when that is a BIG FDCPA no no and then tried to say they told me nothing. My daughter and I know they are lying out their asses about everything how else would i know all of her information? Stan Snyder is the Compliance manager and deals with the Attorney General and any complaint calls... But somehow they always seems to win... Only their Everett office records calls. So if you deal with their Tempe Az office they dont record calls. So you can use that against them. They sure use it against you... They say anything they want because they know they arent being recorded.. Oh btw the Tempe office just downsized from 10 people to 4 people! So you guys that are taking them down little by little GOOD JOB! They deserve it!.
 28th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
They actually don't have caller id. They would invest money into recording calls first which they hardly every do. If they do, it's every once in a while, and only on the new hires. Fair Debt Helpers is a good source to look into if you know they have committed an FDCPA violation(s). There # is (866) 339-1156. I would also send a complain to the WA Attorney General (and the AG in your state as well), but he is a Republican and hates collection agencies. Every little bit helps.
 28th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Let me start off by setting some of these statements straight...first off niether office has called id, so the only way they will get the number your calling from is if you tell them. No employee is allowed to tell you they will garnish you or sue you but they will tell you they are proceeding..ok good!! DO NOT ever give your employment info or current address unless you want repeated calls, calls to your job, or mail you dont want. They ARE NOT allowed to call you at work if you tell them not to, and if they do you can SUE THEM!! If your relatives tell them not to call they cannot continue to call them either!! They HAVE to send out what is called a VALIDATION notice if you tell them you never recieved a notice about the bill and if they refuse you can SUE THEM!! They tell you calls are recorded but they rarely are only on occasion and with new employees...the compliance manager that keeps posting on here Stan Snyder is a joke and lies the company through its Attorney General complaints stating calls are recorded and collectors are always professionsal.. Attorney General compliants can be requested as well and will help in any lawsuit you are trying to start, they have been a great asset for me and my attorney loved them as well... You can call all day long but you will get nowhere with the staff or the managers there...almost everyone at that company is a drug addict or drunk down to the VP and Owner of the company. They really do think they are untouchable but what is coming to that company is far from being untouchable. Every law they break can be up to 1, 000 in your pocket, and file as many complaints you can to the Washington State Attorney General on there website...
 28th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
After Much harassment by "Shannon Harmon", I filed complaints with both the WA and CA attorney Generals offices...
Unfortunately, when Mr. Stan responded to them he siad that kind of activity would never take place, and if it did, the rep would be terminated on the spot...
so they both dismissed the complaints and told me to go pound sand...
Even though in one of her abusive rages, Shannon called my wife a C.U.N.T.

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