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HH Gregg


Human Resources

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HH Gregg
Indianaplos, Indiana
United States
HHGregg has terrible business practices in employee relations. Although they claim to be family operated, and family focused, this company requires salaried managers to work open to close shifts 3 times a week! Upon hire, managers are told they will work the standard 45 hour work week, until peak season. It's a lie. They also have weeks where they only have one day off, and they are often required to work extra.

A typical retail schedule is a morning manager works 8-5 and a closer works 1-10. The others fill in or take their day off.
But not here!
They employ a measly 3 managers per store, and respond to suggestions to hire a 4th manager with "Ok, then we will cut your salary by a percentage." From a company that pays bonuses on negative comps, and makes a TON of money each day, they don't even stand against companies that make way less, and yet still make sure their managers are not burned out.

It's no wonder HH Gregg has internal theft problems, and a high rate of turnover. The managers they hire are low caliber. Everyone knows that you can hire a single person who has no life and work them till they quit. Or you can hire family focused people that have a reason to make a loyal career.

Also, they constantly mess up peoples benefits, bonuses, paychecks, reimbursements, and W2's. It was June before we got ours!! You'd think a company that wants to make an impression on new markets would deal with these matters with urgency.

Shame on them. I vote
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 27th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I bought my 4 appliances at HHGREGG and have had problems with 2 of them.

I am not going to get into all the details but it has been 2 months and the problems still aren't solved.

They have very poor customer service and I don't know about their computer system. They never can find orders and information about an order.

I will not shop HHGREGG again.
 17th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

H.H. Gregg - Unauthorized charges
H.H. Gregg
United States

On 9/29/08 I purchased a dishwasher and paid via debit card. I returned the next day to change my order because of the wrong fit. There was a difference of $427 which was suppose to go back in my bank account in 72hrs. It has been three telephone conversations and false promises and 15 working days and I still don't have my money.

If I don't have the money by tomorrow 9/17/08 I will go to the store and insist on a check or I will have to get an attorney to collect for me.

I'm sure if I owed the store this money they would be knocking down my door by now.
 24th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I worked there 3 whole weeks... No thanks. When it come time to get a paycheck, they would also attach a "draw statement" saying I had to make 300, then 600, then $900 worth of commission for the week to get paid any commission at all. Sounds like no big deal, but when you sell a $4, 000 tv that pays $4 in comission, you can do the math.

As for the company itself, the managers are rude, the co-employees are a joke and the training program was almost embarrassing to partake in. Horrible company with extremely overpriced products. I don't wish failure on anyone, but I don't think this company needs to be in business another second.
 4th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes

HHGregg - Stay away from these guys
United States

I wish I'd read the reviews here before purchasing my new fridge. The two day delivery took nine days and even after I told them repeatedly BEFORE I PURCHASED THE FRIDGE that my drive way was very narrow and they needed to use a small truck, they showed up with a 34ft truck. Their smallest truck. When they could not get the truck to my house they TOLD ME TO BORROW a smaller truck from a friend or neighbor so they could complete the delivery. I went back to the store and told them just give me my money back and I'll buy elsewhere. They said no, no, no, we can make this work. I finally did borrow a truck from a friend and got the fridge to my house where the installers dumped it and ran. They didn't even bother to put my 70# house door back on the hinges leaving me to fight with it by myself for 30 minutes.

But it gets better.

When I noticed the next morning the seal on the freezer was not working, lots of condensation and ice in the freezer, and reported back to the store they said they'd send a team out to check it. The bozo team arrived a week later to tell me the seal was bad and they'd have to swap out my fridge.

After three weeks of waiting while they tried to figure out how to get a truck to my place the bottom line from the regional manager was, it was my problem. I had to get the fridge back to the store for a refund, if I couldn't manage to do it, no refund. I told the sales person 3 times explicitly before I purchased the fridge it would be difficult to get it to my place, were they sure they could do it. I was told repeatedly yes, we can deliver it to you, no problem.

Not only did they lie through their teeth every step of the way, they never returned calls, and then in the end expected me to somehow get a 400# brand new but defective fridge back to their store to get a refund.
 6th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree completely! This company is by far the absolute worst to work for, manager or otherwise. I used to be in the warehouse, WORST JOB I EVER TOOK! I swear you're treated better by Drill Sergeants than by these people. Every day I went into work I was wishing I was being smoked in basic training. I only accepted a position at hhgregg because I was desperate for money to pay bills. I'm sure glad I'm not working there anymore, it was the worst experience of my entire life. Like one of my buddies says, who's a sales guy over there, "once you can leave, you can only go up." It's true! After leaving that job I got a helluva lot better job!
 2nd of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was hired recently at the HHgregg store in Vernon Hills, IL. I was told I would work around 40-45rs a week as a sales associate in cpu/laptops/tablets. Lies, the first week my schedule was 59 hours. My first day included ZERO training, I was not shown how to do anything. When I asked "do I need to punch in?" "Can you show me how to fill out a "i", "t", "d" ticket" the generic response was "don't worry about it." I sold 7 computers on my first day and was LOL'ing big time at the management...My manager Chris Miller was absolute idiot. You could tell he was just promoted as he knew nothing about "management" or how to manage his staff. You could tell the managers were burnt out based on their terrible additudes. I'm glad I only gave this poor version of a "Circuit City, " 2 days of my time. Its very obvious this retail store gets deals on limited lines or expiring models as 85% of the cpu's I sold were HP's, HP announced officially in early August 2011 they will no longer be in the computer/desktop business...Yikes!!
 30th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I too worked there for about 3 months part time. made min wage every single paycheck. when the store is dead, like it was every single shift, literally...you make min wage, but you owe it back, called draw. so if you sell an entire kitchen worth 7, 500, you pay every cent back to the company until you reach what you made in min wage. so basically, no matter how hard you work, how much you sell, how dead the store is, you'll always make min wage. quit after 3 months. oh and you also pay for your uniform, i think it was 30.00, mandatory. they'll never compete with legit companies.
 16th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I trying to get my check stubs off the website and cant get anyone on the phone to help me!
 3rd of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
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outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 I bought a Bosch dishwasher a few weeks ago. When I got it home I found it was missing the front kick panel. I called them and after being bounced around and on hold they said they found it. I came in and asked a salesperson about it and they sent me to customer service desk. The guy goes in back and brings out the wrong kick plate. After trying to convince me it was the right one I found the same model and held it up to it. The holes didn't line up and the one I have is stainless not painted grey metallic. They said they ordered it for me so I decided to get the power cord kit for it. The sales lady took me to customer service to ring me up and they wouldn't let her use the terminal. After bouncing to 3 terminals I was able to get out of there. Pissed off by now I installed the dishwasher with no kick plate. Last week I called to check on it immediately they gave me the runaround transferring my call to who ever would give me the time of day. After the 4th person I had enough and made the salesperson walk to someone who could help me. That person said she would personally take care of it and that it wasn't ordered. It is week 3 I went in there today because I was in the market for a microwave. The salesman came up and I asked about my kick plate. He said I would have to go to customer service. Really pissed now I told him he better look into it. He came back with no answers. Where is the customer service? I cannot believe how bad these people are at simple tasks. This is the Fort Wayne indiana location. I will never go back. I went to ABC warehouse and the salesman went out of his way to help me so I bought my new microwave from him.}

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