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Complaint Rating:  60 % with 82 votes
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United States
I had alot of trouble trying to cancel my account with Fling.com. I did some research and looked into the contract I agreed with and to cancel with Fling.com, go to the following site.


I just went there and canceled and I hope it works. I do not want to be billed again! I have half a mind to sue them for internet fraud and identity theft. They are getting very close to it so they better not be pushing any of my buttons any longer! I'm fed up with this this!!!
Comments United States Internet Services
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 18th of Oct, 2008 by   Clay 0 Votes
I'm a member of fling.com and i like it. Yes there are fake ass profiles on there where they try to get you to join a free 3 day trial on some cam site. I don't even think thats fling, fling wouldnt gain from that. Now I never did start just a normal account so i dont know how many bs emails u get. Screw those. There are a fair amount of actual people you can meet and hook up with if you have some game and some ok looks, or lowered expectations. I've hoooked up with 2 in less then a month and i have several lined up. But i have to be willing to drive 2 hrs to do so. If you live in a big city, then i'd seriusly think about it. Otherwise, u have to be willing to burn some gas
 10th of Nov, 2008 by   brad 0 Votes
Hey, I'm having trouble canceling myself. Ever finf out if that site listed works? Let me know. Thanks!
 16th of Feb, 2009 by   victor torrijos 0 Votes
cancel my account please
 16th of Feb, 2009 by   victor torrijos 0 Votes
please cancel because i not have mony on bank
 8th of Aug, 2009 by   youndrama87 0 Votes
thiers no reason i should be up here if u cant talk to no one if u have to pay so im not paying for any thing so i need to cancel my account wit you
 5th of Sep, 2009 by   larrence 0 Votes
i never sign up for fling and somke got my name and e-mail and kade an account with my personal imformation and iam only 13years old and how did some one get my e-mail because i amkgoing to tell ky mom about fling and i amk going to tell her someone got my e-mail and my name and sign me up for fling
 5th of Sep, 2009 by   larrence 0 Votes
i never sign up for fling.com and someone got my name and e-mail and made an account with my personal imformation and iam only 13 years on and i want to cancel my account because i never knew about this website to i had got an e-mail on yahoo.com saying that isign this and then it said fling .com and some i was like never up for fling so that mean somebody got my name and hack my accountand if fling.com do cancel my account i am going to sue and i mean it because i never sign up for this so i wanty fling account deleted before i sue them and i will find the person who got my name and e-mail and i mean how could someone do that to a 13 year old
 6th of Sep, 2009 by   shank69 0 Votes
delete membership please
 6th of Sep, 2009 by   Daniel Howerd 0 Votes
i dont like it please belete my fling ok please
 21st of Sep, 2009 by   JAMMMMM +1 Votes
 21st of Sep, 2009 by   JAMMMMM 0 Votes
do you people @ complainsboard do it or what
 24th of Sep, 2009 by   ndrew2505 0 Votes
i had a similar experience to larrence only i did have an account at one time although it got cancelled by sending them an email. i started getting emails from fling the day before yesterday and my g/f found out about it and automatically assumed that i started an account. needless to say im a free man again...
 26th of Sep, 2009 by   Nicknnl 0 Votes
GO to www.epoch.com ur billed from this company, u can cancel ur membership there!
Hope i helped u.
 2nd of Dec, 2009 by   cfm.ferreira 0 Votes
i want to cancel my membership in fling anyone can tell me how to do it its a free account my email its cfm.ferreira@hotmail.com
 12th of Jan, 2010 by   scot brown 0 Votes
Im looking to cancel my account but its not letting me anyone lend a hand scot.jdm@hotmail.com thanks
 22nd of Jan, 2010 by   Thoedore 0 Votes
Having a big problem canceling with this shite website. Only wanted it to look up a friend and am being haunted by it. Can't get through on skype as they are never operating. Did not get an ID number therefore can't use epoch.com. Have run out of ideas. Anybody with any enlightening info?
 23rd of Jan, 2010 by   OurLastNight 0 Votes
I payed for the 3 day trial on wednesday now I still have access and its saturday...does the trial last 7 days instead of 3 im not sure but the day of the trial i cancelled my account by going onto that side webpage which they say to do I received an email saying it has been cancelled...Im going to my bank to see if they took out the right amount or even more so did I do everything right on how to cancel? I even called the toll free # the automatic voice came on and said they can't find info on me so does that mean Im out of the system?

Really I just a 3 day trial and not a stressful weekend of worrying if this is going to become a big issue

If you can help me anyone that would be nice thanks
 23rd of Jan, 2010 by   OurLastNight 0 Votes
On Wednesday I payed for the fling 3-day trial version it is now saturday which I still have access to it. On the day I purchased the trial I also cancelled the trial I got an email saying you are cancelled not sure if thats bullshit or really means what it means. I am wondering if it is extended to a 7 day trial or what? I am going to check the bank today and see how my account is doing and see if they have tampered with anymore money than I payed for 9.95 I think. I also called the company help line the voice automator said I was not found in the system so Im wondering if that means I was cancelled? If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

I didn't know getting this would be so much of a hassle I just wanted a nice relaxing weekend
 1st of Mar, 2010 by   m0108 0 Votes
I want to canel membership from fling .com
 1st of Mar, 2010 by   m0108 0 Votes
I would like to cancel my membership from flong.com

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