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Global Tel Link, Florida Complaints & Reviews - I work at Global Tel Link

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Global Tel Link

Posted:    nicnic

I work at Global Tel Link

Complaint Rating:  15 % with 62 votes
Contact information:
Global Tel Link
United States
I would like to start off by saying that i was very surprised to see this complaint site. As much as i see where people are coming from, you must first remember that Global Tel Link is providing you with service to talk to an inmate. If there were not companies like this, you would need to write letters. The reason that your accounts are set up are because your phone companies will not let you get calls from corr. facilities. So on GTL'S part id like to say your welcome. Secondly, about cards being declined, that is 90% of the time because you have about 10 different addresses and you forget which one you have registered. OR you have a prepaid card, which aren't accepted. Why? Because so many GTL customers call with their prepaid child support cards and try to spend their food money on phone calls. Before you sit at home and complain&blog, how about you rethink things and be appreciative for the service that you would be miserable without.
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 17th of Apr, 2008 by   ELDORA MC CONNEL 0 Votes
not posting money to accounts paid by direct remit
 18th of Apr, 2008 by   mary 0 Votes
why does it take a week for u all to post a payment
 4th of May, 2008 by   Dale Singlrton 0 Votes
GTL posting money to acc. no matter how i send the momsey by ck or m.o. or elect . payment this co does not post it to my acc. therefour my ph is blocked i have called sent email, s i dont know what else to do. thank, s Dale Singleton 3266 thomas st memphis tn 38127
 10th of Jun, 2008 by   Mo 0 Votes
Your comment is about the same as the service received from GlobaelTel. I for one do not use my "food money". I am not on any government assistance and have used more than one of my credit cards to pay for the crappy service.

First the connection itself is bad. Secondly, after paying such a high price for a phone call I don't appreciate my call being cut short with some message telling me that we are being disconnected for 3-way-calling. My relative is important and our time to communicate on the phone is far too precious for me to waste it making 3-way calls. There is not reason for it. I contacted what GlobelTel calls "Customer Service" and was told that they could see where we were disconnected (4 times in one day) but that they couldn't help me at that level and to call corporate. So I call corporate and get this stupid automated lineand am told that my phone number isn't even registered with GlobalTel...WTF? That's funny since I've spent all this money already...you seem to be able to find it when you accept my payments and your customer service guy sees the account so what's the deal. I couldn't even get a live person after that.

I appreciate a service that puts me in touch with my loved one but please do not think that I have to be at your mercy without complaint when you cheat me out of my hard earned money and your customer service is abysmal at best.
 15th of Jun, 2008 by   Max +1 Votes
First, of all this company is out to gouge their customers who are literally captives by promising correctional facilities, various commissions on each and every call. I am not incarcerated but receive their inflated bill with my monthly phone bill. I've notice they ALWAYS double bill fees and phone calls. Try to contact customer service and you will experience people who do not care about anything but charging you astronomical fees for crappy service, disconnected calls and double billing. I know they're donating BIG $ to elected government officials in order to obtain and continue with their contract with CDC. It's all a scam to increase their profits! I encourage everyone to write to their elected person and complain.
 11th of Jul, 2008 by   jane1933 0 Votes
I gave a payment of 70.00 two days age and I still have a bloc k on my phone. the bill was for 108.00 now they are saying the bill is 111.00. and i already made a payment but they are not showing it and western union says they sent the payment top them.
 14th of Jul, 2008 by   wanda martin 0 Votes
How come I am getting billed from two places. I have always paid online and have always had excess money in my account, now I am being bill on my att bill for ILD. Get it together folks. In this day and age it shouldn't be a problem.
 3rd of Aug, 2008 by   justin 0 Votes

It amazes me that even a peon such as yourself cannot see that this business is a monopolizing, greed stricken cash cow. Its like funeral homes you make money off of other peoples misery. Wait till they're at their most vulnerable point and then say, " Well i guess we can help you, but we will need ( ridiculous amount of money ) in return."

Of course I'm sure you people are just like any other high corporation, bent on making money and not worrying about the little guy.

I hope that you yourself one day have to deal with this and then you probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night wondering how you could've worked for a company such as them.
 4th of Aug, 2008 by   Dorothy +1 Votes
Since this is my first time looking into this comapny i read some of the complaints i have to say its looks bad, but like 1 employee of the comapny said if it wasn't for them we would have to write i have to say to that comment its nice we have a company that allows us to talk on phone instead of writing cause its more personal but that doesn't give any company the right to give bad service if that is the case i personally in the past years used my local phone company and got collect calls from my son until i was informed that the correctional facility wouldn't accept that way anymore but the same employee is saying its are phone company that isn't allowing it ill have to check into that again since i can afford those phone calls again i do have an ideal for the complaints tho the attorney generals office or better business bureau
 16th of Aug, 2008 by   Gino 0 Votes
I totally agree that is takes GTL forever to post Western Union payments to your account they blocked my account and it took them almost two weeks to post the money I sent even though they say it only takes 48 hours to post.
 30th of Aug, 2008 by   Laura 0 Votes
Join the class action lawsuit
 12th of Sep, 2008 by   Kay Henderson 0 Votes
Unable to get phone calls I already paid for from loved one in CDC. Calls get interrupted and will not go through so we have kind of 'given up' with this service working. I have called several times to correct to no avail. No one seems to care.
 16th of Sep, 2008 by   Mad in Ohio 0 Votes
There are other companies out there who also provide phone service to prisons. Global Tel link just has the contract to hold us all hostage.
 25th of Sep, 2008 by   sue 0 Votes
today i found out that they had taken out 3 -25$payments from my bank account, causing me to have 3 nsf, which cost me 60 extra dollars to the bank, and i know owe the bank over a 100.00..i have not been given any time whatsoever from that 75.00, one was taken out on the 19th, from a debit card, they took my money from the bank, and i have the statements to prove it, but did not give me any minutes on my phone therefore i have not spoken to not one, but two of my brothers in over a week, everytime they try and call me it says 'insufficient funds' yet there is still enough for one call to go through. since i have poor health my brothers worry about me and my children and it's frustrating that i can't let them know that i'm ok..with 75.00 taken from my account i should be getting my calls. it's outrageous how the customer service people treat you, and even worse the supervisors are rude and uncaring. i was told to fax over my proof which i did, i called back was put on hold for over 25 minutes only to be routed to an answering machine. i'm at my wits end and although they did admit to owing me one of the 25.00 fee's..it's been a week and the money is still not in my account. raising 2 daughters on my own i can not afford this. if they can take my money in a matter of seconds..why can't they put it back or at least give me my time that i paid for. there are other companies and they should be used instead of global tel link. i have a brother in the prison system for the last 8 yrs also, now that he was moved they use ILD and the cost is only 1.80 for 15 minutes..not once did i have a problem with them. with all these complaints someone should do something about this. we, as a family on the outside should not be punished for being there for our loved ones. now i ask, how do i pay the bank back the 100 or more dollars i owe. who will pay for the extra 60 dollars i'm being charged by the bank because of global tel link's mistake? not them..it sickens me and saddens me that they allow or are allowed to take advantage of people the way they do. if they were an upright company they wouldn't have complaint issues or websites just for complaints.
 10th of Oct, 2008 by   Lily 0 Votes
I can't believe this JERK! Boy, this just shows you how bad this company really is, even when they are not on the clock they are ignorant and rude to people! First of all-little guy, you need to quit with your little assumptions and stereotypes. Even if some people may use child support cards its their money and not yours or that of your MONOPOLIZING, RIP-OFF company is taking and WE DESERVE RESPECT AND SERVICES FOR MONEY THAT YOU TAKE FROM US! Personally I think its Un-American to only offer one company to choose from for services that so many people need and paying mint for! The dept of corrections are probably getting kick-backs for letting Global Tel have the monopoly!!!
 19th of Oct, 2008 by   Tiffany 0 Votes
OH MY GOSH I'M SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THESE LIES... THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR: "GTL HAS A MONOPOLY" If you were to actually do your home work you will find out that there are other correctional billing services that do exist, such as Securus, T-Netix, GTL and a company actually NAMED CORRECTIONAL BILLING SERVICES(CBS), just to name a few.

The correctional facility that your loved one is in just happens to be serviced by GTL.

Regarding the individual that had 3-$25 payments removed from her account, my question to you is this: Did/does the BILLING ADDRESS for your credit or debit card MATCH the address that you provided to GTL? If NOT your credit/debit card will be declined. It is called a MERCHANT OVERRIDE DECLINE. The funds attempted will be returned to your credit card. But my question is thisL: did you actually attempt the payment with a rep or did you attempt it online or through the automated system? If you used a method other than a live person the repeated holds on you credit card would be of your own making since a rep could have verified your information ANd you would have known not to use that card.

And ILD IS A SUBSIDIARY of GTL, just for you to actually know that.

For those of you who claim that you deserve respect, yes you do, IF you actually give respect. People are less inclined to assist you if you call in and are immediately RUDE PRIOR to them even saying a word. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE SO IF YOU ARE NASTY YOU WILL GET NASTY BACK!! You have heard of Karma haven't you?

Try being nice and NOT taking your frustations from whatever previous representative that you have had onto your next call. Just a hint.
 19th of Oct, 2008 by   Tiffany 0 Votes
Oh and to the person that stated that people using CHILD SUPPORT CARDS, EBT CARDS (or whatever else) should be able to use them to make payments because its their money:NO IT IS NOT!!! Those cards are REGULATED BY THE GOVERNMENT. The goverment determines how those cards can be used AND THE GOVERNMENT HAS MANDATED THAT THEY CANNOT BE USED WITH GTL!!!

GTL follows their rules, so if you would like to use those types of cards take that issue up with the governing body that actually issues those card.

On a side note, they are called child support cards for a resaon, they are to be used for the support of your chld, NOT to pay for a telephone service.
 3rd of Nov, 2008 by   Susan 0 Votes
My phone company does not have any blocks from correctional facilities - I called AT&T to check into that statement. The phone calls come via AT&T then are interrupted by GTL coming on and telling me I have to have an account with them. I already have long distance service that does not have ANY blocks on it, I am not going to pay for a third party to rip me off - I will research more to see how this all works - it would seem to be some sort of rights violation if I cannot communicate with my son, nor he to I - he's not in isolation nor has he incurred any infractions in the facility to be deprived of phone calls home.
 4th of Nov, 2008 by   Karen Bunting +1 Votes
I've sent in payment and now my phone line is blocked I can't receive my calls from Delano Ca. State prision. So what's the problem I've just received another bill for my account if my line is blocked how can you charge me anything, I haven"t received a call in over a month. so you need to get back with me on this matter before I send anymore money, I need my line unblocked. Thank you Karen Bunting #844453-6315
 12th of Nov, 2008 by   Larry Lake +1 Votes
I believe I am being charged bogus call after the date of my daughter's release from a correctional facility. No bill for 3 months, now they threathen collections.

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