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Hotrussianbrides.com Complaints & Reviews - Trap and scam, stay away

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Posted:    Lipper

Trap and scam, stay away

Complaint Rating:  27 % with 11 votes
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United States
The dream is simple, a hot russian girl under the age of 22 and she doesn't speak english. Many men would pay thousands to marry one of those for awhile. Heck, even I would consider it.
Comments United States Online Scams
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 18th of Dec, 2010 by   Jesse Lee 0 Votes
I also think HRB is a scam, but I do not believe all the women on the site are scammers. I think the fees charged by HRB are ripoffs. For instance did you know that although supposedly you can send email of 3000 characters, in reality they cheat you because some characters are counted as more than one, sometimes as many as five or six. I think someone with the financial resources should look into a class-action suit against them. Also, why do they limit email. It costs them nothing for a member to send any number of emails. They prohibit the women from revealing contact information (and the men for that matter) because then people could communicate directly through email, skype, or instant messaging. All these international dating sires act more like pimps or hostasge takers than anything else. I saw that one fo them (I think it is Anastasia) charges $5.99 per minute for translation services for phone call translation services. What a ripoff. But I do have to say that there sure a lot of beautiful women in the Ukraine. Just ask the Beatles--Back in the USSR. )))
 7th of Aug, 2011 by   badc172 0 Votes
I agree that most of the woman here are only after you to show them a good time that there russian men will never be able to show them. I am speaking from experience. Most of them say they dont speak english so you agree to pay for an interpreter, which just turns out is her friend just to be able to charge you 15 to 20 us dollars and they dont speak english any better and of course you have to pay for there dinner at the most expensive restaurants in town. Do not even expect any sign of affection from these woman. Good luck even getting to hold there had even to help them out of a car. So it is best not to expect anything out of them other than an expensive tour Guide. This has been my experience with the three woman I spent time with from young to old and pretty to average. So take it from me your better staying at home because your chances of actually finding a wife in the ukraine are no better than at home in the US and you will save thousands of dollars and a heart ache if you actually belieave wha they say the last woman I was here with claimed the whole time she wanted me to propose to get her to the US and still the whole time I only got a kiss on the cheek, kinda strange for a woman that says she wants to marry you and move to the states. So dont be fooled this is only a ploy to get you to buy here a computer to continue communications form abroad and it needs video cam of course so they can stay at home and prey on the next unsuspecting foreigner. One of the ladies even spotted a rich French Guy an started coming on to him as we are on a date, and had the nerve to invite him to our table. So dont be fooled by there charm they are mostly all Land Sharks. Dont expect any kindness from anyone here because the locals all think you are here just to have sex and leave. So they will not treat you very nice. Beware of pick pockets in Arcadia in Odessa, Ukraine they come in all sizes the one that attempted to get my wallet was a little boy from 6-8 years old. I tried to catch him and his partners in crime I believed to be his brothers, jumped in front of me to prevent me from chasing him. You will be amazed how the locals can pick you out of a croud even if you dress like the locals and dont talk. Good Luck and Becareful, I have to admitt they have a Beautiful culture that has been soured by the poor economy. They are very focused on the money and have forgotten there manners to tourest here to spend money.
 28th of Apr, 2013 by   Steve mugged 0 Votes
Went to Simferopol last November 2012 and spent $6000 in 10 days meals for all three of us a good time for her and the Interpretor
 3rd of Jul, 2013 by   Tom 7567 0 Votes
I agree with badc172 an advert on the internet that goes like this and is on the Western women suck website.

To all you girls do you want to earn some money and have pictures done with a top photographer then join our agency.
All you have to do is communicate with men on the internet we write the letters for you, when you meet the man you will get free meal, if he is generous a gift and be paid 5 dollars an hour you are with him.
And you get 200 in Ukrainian money for Taxi home even though it costs 50 in Ukrainian money to go right across the city.

When I went on two dates in Odessa recently the dates followed the exact same pattern as above and they both asked for 200 in Ukrainian money for Taxi home.

The whole dating industry in the Ukraine is a scam, you are scammed on the translation the girls are paid to write letters and do chat, and get a percentage cut for intamacy requests and share of the money with the translators.

You are fleeced every step of the way, best advice do not go unless you want you bank account emptied?

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