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Flixjunky.com Complaints & Reviews - It is a catastrophe!

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Posted: 2012-12-10 by    Johanna Willis

It is a catastrophe!

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 8 votes
Contact information:
United States
I tried to view the end of a movie that my husband and I had been watching. The only way to get there was through "flix". I never did gain access to the movie but I was offered the option of "joining" flixjunky.com for only $49.99/ month! I said no and got out of the site as quickly as possible. I am now being charged at that rate and am trying to find a customer service number and a way out of paying this membership fee for a club that I never wanted to join.
Comments United States TV, Music & Video
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 10th of Dec, 2012 by   Brenda* 0 Votes
So contact their customer support.
 10th of Dec, 2012 by   The Lidman Foundation 0 Votes
And then let Brenda know how it went.
 22nd of Jun, 2013 by   Dreamgirl 0 Votes
how do i claim for my refund and unsubscribe this policy.
 8th of Nov, 2013 by   Heli Rajamäki 0 Votes
I did get 3 months refund my money back.. shitty company, never use this or anyone else free trial systems...thats just scam!!! And yes, I did have to use strong words to even have this much refund back.. just dont use it!!!
 18th of Dec, 2013 by   stefaniaLoz 0 Votes
I had the same bad experience, and Flixjunky is ripping off of 49.9$ each month for the lasts 4 months, by automatic payment that I never permitted… without any receive or mail!! I just found out! I don't know how these guys can still be around? I found a way, just about to change my credit card !!!
 1st of Feb, 2014 by   Alastair2014 0 Votes
I have just discovered Flixjunky have been debiting USD49.95 from my account without my authority? My credit card provider is currently investigating, but they are clearly con-artists who deserve to rot in hell !!!
 12th of May, 2014 by   ryanbmurdoch 0 Votes
I just created a account on flixjuny and then canceled my account straight away will they still try to take money from my bank card
 21st of May, 2014 by   z0e 0 Votes
I signed up for the flixjunky 5day free trial but the didn't have what I wanted to watch so I haven't used the site at all but I've just noticed they taken £30.80 from my account and apparently because I signed up through the free trial promotion I'm not eligible for a refund?? I've cancelled my subscription and received a conformation email, does anyone know if I will be able to get my money back?
 5th of Sep, 2014 by   wth! 0 Votes
A week ago I signed up for flixjunky because they claimed there was a free trial offered. Figured if I didn't want to "join" after the free trial, I could cancel and not be charged. Yeah, right! When I looked at what their movie line-up was, there were no movies there that I had ever even heard of - ever! So I quickly went to the cancellation page to cancel my membership, then called their number to make sure I was cancelled and as a second mode of cancelling. I was assured no money would be taken out of my bank account and that I would receive an email notifying me of my cancelled membership. Yeah, right! I also notified my bank immediately and had my card cancelled as an extra measure of protection. One week later, I check my bank account and notice that money had been withdrawn from my account for this fake company. I have since notified my bank of this and they are investigating them for fraud. Hopefully, no further money will be withdrawn from my account as I noticed after joining this site that the monthly charges were $45 for membership!!
 10th of Oct, 2014 by   Theresa Dosh 0 Votes
I was charged 49.95 on my credit card for services. I never knowingly signed up for flixjunky and I certainly never gave them my credit card information. I called them to cancel the transaction and was told that was not possible since I did not cancel within the trial period. I have never been this angry.
 15th of Oct, 2014 by   Bulkcarrier 0 Votes
it happenned tome the same, I talk to my bankers but nothing could be done, just to block my card and expect that never may fall again in that trap
 22nd of Oct, 2014 by   james salamon 0 Votes

Flixjunky.com - Theft
Bracklesham Bay
United Kingdom

Signed a free 5 day trial, no credit card entered, but they still took money from me ? How the hell does that happen. This companu steal films and then steal money from 'customers' to watch them ? ! How is this site allowed to continue ?
 17th of Nov, 2014 by   barbaros.tanacan1951@hotmail.com 0 Votes
hiçbir film seyretmeden 113.00 tl paramı halk bankasından kestiniz acele olarak paramın iadesini yapın lütfen.barbaros tanaçan
 17th of Nov, 2014 by   barbaros.tanacan1951@hotmail.com 0 Votes
paramın iadesini istiyorum lütfen yanlışlıkla üye falan olduysada iptal edin ben emekli biriyim şimdiden teşekkürler.
 21st of Jan, 2015 by   LOverend 0 Votes
I have also just been stung, having just noticed a payment to these fraudsters recently. Turns out they've taken four payments. When I phoned the company (from New Zealand so incurring an international phone call as well), the guy couldn't identify me by either the last four digets of my card or my full name. He then asked me for my full debit card details and I told him to get stuffed. My bank is currently sorting this out. I had never heard of the company before and had definately never signed up with them as this sort of thing is not my interest anyway. Be very careful and check your statements regularly!

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