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Haband Perks Complaints & Reviews - Monthly charge without knowledge

Haband Perks Contacts & Informations

Haband Perks

Posted:    Jerrye Lamousin

Monthly charge without knowledge

Complaint Rating:  84 % with 146 votes
Contact information:
United States
Last month i was charged on my visa bill $14. 95 that i did not order. I do not know what haband perks, but went ahead & paid. Today my bill came with the same thing charged $14. 95 post date 12 - 29 - 09 tran date 12 - 28 - 09. It had haband perks 888 - 626 - 3342md. Ref. No. 24692169362000166225647, amt. $14. 95. I have ordered from you for years, but not anymore. Take my name from your mailing list & give me credit for this amount 2 months. Lamousin@bellsouth. Net.
Comments United States Clothing, Shoes & Acc
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 18th of Jan, 2010 by   JLewis98856 0 Votes
Charges $1.95 for intro. month then $14.95 thereafter by deceptive internet signup.
 3rd of Feb, 2010 by   Tommy Shaffett 0 Votes
After reading some of the complaints, you took out of my checking acount $1.95 without my knowledge. I don't want anymore money taken from my checking account. All I wanted to do was order from Haband. My name is Tommy Shaffett. email me at tshaffett@att.net. You can't just take money from checking accounts without our knowledge. Yoy and Haband will lose alot of business this way.
 7th of Feb, 2010 by   Ruchti Roger W. 0 Votes
Once again I have noticed the same thing. We have not ordered anything from Haband in three or four months, but on our Visa bill there is always that $14.95 a month fee with Haband perks 888-626-3342. We have been a customer of your company for some time and we want this to stop. If it continues, we will bring in the Better Business Bureau. My name is Roger Ruchti at rogerret@comcast.net. I never thought that Haband would be doing such a thing. Really disappointed in what is happening.
 24th of Feb, 2010 by   phyllis satterfield 0 Votes
Haband perks has been taking 14.95 out of my checking account for two months without my knowledge. I will not order anything else from them.
phyllis satterfield
 24th of Feb, 2010 by   phyllis satterfield 0 Votes
Hasband perts has been taking 14.95 out of my checking account without my knowledge.
and I want it refunded.
phyllis satterfield
 27th of Feb, 2010 by   ALEVTINA 0 Votes
I orderd some items from the HABAND . Without my knowledge HABAND PERKS (1888-626-3342) started automatic deductions from my bank 14.95 every month, and initial fee was 1.95. I have been a HABAND's customer for years, and I am really very disappointed that I have to stop buying from them. I am going to bring this matter to the Better Business Bureau, if they do not refund my money. Alevtina Zilberg, zao51@hotmail.com
 1st of May, 2010 by   caldwell33 0 Votes
This has happened to me too. I just opened my bill and saw the charge and questioned my husband if he ordered anything-no! I called the bank credit card phone number and they told me that Haband Perks has been deducting 14.95 per month for the last 14 months. They told me to contact Haband first, see if they would issue a credit, get a confirmation number and if not to call the credit card company back and they will take the charges off my account. Hope this works. I can't believe that I didn't see this sooner, now only one of us will be paying bills in the future so this can't happen again. I will never purchase from Haband again!!! E. Daum
 8th of May, 2010 by   R Carpenter` 0 Votes
This happened to me too. I ordered something last Dec and since they have been charging $14.95 per month to my credit card for Haband Perks. Haband website does not recognize Haband Perks. I called credit card company to stop this and they said they would contact Haband to stop. The credit card company is giving me credit for this & will block future charges that Haband might send through. Carpenter
 19th of Jun, 2010 by   florence jones 0 Votes
i do not want the haband perks did not say anything about chargeing me... do not take charge to my card! florenceamestep@aol.com
 22nd of Jun, 2010 by   aldotmeyers 0 Votes
This has happened to me over an extended period . A scam which the credit card companies should be aware of.
 31st of Jul, 2010 by   Mary Pelletier 0 Votes

Haband Perks - charges to account without knowledge
United States

I am being charged 414.95 on my Chase caed every month without my knowledge! Not sure how long this has been going on as I have been in the hospital. how do I remove this from my card?
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   Maria Kurpisz 0 Votes
Cancel may Haband Perks member Maria Kurpisz 058525647

I never agree take me maney & 1, 95 from may account.

Maria Kurpisz 416 SO 132 nd ST
BURIEN, WA 98168

e-mail kogutymb@q.com

Thanks Maria K.
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   Maria Kurpisz 0 Votes
Cancel may Membership HABAND PERKS Maria Kurpiszz 058525647 PLEASE

I never agree take me maney from may account $ 1, 95

Thank You
 17th of Sep, 2010 by   marypalmharbor 0 Votes
cancel my Medmbership Haband Perks Member id MARYPALMHARBOR@aol.com. I will notifly my bank they are no longer permitted to allow auto withdrawal to you.
 13th of Nov, 2010 by   Finance Girl 0 Votes
Hello to the people who have been ripped off by HABAND. I ordered some shoes online from Haband. When I got my Credit Card Statement I noticed a charge from Haband Perks for $1.95. I called the phone # on my statement for Perks, talked with a gentleman from maybe India or Pakistan (who knows, & it doesn't really matter). He told me to go to perks.haband.com to cancel before 11/14/10. I lost the paper that I wrote it on. I just found it today which is 11/13/10. I tried to go to the website and THERE IS NO WEBSITE! I was furious. I got right on the phone with my Credit Card Company. They instantly closed my card so that no other charges could come through. I work in a financial institution and see debit & credit cards constantly being compromised. Let me give you some advice. If you are buying online, use a credit card instead of a debit card. The reason for this is because with a credit card, you can cancel it immediately & get a new one reissued. If you purchase with a debit card & someone compromises your card # your institution will close that card, but then you have to go through the hassle of disputing the charges. I always use my credit card when buying online. This is the first time ever that I have had a problem. "" DON'T GIVE SCAMMERS A CHANCE TO RIP YOU OFF!""
 13th of Nov, 2010 by   Finance Girl 0 Votes
Just want to clarify another thing. The phone # for my HABAND PERKS is out of New Jersey. 866-206-0751. Anybody else have that phone # on their statements?
 30th of Mar, 2011 by   babs154945 +1 Votes
Recently, I place my first and last order with Haband. I looked on my account statement and saw the merchandise debit posted. Right below was a $1.95 charge for Haband Perks. I did a search on Haband Perks and came upon this site. Thank goodness for that. I immediately looked up the email address for Haband Perks and emailed them saying that I wanted off of their Perks program and to not take any money out of my account for monthly charges for this program. They emailed me back and said they took me off. I also called their number, 866.206.0751, and they assured me that I was taken off of their program. How is it that a company can allow such unethical behavior. The email address I used was, customerservice@hudsonps.com, I hope it helps some of you to get resolution of your problem with Haband Perks.
 12th of Apr, 2011 by   Retta Rich 0 Votes

Haban / Perks - Charge monthly fee without my knowing it
Retta Rich
United States
Phone: 812-422-3942

Charging me a fee every month with automatic with draw without my knowing it i want it stoppped now
 2nd of Jun, 2011 by   nancilynn 0 Votes
My 87 yr. old mother had been ordering from Haband from time to time. She was very ill and in and out of nursing homes and hospitals for months. I noticed that she was being charged 14.95 for nothing.
I checked back on her credit card statements and she was charged
$1.95 in October of 2010 and $14.95 in NOV 2010 thru MAY 2011.
I called the company and they offered a $29.90 refund. I told them
that I needed 91.65 and was transferred to their "consumer affairs"
department and finally they agreed to refund the $91.65. I asked how long it would take. I was told that that would depend on my
credit card company. I am following this closely! How dare they
take atvantage of an eldery ill woman!
 6th of Sep, 2011 by   arnieps 0 Votes
charge on my Amex of $14.95 mo

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