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Everpet dog food Complaints & Reviews - Poor quality

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Everpet dog food

Posted:    Marcia H

Poor quality

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
We were given a large bag of this dog food by a friend whose dog's refused to eat it. I had never heard of this brand before but looked it up after my dog snubbed it too. I learned at this time it was an inexpensive brand and I planned on getting a better brand to at least mix it together as it was a large bag of the Everpet and it seemed a shame to waste it. Well, foolishly I continued to feed my dog this food until he seemed to get used to it, so I let it pass. This was a bad idea! I started to notice he was having digestive issues and now he has impacted anal glands. I really regret that my dog is in such pain and it's my fault for feeding him such terrible dog food :(
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 23rd of Nov, 2009 by   ForPathology 0 Votes
I bought the everpet cat food just because it was cheap! Big mistake! I usually feed my cat iams (and my dog) but I bought it just to try it. All 5 of my cats within the first day had diahrrea so bad it was unbelievable! My dog got into one of their bowls and got the same problem! I can't believe it! This was after only ONE feeding. Its surprising that on the back of the wet food cans there was no company phone number, go figure! I took my animals to the vet and they are now given daily doses of medicine, Its been two weeks and they are JUST now getting over it! So i feel for you-Never Ever again will I buy from this poor quality company. Iams is good cat/dog food but it makes my pets soo fat...thats why I wanted to try this. I was wrong. We now use Eukanuba.
 23rd of Nov, 2009 by   phirefli 0 Votes
EverPet is sold at Dollar General, I would never feed my dog their food however, I give my dogs the treats and have never had any problems - they know what's happening when they see that yellow bag and get super excited.
 30th of Nov, 2009 by   jimbo123 +1 Votes
dogs don't get impacted anal glands from eating cheap dog food...I have bought this food in a pinch and my dogs love it...I normally feed a pretty hi quality food, but I have never noticed a difference when my animals have a short break with everpet.

 30th of Nov, 2009 by   jimbo123 0 Votes
Duh...dogs aren't supposed to eat cat food, ForPathology...any cat food will give them diarrhea, and could make them terribly ill.

 31st of Jan, 2010 by   bitch23 0 Votes
dont feel to bad hun i just lost 2 pit puppies to the same damn food
 12th of Jun, 2010 by   deybear 0 Votes
I have a six month jack russell male puppy that has been everpet basic puppy since weined and his health has be perfect. Not only that but we had two other dogs visit us this weekend and they couldn't bet enough of the dog food. Sounds like someone has other issues with this produce from my experience and others that I know use it agree it has been good for their pet also. Dave
 8th of Jul, 2010 by   starr66 0 Votes
I have been feeding my dogs this for months and they like it and it doesnt make them sick. I adopted a cat and the lady gave us a bag of food and said since the cat was used to it that if we wanted to change her food we should mix it half and half so her stomach can handle it.
 21st of Jun, 2011 by   Cinderellaspuppies 0 Votes
Ran out of dog food one day- thought I would pick up a quick bag for the cats and one for the dogs at dollar general. BIG MISTAKE! This food has nearly killed my animals. My dogs were throwing up and had runny stools. Most of the cats absolutely refused to eat it. I know they were hungry as I had ran out at night time-and it was nearly 12 hours later. The one cat that did eat it is deathly ill and we are trying so hard to nurse her back to health. Bottom line-300 at the vet for hydration and meds for 3 dogs, and 125 trying to save Angel the cat. DO NOT BUY THIS FOOD!

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