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GT Express Ready Set Go


Bogus additional charges

Complaint Rating:  97 % with 525 votes
97% 525
Contact information:
GT Express
104 Natalie Drive
Swansea, Illinois
United States
Phone: 618-257-8384
After watching infomercial about new GT Express Ready Set go product, I decided to order online. When paying for order I noticed they charged me for a receipe club that I had clicked No Thanks to. Because I figured I could straighten this out after I placed the order I continued to process the order. I also noticed the shipping and handling increased from $17 to $22. I tried to call customer service and found out they were closed. I sent an email instead with of course no reply. I finally talked to their customer service to be told that I clicked yes to the recipe club and after insisting that I knew better they said they would refund $4.95 to me. I insisted on the $9.95 and they said okay. Nothing was mentioned about the additional shipping and handling. I asked if item had shipped and of course they told me it was in the process and they could not cancel. The selling points on this item in the informercial is the installment payments and free expidited shipping. I ordered Saturday and this is Wednesday and it still has not shipped and was told 7-10 days after it did ship and that was their expidited shipping because normally it takes 20 days. They charged me the full amount also, and said I choose that option also. The original product is a good product, who knows about this new product, but it sadens me that they have resorted to these shady business products. I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau. Oh, I was also told to refuse package, but I will probably not be able to recover all of the money I have been charged, and I shipped to my home and will not be home to refuse it.
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 9th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
My Mom was taken advatage of this company. She declined the additional items and cookbooks, but they charged her for them anyway, . It should have been $56.00 and they charged $97.50. To send it back will be another $20..00. It will be a total loss of $48.00 to receive nothing. The people you talk to are in Manilla.
This is such a scam. I don't know how we can recoup her money.
She's on a fixed income with high medical expenses.
I am saddened that this stuff is still on TV, taking advantage of people.
They told me she did it automated on the phone, yet I know she spoke with a live person. I called a couple times and it was not automated.
 15th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Maybe you should have waited for it to come to stores as everything As Seen on TV usually ends up in stores, usually Walgreens or Bed, Bath and Beyond. I, too, have had bad experiences ordering things off TV or internet which is why I wait for it to come to stores and then there is no way those unfortunate sneaky things can happen because you are buying it straight off the shelf instead of dealing with the internet and having to worry about proving whether you joined some club or not or whether you were charged for more shipping than was advertised. I am planning on buying the product, but I never order anything like that over the phone or internet anymore because of those situations. I ordered something from Richard Simmons several years ago and had to threaten Attorney General on their butts before finally getting every cent back. It turns out that everytime we would get on the phone with them, we were told a different thing everytime about how long it would take to get there and it turned out that they promised a replacement after it being stolen off our doorstep of an apt building (UPS is not supposed to leave anything on a doorstep of an apt building to begin with) and a kid stole it, thinking it was cartoon videos (it was the same company as that who makes cartoon videos)..well, they proved that they lied about shipping the replacement at all. My husband now, when we deal with any customer service about bad service, makes note on the computer about the date, time and person spoken to and what was said so that the next time we get somebody, he can read off exactly how the last discussion went and who was spoken to about it because they lie about making notes on their side. I never trust ordering over the internet unless it is Amazon.com because they have a proven record of good service. We have NEVER had a bad experience with Amazon.com that I remember and have always been quick with shipping something out, usually books or movies. Any problems have always been handled professionally. I suggest Amazon.com next time.
 15th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just want to make a further comment that we did go to Better Business Bureau even after we got the money back and Goodtimes Home Video showed up as several previous names and addresses and over 500 complaints. Each time they would get a complaint against them, they would change their name and move. I don't trust anything with Richard Simmons anymore and prefer to buy any workout videos at the Academy store or right off the shelf. If I can't find it there, I wasn't meant to have it. Also, anything As Seen on Tv, I wait for it to come out in stores because eventually everything does and there is no shady anything with it. It is straightforward and you save yourself the headache of shipping charges and being at the mercy of customer service.
 18th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
I too was scammed by this company. I turned them over to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission. I purchased the red ReadiSetGo and I found that:

1. The company engages in unethical billing practices.
2. They shipped a bunch of crap that I did NOT ordered and billed my credit card for the mess.
I sent several emails that were returned undeliverable and phone calls fell on deaf ears and the customer services reps are all foreigners who can't speak English.
3. I had to get the bank involved to get my money back for the crap that I returned. The claim is that if you use their label that you do not have to pay shipping to return the items, however the amount of my refund for the unwanted/unordered items was less shipping. That is when I got the bank involved to get the money back.
4. Then the basic set that I DID order is not what it claims to be. The ad states that the unit has a nonstick surface. WRONG! The unit is covered in cheap Chinese black paint-NOT Teflon. AFter about 5 uses, the black coating started bubbling up and cracking. Now I have a unit with the paint chipping off of it. I have to cover the bottom with aluminum foil and I am concerned about lead poisoning since it was made in China (China has been in the news lately due to the dry wall that is making people sick)
5. Also the telephone ordering service (the number listed on the infomercial) has been set up to keep adding charges and items to the order, even when you say NO loud and clear that you do not want the items. Then the answer service will say something to the effect of "Let's go ahead and add that to your order. We can always go back and change it later." When I realized what was happening, I immediately hung up and called the customer service number to make sure that those things hadn't been added to my order. The young boy who answered the phone told me that "the order didn't go through." However, about a 2 days later, I get a shipment of the junk I didn't even want, in spite of not even completing the telephone order process (I was never given an order confirmation number either.) When I called the customer service number again and complained about them shipping me those unwanted/unordered items, the little girl on the phone got smart with me and said well you provided your credit card number at the beginning of the phone call. I told her it didnt' matter what I provided because I hung up and never completed the order and never received an order confirmation number either.

I am so fed up with this company and its false claims that I am not even going to bother returning the defective unit, especially since I had so much hassle trying to return things that I didn't even order.
 19th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
UPS policy dictates that a driver can release a package to any apartment or home as long as 1.) He/She feels it's a safe area... 2.) Shipper has coded package as 'Shipper Release' ...the ONLY time a package is NOT released is if the customer has their address FLAGGED as "Signature Required" or if there are a large amount of claims made in that area.
 19th of Jul, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Thanks for telling me, i was going to purchase one, but now...no way!
 23rd of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
My friend ordered this item and loves the ease of use and says the food is great, but she too was duped and charged extra for things she did not order nor received.
I personally would love to have one, but will wait for it to come to a local store. I did finally speak with a live person who stated they only take the orders and the actual custoner service numer of the company is different from what is listed on the web site. Supposedly it is 800 357 9213. I voiced my concerns about overblling and was given the option of sending in payment by money order ($56.85). Takes a little longer to receive, but nothing to add charges to. Also using a "postal" money order affords you the support of the postal service against ffraudulent activities.

But, I will still wait til its available locally.
 26th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
This is a sham! do not order it! the product is god but they take you for a tone of dough! wait to by it in a store like bd bath and beyondeasier to deal with! beware do not order over phone! DeAnna Dallas, Tx
 13th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just ordered a ptoduct from them and had no trouble at all. All I had to do was read each page on their web site and select "No thanks" when it was something I did not want. At the end of the order it gave ma confirmation number and clearly spelled out what I would be charged. I have a felling that some of the complaints are by people that did not carefully read what they were ordering.
 12th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

GT Xpress 100 - Unauthorized billing
GT Xpress 100
United States

After ordering an Xpress cooker, I received two charged to my account for more than they actually cost. Now they are using my credit card and mailing me recipe booklets, charging me 18.95. This was unauthorized. How can I effectively stop them from doing this? I believe they will try to do this every month.
 15th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
The worst part about the GT Express Ready set Go besides the ordering process, is that the coating which is supposed to be non-stick, starts peeling off in a few weeks, despite carefully following the instructions. Once the coating starts peeling, things start sticking to the top and of course you have pieces of black coating in your food. This has been a problem with this type of product, going back years, when it was the GT Express 101. They claim that the new Model the Readi Set Go, solved the coating problem, but it did not. They even have a Yahoo Forum on this product, hosted by Cathy Mitchell, and if you join the forum and start asking questions about the coating, the members basically tell you to "shut up" and don't complain. I think they have some company employees that monitor the forum.

I would avoid getting this product, if the idea of having teflon in your food, doesn''t appeal to you.
 16th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just received this as a gift for my birthday and wish I could have refused it. It is so tiny that you can't possibly cook a meal for 2 and the "pizza in minutes" wouldn't even feed 1 person. I was floored when I saw that they had charged $21.90 for postage and handling! What a scam. My husband must have ordered it on the 800# because the billing price is $49.85 and the internet price is now +/-$40. Total price on this unit per packing slip $71.75. Wish my husband had given me the cash and let me choose my own gift but bless him he thought it would be a help in the kitchen and save me some time. If I was feeding fairies or munchkins it probably would. I think I'm going to list it on Craig's list and try to get at least $40 for it. If I return it I will be out the original shipping and return shipping and will have spent about $30 to and fro to save $50. Pass on this puppy because it is a real dog!!! *PJ in San Diego*
 16th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I do not understand what everyone is so upset about. Read what you are ordering before you click submit. Shipping and handeling charges are clearly stated so you can't complain after you placed an order. A lot of companies get you with high shipping and handeling charges. A lot of mail order items have high shipping such as Fingerhut. I totally agree Mark Stephens! People get mad at someone else because of their own mistakes.
 17th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I ordered redisetgo online and like one of the previous writers I was very careful about selecting the correct answers (NoThanks) on each page, so no problem with any extra charges. Received it in a timely manner from FED EX.

It is small but will be fine for quick snacks and lunch. The concept is great and the grilled cheese sandwich I made was perfect.
I wish they made one in a family size as it is to small to cook an entire meal on.

Hopefully the teflon will not peel off as mentioned in previous texts..maybe they have corrected this...I am happy with mine.
 20th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was going to order and after reading these complaints, I am staying as far away as I can get from this company. I'll wait until it hits the stores or Ebay.
Thank you for the warnings.
 25th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
this is for the infamercial ordering complaines.i also have ordered in the past with the same results, that a lot of extra charges where put on the orders, no address or e mail to ask questions before, only after giving the credit card number and info.
when i got the answer finely about all the things i was charged for because i suposedly
clicket the wrong phone button or said the wrong thing, noticing i would not get anywhere with this special trained person to dodge questions by giving reasonable answers, my next call was to the credit card company, telling them i did not gave authorisation on all those extra charges so they put a block on and investigation,
i got all the items as listed in the infamercial but only the price as said on tv.the same about items advertised free for only a very little shipping charge on a major credit card,
and 20 days later a full bill for the next (one of many )shippment at full price.got it all canceled.a lot of stores like target, wallgreen, etc carry the items a few weeks after the infamercial first starts. get smart and fight back.
 27th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Interesting... I was going to order the GT Express until I Google-mapped their company address (listed above at: GT Express, 104 Natalie Dr., Swansea, IL.) and it came up as a trailer park on the street view! Not even a building, but a place on wheels. Made me turn the other way and run just to see that. Not too many reputable businesses are run out of mobile homes...unless it's a mobile home business!
 11th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I suppose to pay $39.98 plus S/H of $16.97. After I clicked two freebies, my final charge was almost $100. I couldn’t undo the freebies. However, I used the credit card. I’ll dispute these charges with my credit company instead. I had same experience with another infomercial.
 29th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I ordered online and should have known better because I had read complaints about this company. I was very careful to not order anything except the RSG product, that's it. I reviewed my order carefully and I was certain (still am certain) that I agreed only to buy the product, nothing else. 3 months later, charges showed up on my credit card. I called and was told they shipped me extra pans that I ordered. I DID NOT ORDER THEM! I held my position that I did not order anything except the initial order 3 month prior. I was told I had to wait for what they shipped, that I did not order, that will take 3 to 4 weeks, mark it refused, and when they receive it back, they'll refund my money, that will take 2 or 3 weeks. OMG. I cancelled my credit card so they cannot get more money from me. Careful, I agree with one review above, wait until it's in the stores and buy it there if you must have it. 3 months having it, I now see I could have definitely lived without this product but it can be convenient at times. I just wish I had not ordered online and waited until it hit the As Seen On TV store, Walmart, etc.
 2nd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I to was taken in!
After reading the mail, I was very careful to follow -No thank you!!
I ordered 1 [one] Readysetgo, have a bill for 2[two] plus a
$9.95 Recipe Book which I DID NOT order.
Do we ever learn NOT to order this stuff, and listen to Friends experience?
M Flammersfeld

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