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Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Complaints & Reviews - Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry are poisoned

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin Contacts & Informations

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin

Posted:    RTruth

Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry are poisoned

Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Contact information:
Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin
6055 North 91st Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States
Phone: (414)353-6400
Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry are poisoned, because Walter Smith and Kelly Telez Goodwill chief of security has been adding more security cameras inside Goodwill Industries, to make people and co-workers uncomfortable, Goodwill Security Oliver McHatten be harassing and picking on co-workers, when they be coming in to work.When me and my friend was working there, Goodwill Security Officer Oliver McHatten was picking on me and my friend.I reported the incident to his boss Walter Smith, and Walter Smith said Oliver was doing his job by the book.I said yeah right like I really care.Goodwill Laundry is poisoned too!!!Goodwill Laundry be bullshitting too!!!Goodwill Laundry managers Orangetta Kelly and Chandra Henderson be bullshitting!!!My friend Danita Scott got fired for mouthing off and complaining to Gary Goll (The Big Boss and JeWarren's Boss)about The Laundry Supervisor (JeWarren Robertson) been making her uncomfortable while she be working.In Goodwill Laundry, You have to do 500 sheets in an hour and You have to work with blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and other kind of hospital laundry covered with blood, brown shit, other colored shit, and urine.That's why co-workers be getting fired, quitting, walking off the job, having arguments with the laundry supervisor and the laundry manager, Goodwill Laundry do not have no symphathy for nobody and Goodwill Laundry Managers and Supervisors don't have no symphathy for nobody!!! Goodwill Security don't have no symphathy for nobody either!!!Do not come to Goodwill Industries, Do not work and Do not apply at Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Laundry!!! If you do you're making a terrible mistake!!!

Comments United States Bullying and Harassment at Work
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 28th of Dec, 2010 by   R-Truth -3 Votes
Goodwill Industries is poisoned with black co-workers and black securityand Goodwill Laundry is poisoned with black management, That's why God does not like ugly!!!That's why I hate black people!!!
 22nd of May, 2014 by   Dennis Schrank +1 Votes
I agree with the complaint and as a former employee of Goodwill have first hand knowledge of Oliver McHatten's conduct and the condoning, defending and in the extreme cases the ignoring of such conduct by Security Director Waler Smith. McHatten has always harassed Goodwill clients ( people with disabilities and limitations ) as well as employees and store customers. McHatten, s conduct has included sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse and intimidation. His conduct has been overlooked or defended by Mr. Smith for so long that McHatten feels he is untouchable. It is deplorable that Goodwill Senior Management has also ignored this type of conduct and poor management of the security department for so long. it would be in there best interest to act before this duo's conduct comes to light with a serious incident that can't be covered up and does PERMANENT DAMAGE TO GOODWILLS REPUTATION!
 15th of Jul, 2014 by   Rennard C +1 Votes
Walter Smith and Oliver McHatten left Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin in 2013.I'm glad they're gone, because they made co workers, employees, clients, and store customers uncomfortable.

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