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Graceland Portable Buildings, Cunningham, Kentucky Complaints & Reviews - Swindled

Graceland Portable Buildings Contacts & Informations

Graceland Portable Buildings [Resolved]

Posted: 2012-10-08 by    Graceland Crooks


Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
Contact information:
Graceland Portable Buildings, Graceland Properties LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, JDL Builders LLC
Cunningham, Kentucky
United States
Business Owner defrauded out of his business by unscrupulous and unethical business practices, and numerous deceptive trade acts.

I was fraudulently induced to purchase 2 Graceland locations after working 8 months with 10-12 hour days. JD Laney and Kent Meyer first provided fraudulent information so I would purchase these locations. After purchasing the Reagor Springs and the Corsicana locations I then learned that the previous month that Reagor Springs had done only $30, 000 in sales. Upon further examination, we started calling people back listed in the sales logs that most of them were fraudulent entries. We were approached by many of Kent Meyer’s previous customers and they explained how they too were swindled by Kent Meyer and JD. We brought it to JD Laney(the divisional manger)’s attention, who basically said he could care less, which was the norm of JD. The Corsicana lot only had one sale after the purchase of it. However, in August they sold $70, 000. Please note that we kept the same sales staff as before the purchase of the location. JD was fully aware of me purchasing these locations from Kent Meyer, as he had to approve of me becoming a dealer at both these locations. The Corsicana lot was doing good. Out of total shock and disbelief, on October 1st, JD Laney, my two salesmen, Kent Meyer’s brother, Brian went out to my location, threw all my stuff in a U Haul truck and left it in a field. He then assisted Brian Meyer, instructing my two salesmen to help him them move the buildings approximately 4 miles away to a new location. JD was well aware that I had signed a year’s lease on this location, and paid Kent Meyer $20, 000.

JD Laney and Kent Meyer provided me with fraudulent sales numbers to induce me to buy these locations. He then assisted and directed the theft of my business by Kent Meyer’s brother, Brian. JD Laney was fully aware of what he was doing, as he is the one that had to of approved the new dealer, Kent’s brother, Brian Meyer. JD Laney, Graceland Portable Buildings, Graceland Properties LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, and JDL Builders LLC participated in fraud and deceptive trade practices. JD then tricked me into bringing in all the contracts. He then told us that he moved all the buildings off the lot and have stolen our salesmen. He waited until after he had all the checks and contracts. I was also cheated out of all my marketing expenses, and all my commissions.

Graceland Portable Buildings, Graceland Properties LLC, G.P. Portable Buildings LLC, and JDL Builders LLC owe me thousands of dollars. This location, like all Graceland locations have extremely unhappy customers because of the poor customer service and their management tactics. I would be glad to provide names and numbers of numerous unhappy customers once I get it approved through the customers. Warning, to all dealers, potential dealers, vendors, suppliers, contractors subcontractors, customers, be aware, all these companies are straight, corrupt crooks. I would be glad to provide details or anything else you deem necessary. You may contact me 24/7 at the number listed below. If you see the “G” on the buildings, run away and don’t look back, as you too will be swindled.

Mike Briscoe
(214) 980-9396

User Comments

The complaint I submitted against Graceland Portable Buildings was done at a time when I was in a heated dispute with the company. I regret making those statements, and all issues have been resolved.
Comments United States Building, Construction
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 4th of Apr, 2013 by   j.neal 0 Votes
I just got off the phone with a guy claiming he's the manager and he was so rude and disrespectful!!! A repo guy was sent out and wasn't suppose to be sent out but he said that I had to pay 100 bucks simply BC he came out to my house. I spoke with another guy like 3 days before today and he said something totally different. I told the manager that it wasn't right it was their mistake and he told me to clean out my building that he was coming to get it. I've had it almost 3 years and its almost paid off its down to the last
Hundreds and now they're trying their hardest to find a reason to get it.

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