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Posted:    Valerie

Bad product

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Contact information:
United States
Email sent to Omnipod/Insulet. Makers of my insulin pump.

Intentionally left public so that others can see if they google the company

I've given this company EVERY chance in the world trying trying trying again.

I'm *done*. Their product is a great idea... and I love the idea but I'd much rather use another when I get new insurance with my new job. I refuse to feel like shit because their product keeps failing.

I want YOU GUYS to know... We're a large community and I don't want any of you to make a wrong decision to go on the pods.

Here's my letter to them:) (sorry for wall of text. limited to 1000 characters on their e-mail form so I sent two...)

I started on the Omnipod this year. I have had nothing but problems with pod failures, resulting in extremely high blood sugars and feeling very poorly. Your reps have been nice but I have yet to see any change in the way the pods work. On average I am having a 50% or greater pod failure. This is unacceptable. Of all the pods that have failed I have gotten only three occlusions. Those I understand. The other failures have been due to something else.

I have gotten all the replacement pods and a few extra to keep trying.

However, the last three pods have failed. My blood sugar last night before it failed? 410. Changed pod. Corrected with syringe. Blood sugar this morning? 483. I bolus with the PDM and a shot now. In my 11.5 years as a diabetic I haven't seen these numbers until I went on the pod. It's not my insulin, it's always the pod failing. And when they do fail? I'm out a ton of insulin. I don't have the money to keep this up.

Pods are a great idea, but poor in reality.

I don't know how to convey my disappointment with your product. I expect medical equipment to work and work well. Not have a 50% failure rate. If I were less vigilant about my blood sugar checks I would be in trouble.

Read the diabetes message boards. I'm not the only one with a large failure rate. I read a board last night where all but one of the members was averaging a 30% failure rate. How is this acceptable to Insulet?

I read "when it works well it's great. When it's not it's miserable". I agree with that statement. Great idea, terrible implementation.

Diabetics tend to share the good and bad about pumps. Insulet has a very bad reputation because of your failure rate.

I hope that others have better luck then I did. Unless something major changes with the pods I will never go back.

When I get new insurance I will go with one of the other major pump manufactures that are reliable.

Good luck, I hope you can make great changes and the failure rate goes down significantly.
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