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Instant Tax Service Complaints & Reviews - Fraudulent claims

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Instant Tax Service

Posted:    Realme2010

Fraudulent claims

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 54 votes
I worked at an Instant Tax service, so I can give you guys the full truth about what's happening. I started working at an Instant Tax Service, because they pulled my resume from a popular job search website. I never actually applied with them. I took the job, because I wasn't receiving any calls from other places and I needed a job.

So they scheduled me for an interview, and shortly afterward I began training. I didn't know very much about taxes, and I was probably the youngest one in my class (Early 20's). I signed up for customer service. My main job would be greeting clients, making copies, answering the phones, and filing/looking up documents. They tried to convince me to become a tax preparer, but I never felt very comfortable with it. Anyway, we were all supposed to take a tax preparer test. Customer service was excused from taking it, but I had the option of taking the first two pages just to see how I scored... so I did. Come to find out a couple of weeks later the IRS sent me a tax preparer id without me even completing the test. Several of my classmates didn't even pass the test, and they became tax preparers. That should let you know how shady this place is!

I only worked at Instant Tax Service for a month, but while I worked there everyone that I worked with either quit or got fired. That's how horrible it was! They had us telling the customers so many lies. One was about the RAL. Basically we were told that no one would be approved for the holiday loan or the RAL, but we were supposed to tell people that they didn't "qualify" for it. The thing a lot of customers weren't aware of was that if they applied for the RAL or the holiday loan they were automatically put through the system and forced to file with Instant Tax Service. The owner of our franchise and several other Instant Tax offices also told my manager that if a customer came and changed their mind about wanting to file with Instant Tax Service she was supposed to disregard that, and file them anyway. She said they would change their mind! Yep, illegal I know.

So basically we were telling people that they didn't qualify for the RAL or the three-day returns, so they would automatically roll over to the 10-14 day wait. When the 29th came (The day the returns were due back in) only about half the checks were in. They wanted us to lie again, and say it was the IRS and they were the reason for the hold up. The people were calling the IRS, and asking them about the hold up and they were telling them that it wasn't with them it was with Instant Tax Service. I was then told that they should come in the day after the 29th. The phones were ringing off the hook with complaints and questions, and I had no idea when people would be getting their money in. People were coming by the minute cursing us out asking where their money was.

So I said if I come in on Saturday, and the checks aren't here I'm quitting. I come in on Saturday and not only are there no checks in, there are customers waiting in the lobby, and corporate still hasn't told us when they are coming in. So the manager and I cleaned up the office, and left. I don't know what they are doing with money, but I believe they are pocketing some of the money. I already know they are charging all kinds of fees that aren't necessary. I wouldn't be surprised to see this place on the news. They scam so much!!! I've never told so many lies in my life to people! I needed a job badly, but not that bad. I would go into work shaking and afraid I was going to get attacked. I may be out of a job, but at least I can sleep at night and there are other jobs out there.

The funniest thing though is one of managers never had a job (At the age of 33), and Instant Tax Service made him a manager!
He was eventually fired for a no-call- no-show. What they didn't know was that he was selling children's social security numbers, and profiting off clients. I remember my second week I overheard a manager and the franchise owner talking about how much we (The employees) didn't realize how many lies we were going to be telling. I didn't understand what they were saying then, but I fully understand now. Before my final day I heard that people from the IRS had come down to the main office, because people were complaining so much. I don't know what happened with that, but I hope they get caught. I'm so happy I never prepared taxes and trusted my instincts.

Please everyone stay away from Instant Tax Service. They will and are stealing your money!!!
Comments United States Employees
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 7th of Mar, 2010 by   Dave Dubrucq 0 Votes
I am a former employee of Instant Tax Service too and I agree with a lot of the business practices you spoke of in your complaint.

I am in the process of filing a formal complaint the BBB if I need additional back up how can I reach you for further assistance?

Thanks Dave
Contact me at ddubrucq@yahoo.com
 21st of Jan, 2012 by   cunningham74 0 Votes
This happened to me..
I went in to try and get the holiday RAL that was being advertised and I only had my last check stub and I advised the preparer this was not my only job she said no problem. I was told I didnt qualify so I had signed a paper stating that I didnt want my taxes prepared by them. I was going to do it my self for free. I started getting calls from them in Jan which I didnt answer thinking they were just trying to get me to come back in. Then I got a voicemail from a manager telling me to respond immediately so I called back. Evidently the person I had seen in December kept my info and submitted my file to the IRS so soon as she could and applied me for the 2-4 weeks loan without my permission or my W2 from my other jobs and I had a check there. I complained all the way to their coporate office and didnt get the fees almost 600 refunded to me until June and it still was only 200 they gave me back and had to file an admended return to cover myself from being audited.
 26th of Jan, 2012 by   THIS_IS_CRAZY 0 Votes
 13th of Jan, 2013 by   MissBnz +1 Votes
This is all true!!! Wish I had done the research before going there... they really do take a lot of money or at least the one in Columbia SC did. It was crazy... and it took almost a month. Lesson learned!
 22nd of Feb, 2013 by   Jonathan E Fortman +1 Votes
We have filed a lawsuit against Instant Tax Service in the State of Missouri. We are currently looking to talk to people who have either used their services and have had problems. We are also looking to talk to anyone who was employed or is employed by Instant Tax Service who has information about the Instant Tax Service policy and procedures. Our communication will be kept confidential. Feel free to call us at (314)522-2312 or email us at jef@fortmanlaw.com. Thank you in advance!
 10th of Dec, 2013 by   kkthomas +1 Votes
If you have had trouble in the past with INSTANT TAX SERVICE let us help you make the right decision. We can help to amend your taxes and get some of your funds back. We are a legal tax accounting firm with tax attorney and with an outstanding reputation with the IRS. Let our track record speak for itself. Call 678-619-1753 We are located in Atlanta and have 8 other offices in the United States
 7th of Jan, 2014 by   mz.PISSED 0 Votes
I field my taxes with instqant tax service located in chicago they kept telling me that my ckeck was not there the irs stated it was issued on the 1st of february I had to go up ther with the police to get my check the ladie actually gor mad at me started yelling talking about what she was going to do to me when i recived my refund check it was $6400. but the irs cut them a check for $8129. i will never go there again so if your in chicago beware my friends and family went here in most of them got there money taken or audit. BEWARE OF INSTANT TAX CREDIT BEWARE BEWARE
 13th of Jan, 2015 by   Stupid Ass 0 Votes
There liars every time I went there machine was down as least that's what they told me I wouldn't recommend know one fuck with them. There full of shit
 29th of Jan, 2015 by   Tae3600 0 Votes
I used them for what years. And they charged me triple the cost. I JUST Want To Know How Do We Get Our Money Back

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