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Illegal passengers!

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I boarded 2802 Express in NDelhi Station on 16.4.07 for Kharagpur on New Delhi Puri, Purushottam Express. There were more than 100 passengers in a compartment meant for 72. The people without proper ticket were neither prevented from entering not removed. The Police and Ticket checkers ignored my complaint and the difficulty caused to other lawful passengers. The aisle for toilet and food catering were all blocked by them illegally. Also my complaint lodged with Railway Station at Kharagpur fetched, no reply.
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 15th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
Dear Sir,

I booked two and a half tickets (II class sleeper) from Jajpur K Road to New Delhi. The Train No. is 2815. The PNR No. is 612-6518002. The date of journey is 27th June 2009. I had to pay Rs 1203 for two and a half tickets. As per my calculation, the actual fare for two and a half tickets is Rs 1173. (457 x 2 + 259 = 1173) It means there is a discrepancy of Rs 30. Am I right or wrong? If right, can I get back the extra money? Though the amount doesn’t matter much, yet I want to know the reason for this discrepancy. Please suggest how can I get back the extra money?

Thanks & Regards,

Alekha Chandra Jena
New Delhi
Mobile: 9810263163
 10th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
My user ID is Smitra1956 and the related PNR No. is 4103420042 for Myself, daughter (OSHIN MITRA) and another boy named Prateek Bhalla (who came back earlier on 9th Jan'09).
Dear Sir,
I booked waitlisted e-ticket for journey from Vijayawada FOR MYSELF AND DAUGHTER by 2864 YPR-HWH EXP on 11/01/2009 which was finally dropped.

Then I met two TTEs of 2864 EXP at TTEs Lobby. They asked me to buy fresh
ticket as Dropped e-ticket amount would be refunded.
When I came with the General ticket they just ignored me and instead Later at the platform asked 3 other TTEs (including one lady) to charge me fine.

I argued to charge me only the difference fare as approached them well before arrival of the train. They did not care at all but shouted.
Why only difference fare not taken?
The train arrived and then I paid fine as follows :
FOR Gen. Ticket NO. 94786817 for Rs.422/- FOR TWO
bought at 8:14 am on 11/01/09.
Excess Fare Ticket No. 261467 for Rs.420/- (170+250)
Excess Fare Ticket No. 679406 for Rs.420/- (170+250)
charged by one lady and another person. Why two EXCESS tickets? TO SHOW CASES?

Now my request is that will you please consider the case for REFUND ?
Yours faithfully,
Siddhartha Mitra
 13th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
This is not a complain site for Indian railway, and I am trying to find out where is one. On IRCTC there is no complain corner.

Can we do something to have the things a bit more transparent. We need to have a complain feedback service from Indian Railway.
 2nd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Today I had to travel from roorkee to ambala by 4523 muzaffarpur ambala exp. your site "spot your train showed it to be late by 35 minutes. I reached the station at 6.05 am & found that the train had come at right time & had left roorkee at 05.50 am. kindly either post right information or close this site.
 10th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hi Team,

Recently Indian railways has changed Unreserved Ticket Booking System, three days advance Unreserved tickets are issued for the distance above 200km only.Before passenger can purchase Unreserved tickets THREE DAYS in advance for less then 200km also, now we need to purchase the ticket on the same day itself for (MYSORE, TUMKUR) less then 200km travelling..So, it become very diffcult for senior citizen and other people those who are travelling in train early morning to purchase ticket in BANGALORE city railway station. We need to wait in long Queues. For 06:30 am train we need to come at 5:00am to railway station, so it is very diffcult.

So, Please raise this issue with railway department, at least in Bangalore Unreserved tickets should be issued THREE days advance

 12th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I beg to draw your kind attention, that my self Kazi Pervez Mumtaz alies chandan kazi
Add- p.o.- Salar (sk – para), Dist- murshidabad of West Bengal. It was very painful to state 10-10-09 I was traveling from Sealdah to Salar by 3163 Hate- Bazera Exp, My
Ticket no.- D-64405158, coach no –S4, seat no.-3, scheduled departure – 20;00.When
I boarded in my coach my seat was occupied by daily passengers not only mine seat no- 1 to seat no-8 total seats was occupied by daily passenger, I requested them leave my seat
They told “we the people seated there after getting down, in NAIHATI, BANDEL, KALNA, NABADIP, then you can seat. They ware very arrogant and misbehaved
Using abused language and threatened me, said “don’t argue with us otherwise it will be very costly for you. It was terror not a single RPF/GRP or TTE present there .then I took place in front of Toilet. After coming BANDEL Jn. same character daily passenger boarded from Bandel Station. After NOBDIP I took my proper seat.

Same problem I faced in several date of journey

1. Date of journey – 20-07-090
Ticket no – D-50838085
Train name – 3163 Hate-Bazare
Coach no - S4
Seat no - 1

2. Date of journey – 09-08-090
Ticket no – D-47715081
Train name – 5959up KAMRUP Exp
Coach no - S8
Seat no - 6

3. Date of journey – 05-09-090
Ticket no – D-51267175
Train name – 3163 Hate-Bazare
Coach no - S4
Seat no - 27

Then it is my humble intention to ask a question to Indian Railway Board and Railway Ministry. Please tell us “How many days you will sleep to ignore and over look the bonafied passenger’s problem. Please weak-up and save the sleeper class reservation passenger from illegal uncivilized Daily passenger.

C. Kazi Alias
Kazi Pervez Mumtaz
P.O.- Salar, Dist.- Murshidabad
West Bengal ;- Contact 9735553555
 5th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Is there any section of Indian railways for registering compaint
 5th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
On 03/01/2010 I along with my wife & cildren boarded from Howrah Junction in 8645/East Coast Express having PNR No.6235056807.As per railway reservation slip my coach no. was S4 and birth no. was 42, 43, 44.But to my
utter disbelief after Kharagpur junction the said compartment was just like a passenger train, filled with passengers having no valid tickets.On asking the train ticket checker and complaining against
the inconvenience created by unauthorised passengers, he replied why don, t u travel in other trains.Even enquiring the running TT, s the answer of ur staffs seem that i have made wrong while travelling with valid ticket and claiming for alloted birth as per reservation chart.
After lot of struggle the said train reached Jajpur Keongjhar Road station almost 2 hrs late than schedule arrival at around 7.15Pm and I along with my family could manage to get down in destination staion in an unsafe manner as the doors were blocked with luggage as well as passengers.
After getting down at Jajpur Keongjhar Road station there was no respite from Railway authorities as the foot over bridge meant to cross from Platform No.3 to exit of station was closed for repair work.On complaining the Station Manager(who did not disclose his name) at his office at in platform no.2 he rudely said the said bridge is closed for repair work & if U find difficulty why u are tavelling by train.
There after I along with ailing wife and 8 yrs old daughter jumped from platform no. 2 to railway line and ater crossing railway track climbed to platform no. 1 leading to exit.
I want to ask competant railway authorities the risk and worries during my journey from hwh to jjkr along with my family whether this a message not to travel in Rail for unsafe journey or shall I get any corrective action aginst the Customer service of Indian Rail.
Awaiting for reply.

 3rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I had booked an e-ticket for 2 persons for 2204/SHC GARIB RATH Express for 21.11.2007 vide PNR No. 2443804546, Transaction ID 0030505836. The train was scheduled for 11:10 AM but due to abnormal delay (more than 6 hours), I had to cancel the tickets because on the very next day morning i.e. on 22.11.2007, I was about to come back by morning train, leaving at about 5.00 AM from Bareilly and it was practically impossible to come back by this train due to abnormal delay of train for my Bareilly journey. Since I was not able to cancel my tickets online, I sent an e-mail to this effect and have been sending reminders to railways/irctc to refund my amount since November, 2007. Till date, I have sent more than 20 reminders, more than 100 telephone calls to resolve the issue, but surprisingly, till date, the amount has not been refunded.

On the one hand, through some of the communications, the railways has indicated that since the journey has been performed, I am not entitled for any refund but on the other hand, in one of the communications/statement sent to me, it is very much clear that the journey has not been performed. I have been pointing out this to railways frequently but every time I received an automatically generated reply regarding receipt of my mail giving me a new ID and a set language that your case has been sent to appropriate authorities and it will take a minimum 90 days (Surprisingly, the customer has to wait at least for 90 days and it seems, there is no maximum limit). I would like to mention a few communications between railways and myself :

E-mails sent on - - 21-11-2007 (Request for cancellation of e-ticket) ) By Railways, my case was referred to Kolkata Divn by mistake.
- 08-05-2008 (Indicating the facts) ) I kept on enquiring over phone at your Customer Care and hence
- 24-02-2009 (Reminder for ABNORMAL DELAY) ) a considerable gap in written reminders)

Letters sent on - - 12-03-2008 (Addressed to GM(Operations) and c.c.to ED(Pub.Griev.), Jt.Dr.(Pub.Griev., ED(Passenger Mktg.)
- Without date but after 08-03-2009

Telephonic calls - - More than 100 calls

Communications from - - 21-11-2007 (Indicating receipt of my mail)
Railways - 04-08-2008 (By GGM/ITS to CCM(Refunds) and c.c. to Regl.Mgr.(EZ), Patna(IRCTC) and myself (Reminder 1)
- 04-02-2009 (Regretting refund) 08-03-2009 (e-mail to me regretting refund)
- 23-03-2009 (By Director(Passenger Mktg., Railway Board) to MD, IRCTC, NDL and CCM(PM, Patna
- 13-04-2009 (By GGM(ITS)IRCTC addressed to Regl.Mgr./Eastern Zone(IRCTC), Patna
- 13-04-2009 (By GGM/ITS) to CCM (Refunds) and c.c.to: RM(Eastern Zone/Patna(IRCTC)
myself and Director (Pasenger Mktg.) (Reminder No. 2)
- 25-04-2009 (By GGM/ITS) addressed to CCM(Refunds) and c.c. to RM(Eastern Zone/Patna(IRCTC)
myself and Director (Pasenger Mktg.) (Reminder No. 3)
- 25-04-2009 (By GGM/ITS to D(Passenger Mktg.) and c.c. to Myself, GGM(IRCTC.EZ, Kolkata and CCM(Refunds),

Further, if I leave behind all the above correspondence, one of the papers sent to me by Railways alongwith some of the communication (copy enclosed) itself indicates that the journey has not been performed. (See Sl. No. 25 in the attachment). Showing the `Journey performed' has created a doubt in the mind as to how the railway system works.

Sir, although a meagre amount of Rs. 517.00 is involved in this case and I have spent multiples of this amount for follow-up, I request you to kindly fix a Vigilence Enquiry as to how it has been decided that the journey has been performed.

I may mention that it is a question of principle and I have no other option left except to move to Consumer Court in case this issue is not resolved within next 20 days as a considerable time of more than 27 months has elapsed. I further demand a Vigilance Enquiry as to how it is indicated that the journey has been performed. Earlier also, I have been requesting for refund and vigilance enquiry, but no concrete action has been taken.

M.K. Mittal (Mobile No. 9810611335)
(Present Address) :
Flat No. 16,
"Surbhi Apartment",
Pocket 1, Sector 11,
New Delhi-110 075

Mobile No. 09810611335
Office : 011-42592606 / 26542806
Residence: 011-45110530
 7th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes

It is really pity on CRIS and Indian railways that the website they have made and is published as www.trainenquiry.com is of no use to me and in my opinion it is a total waste of Government money.

I have been following this website for the past two days to get the running train status of a train (train number- 0161, start date- 06th April 2010, running from LTT(Mumbai) to Darbhanga). I have been plagued by the website because it is of no use. The website is never updated and crashes too often.

I know nothing is going to happen in this country over these issues. This mail will be a total waste of my time and effort in writing it but still I write it. Even the other websites of Indian railway are a total waste and are wasting the government fund. For ex. whenever I try to book a tatkal ticket in the morning the reservation window of the Indian Railway website hangs. Let me clarify that the internet connection that I use has a very good speed of 512 kbps. The Indian Railway server crashes too often and the very rarely website users are able to book there reservation ticket.

I do not know where to raise such issues, I saw these email ids in the website and tried shooting a mail on the same. I would request you to kindly forward this email to concerned personnel so that something good can be done about this system. At any point of time, if anybody thinks to get further inputs from me; you can jot down my number written below.

Thanks for your time.

Rahul Rakesh
Cell: +919999892411
 21st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Q. What is the post after B.sc(it) in indian Railway?

Pankaj Kumar Tiwary
Pursuing B.sc(IT) 4th sem from Kuvempu university.
higher Diploma in software Engineering from niit Delhi.
12th in science from J.A.C. Ranchi
 7th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes

Indian Railways - while travelling need orignal proof

i travel madurai to chennai whit e-ticket the ttk as checked the ticket and asked proof i so my drivelicences card (color xeorx )he said its dublicate he need only original card then only youcan travell other wise pay the fine, and i told i travell with this card in flight, driving vechicle no as say any thing but the ttk as make me more saame in comparment, one thing no one has keep in orginal proof any time in pocket only they keep dublicate, if the lose origin me what can they do,

so kindly the railway department as to allo the dublicatecard to accept in travel
 7th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
its correct
 13th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I Yash Kane, flat no:1, Sadguru Apartment, Ramdaspeth, Akola-444001 want to register a complaint against the corrupt business going on Shegaon railway Junction!I took one pepsi bottle from A.G.Jonwal stall.He gave us that bottle at RS.27 and the originally the MRP price was 23 And I know that cooling charges are taken but it is just RS.2!But he took from us 4RS extra!It is just an injustice!When we asked him about this he talked to me rudely and didnt listen my grivence!Then when we went to the encharge of this matter at shegaon station that office namely MR.kujekar who talked to us in a very rude manner.First he was not ready to take our complaint and was just avoiding us, but when we showed him our ticket and all the necessary documents which were needed to register a complaint he was just unable to do anything and were angrily gave me that complaint book!And he also said after that I will see that nothing happens to that shop owner!I want to lodge complaint against these two corrupt officials who were ignoring to follow their duty in right manner!I request you to take strict action against these two and avoid any other person to fall victim of such type of pepole!
 8th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
Please install multiple KIOSK for printing internet booked tickets at all the stations.
 11th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
From : Mrs. Radha Patil,
Gajra Park Building- 1,
Indira Nagar, Kamod Nagar,

Dated : 11.11.2011

The Chief Officer,
Vigilance Department,
Indian Railways.

Respected Sir,

Re : Complaint against fraud and misbehavior of TT.

I, Radha Patil, hereby would like to let you know about the fraud committed by your TT and chief ticket supervisor of 12618 - Karnataka Express : New Delhi to Banglore : Dated 09 Nov. 2011.

After taking current reservation from New Delhi counter, I boarded on the above train with Half Non reserved ticket of my son aged 10 years.

By my own, I have informed your uniformed TT, (however, without name plate tag) that I have no sleeper class ticket of my son. He told be to take my seat which is S6-22. Accordingly, after some time, he, alongwith, your Chief Ticket Supervisor came on my seat and took Rs. 500/- from me. When I asked them to issue the receipt, the TT noted down on the chart in red ink, my name and details, and told that after some time, he will issue me the receipt. The TT was fully drunked and he used unparliamentry words before me, which were very dirty and shameful. He also tried to insult a women's respect by crossing his limits. The Chief Ticket Supervisor was observing the things and was just smiling shamelessly. At last I warned them to mind their languague. Galloping the disguese, they went in the another coatch.

It was a night time and I was alone lady traveling alongwith my child and heavy luggage. After Mathura or Agra, both these officials were left the train and I had no receipt in my hand. Thus, they cheated me and taken bribe of Rs. 500/- from me.

You are requested to investigate the matter and let me know the names of these officials. I also demand a compensession of Rs. 10000/- Rupees Ten Thousand for my insult and mental harrashment.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Radha Patil.
 15th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am Suresh Mittal member of DRUCC Bikaner Mandal From Mandi Dabwali (Haryana) Distt. Sirsa.The complaint about enqury no. 139. date 25-8-12, when i asked about bikner train, train no. 14888. when the train will be come then they replied me that the train will be arrived after 27 minute. but the train came right time. I request that the train will be right time . and the enquary opertor give the right news so that pepole does not face any problem in future
 25th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
yes, it is vary shameful for checking authority.Identity proof is necessary because right person travel on his tickit.But T T & other staff take benefit by missusing of that rule.same case with my son occurs on 20-11-12 in malva express between indore to ujjain .checking staff collect fine on tatkal tic( indore to jalandher) is Rs800/-.It is vary surprising .
 16th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes

Indian Railways - Its such a horrible practice that railways charge such a huge amount as cancellation charges
Indian Railways
United States

I have booked a Tatkal ticket from Secunderabad to Bangalore for 16th March online today vi a2785 Kacheguda exp. I paid a total of Rs 1051/-(Inc Tatkal charges of Rs 300) for a Third a/c berth. I cancelled the ticket within 30mins of booking. Guess how much amount was refunded back to me?? The refund paid to me was Rs 182/- and the cancellation and tatkal charges amounting to Rs 869/- was taken from my account by Railways.

Its such a horrible practice that railways charge such a huge amount as cancellation charges. No wonder Lalloo Prasad Yadav is showing Railways as "Profit making" unit year after year by following such a practice.

Railways need to stop this practice and policy and need to have more passenger friendly and reduced charges.
 16th of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
I fully agree. Indian Railways incl its RATNA PSU IRCTC has made a mess of the entire process of reservation system.The bureaucrat centric top heavy railways board is clueless as they do not want to part with their khusi positions of power.At the lower level it is Jungle raj.
Take a look-booking is allowed wait listed without an upper cap on the wait listed passengers for general as well as Ladies quota. One day before TATKAL is activated and booking as wait listed is on without any upper cap.
Just four hours prior departure of the train chart is finalised with all other berths reserved under various quota category booked or surrendered.Those various quota account for almost 50 % of the total berths available in a train.
That list due to most efficient railway board and their staff at all level is available to general passengers only 3 hrs prior to departure of the train.
By then entire waitlisted passengers from general and ladies quota as well as TATKAL quota without any restrictions on the upper limit who have waited for a month and even more ( Ref PNR 4439807661 booked on 22 Mar 2012 wait listed at 36/37 remained at 16/17 till 21 Mar 2012. I could afford and need was urgent therefore cancelled the tkt and found some other alternatives) converged at the railway station with their bag and baggages and waited in baited breadth that names are listed on the final reservation chart. Most of them are unlucky.
And then comes the moments for the great Indian Friendly TTEs. They console those waitlisted passengers and advised them to cancel their 3A ticket and get a general ticket. Obviously time was paramount and those hapless waitlisted passengers fell for the traps of those FRIENDLY TTEs. All they did, they took the wait listed 3A tickets from the passengers and issued them a general class ticket at no extra cost and as a courtesy asked them to go to sleeper coach No 5 at FALAKNAMA at Secunderabad to occupy his seat No 49 to be exact. Those hapless targets felt so obliged that they forgot to ensure whether that ticket was ok, that the FRIENDLY TTE was travelling in that train or not. All in the presence of Railway police who presumably has their cuts.
And that is the reason why there is policy paralysis from the time of its inception. That's the reason IRCTC supposedly RATNA enterprise is let loose to allow booking of wait listed passengers to the infinity.That's the reason even TATKAL is also wait listed which even new born child will find it difficult to accept.But Railway board makes no efforts to see whether a policy paralysis to continue as long as they get their free trips, free meals, free guest rooms in the grab of meetings, conferences etc etc WHO cares.
We need to make our voices heard loud and clear.

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