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Posted: 2013-08-31 by    oneofthestudent


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Hi evrybody
I am one of the student in GMRIT, rajam, it was one of the best college in A.P, but the present situation is diiferent form past.
In our college placements are taken care by our "TRAINING AND PLACEMENT OFFICE(TPO)".our TPO office staff are the worst satff
in college, they are "PLAYING WITH FUTURE OF STUDENTS BY BRINGING FAKE COMPANIES "to our collge and showing them as placements
in our COLLEGE WEBSITE.Coming to the point in recent 2013 batch passed out they are many fake placements.
these are the list of fake companies which were come to our coolege

1)webspiders -22 members got selected
From this company 2 HR Members has conducted the wrriten test on dec 9th 2012 and after a long gap it has conducted another interview test on
jan 9th 2013 and the results was announced on jan 28th 2013.I dont know why it has taken such a long time to conduct interview
and announcing the result.Finally still the students who got selected for that companie are waiting for there call letter from
7 MONTHS.Still now there was no call from that company

2)globaitechnologies -32 members are selected

This company has visited our college on APRIL 29th 2013, the "one who come as HR for webspider has again come behalf of globalitechnolies as HR".
It conducted some test and went back without announcing the result, and our tpo staff first has said that 32 members are selected .
From on that day there chainging there answers day by day, one day our TPO staff are saying all 32 members are slected, and the next time
they are saying u still have a telephonic interview as a final interview, when ever we ask for any information about that company there are
changing there answers.THe students who got selected are still waiting for there final interview form since last "4 MONTHS".
Even though the students are not selected officially they have displayed in our college website as the students are slected for that company

3)world wide diamond manfcr lmtd-8 members

For this company there ids no need of any degrtee qualification, here the work is to polish the diamonds the with some tool.our TPO
saying this was also as a company and displayed as a placement in our college placement.

4)vasishtha construction lmtd-5 members

it was a civil branch company it was in bihar offered 10, 000 as a salary.our college has displayed it was also as a placement

5)cistern infotech-8 members

we dont know when did the company has visited our college but our TPO has displayed it was also a placemet

there other placements also which can not be considered as placement

while fcome to the final CONCLUSION
In our college only 125 members only placed in good and MNC companies like tcs-51, genpact 24..etc...remaing all companies are fake
finally in our college website they are showing placemnts as 211 memberes, but the truth is only 125 are real, remaing "86 ARE FAKE"
Comments India Education
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 5th of Oct, 2013 by   staffffff 0 Votes
college should not play with student life by wasting their time...
 20th of Mar, 2014 by   gkgkjgkgkg 0 Votes
i agree with u

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